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5 Felix Da Housecat and K-Alexi Tracks That Did Get Into Berghain

Delivered... Nick Tsirimokos | Scene | Thu 26 Feb 2015 10:41 pm

If you’ve been to a club, have an internet connection or have friends who DJ, you’re likely aware that Chicago house veteran Felix Da Housecat was denied entry to Berghain last weekend alongside fellow Chi-town pioneer K-Alexi, after rocking up to “listen to some techno.”

Happens to the best, some might even call it a rite of passage (for even the most lofty egos), however Felix then unleashed a typically emotional torrent of tweets expressing his extreme disapproval of the night’s events. In other words, he called them “hitler racists” and claimed they had “shitted on FRANKIE and LARRY” (Knuckles and Levan, respectfully) by refusing to let him “listen to some techno.”

While there are a variety of issues at play here, the most glaring problem is that the only part of the club open in the early hours of Saturday morning is Panorama Bar, which seldom plays techno. Berghain was, in fact, closed.

Be that as it may, we know and love da Housecat and the house club equally (don’t make us choose), so we’ve put together five classic tracks by Felix and K-Alexi, that somehow made it past the bouncers and onto the dancefloors of the infamous Berlin techno haven.

1. Aphrohead – “In The Dark We Live (Thee Lite)”

Released in 1993 under the Alias Aphrohead, Felix’s “In The Dark We Live” is a defining moment of solid ’90s techno that has been tearing up the dancefloors of Berghain and Panorama Bar for years. Originally released on UK label Bush, the track was licensed by Emotive Records and released in the US with remixes by Dave Clarke and Junior Vasquez. Though you might not be seeing Felix at Berghain anytime soon, there’s a good chance you’ll hear this Aphrohead classic tearing up the dancefloor as you shuffle through the sea of bare-skinned bears, cubs and cubettes.


2. Thee Maddkatt Courtship – “Wet Wednesday”

“Wet Wednesday” is the opening track on Felix’s debut album Alone in the Dark (as Thee Maddkatt Courtship), released in 1994 on Deep Distraxion. With a distinctly hypnotic groove and layers of mellowed intimacy, you’ll hear this track spinning at Panorama Bar as the sun seeps through the shutters, in the early hours of Sunday morning. Classic vibes.


3. Risqué III – “Essence of a Dream”

An excellent deep house cut from 1987, and the first 12″ to have K-Alexi’s name on the label,  “Essence of a Dream” laid the groundwork for classic Chicago house and a blueprint for everything that followed. With a smooth mix of gentle strings, deep bass and sensual vocals, K-Alexi would soon come to be know for this trademark sound, as one of the true Chicago originals. An undeniable classic and Panorama Bar favorite.


4. Felix Da Housecat – “Kickdrum

In 2009 Felix Da Housecat released the album He Was King, a self-described “pop” record, on the heels of his electroclash hits like “Silver Screen/Shower Scene” with Miss Kittin. With track names like “We All Wanna Be Prince,” and “Spank U Very Much,” one could easily overlook hard-hitting cuts like “Kickdrum” –  a lowend-loving electroclash anthem that falls somewhere between German rave and ’80s pop.  Heard at Berghain!


5. Green Velvet – “Destination Unknown (Felix Da Housecat Remix)”

Lending his hand to remix Green Velvet’s 1997 track “Destruction Unknown,” Felix delivers a massive dose of pulsating techno that peaks with a frenzy of crushed hi-hats and razor sharp synth stabs.  A massive tune, and a Berghain crowd pleaser.

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