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Indian E-music – The right mix of Indian Vibes… » The Bant Singh Project: Modern Dayz Slavery by Udyan Sagar aka Nucleya (Word, Sound and Power (Film Docu)) | IE-m’s Video of the Month (03/2012)

The Bant Singh Project: Modern Dayz Slavery by Udyan Sagar aka Nucleya (Word, Sound and Power (Film Docu)) | IE-m’s Video of the Month (03/2012)

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congrats to Bant Singh (vocalist), Dehli Sultanate (Taru Dalmia) and Chris McGuinness (producer)

The Bant Singh Project – Word, Sound and Power (Film Docu)

Everyday, we read new reports of scams operating at the highest levels of government that run into thousands of crores while multitudes are left to hustle for the very basics of life — food, clothes and shelter. While Delhi Sultanate (Taru Dalmia) verse speaks of the sorrow of a state waging war against its own people and names some of the many politicians with ‘Swiss bank’ accounts, Comrade Bant warns of a time when injustice has crossed the critical threshold and the people have united and risen up in anger — “Those who (Government) made false promises are now trembling / The will to tell the truth has awakened across the nation.”

As we speak, in many parts of the country people have risen up in arms and in most cases the state has responded with yet more violence while root causes remain unaddressed. Time and time again, peaceful protests such as Irom Sharmila’s ten year hunger fast, fall on deaf ears and receive little media attention, while violent uprisings grab the headlines.

Modern Dayz Slavery” is presented by Udyan Sagar (aka Nukleya)

New Delhi bass champion Nucleya delivers a slickly produced Mumbahton banger. Bant Singh’s voice is harmonized, used as a lead, and transformed into an air horn above window rattling bass and a hard hitting dancefloor drums.

Nucleya is founded by Udyan Sagar, who started his musical journey towards the end of 1990’s when he co-founded Bandish Projekt. Since then, he has released 14 Singles, two studio album including Bhor and numerous collaborations. There are 4 more international releases lined up for this year. Nucleya has frequently made it on the playlists of BBC Radio 1 — UK and numerous other radio stations around the world. He has performed at numerous prestigious festivals and events around the world, like Glastonbury — UK, Edinburgh Fringe Festival — UK, Lille 3000 France etc.

He is currently based in Delhi, India and is very happy about the response he received for his album with HMV India. The album consists of bass heavy mash-ups of old Bollywood tracks, with collaborations featuring artists like Piyush Bhatnagar (Ex- Deaf Bass Twins from India) and MC JD from Canada and Shivang Patel from Ahmedabad.

Over past many years, Nucleya has also composed and produced music for films. He has produced original sound tracks and background scores for feature films like “Dubai Return”, short animations, as well as ad films. He has worked with brands like Tata and presently designing a background score for an animation film by a student of National Institute of Design, India.

Website: www.wordsoundpower.org

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