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Yamaha Calls its New Genos the Most Advanced Workstation Keyboard Ever

Delivered... Emusician RSS Feed | Scene | Mon 2 Oct 2017 9:43 pm
Buena Park, Calif. (October 2, 2017) — Yamaha today announced Genos ($6,799 MSRP), the most advanced digital workstation keyboard ever imagined. Packed with incredible sounds, enhanced DSP effects, s..

FCC Reminder to Video Programming Distributors – Including Broadcasters – on Accessibility Obligations

Delivered... David Oxenford | Scene | Mon 2 Oct 2017 5:35 pm

With the recent hurricanes and last night’s tragedy in Las Vegas, the FCC Public Notice issued last week reminding all video programmers of the importance of making emergency information accessible to all viewers seems very timely. The public notice serves as a good refresher on all of the obligations of video programmers designed to make emergency information available to members of the viewing audience who may have auditory or visual impairments that may make this information harder to receive. As the FCC also reminds readers of its notice of the ways in which to file complaints against video programming distributors who do not follow the rules, TV broadcasters need to be extremely sensitive to all of these requirements.

What are these obligations? These are some of the obligations highlighted by the FCC’s reminder:

  • For persons who are visually impaired, rules require that emergency information that is visually provided in a newscast also be aurally described in the main audio channel of the station.
  • When emergency information is provided outside of a newscast (e.g. in a crawl during entertainment programming), that information must be accompanied by an aural tone and then an audio version of the emergency information must be broadcast on a secondary audio channel (SAP channel) of a TV station at least twice. See our articles here, here and here about this obligation.
  • For persons who are deaf or hard of hearing, the Commission requires that emergency information provided in the audio portion of a broadcast also be presented visually, through methods including captioning, crawls or scrolls that do not block any emergency information provided through other visual means (like other captions or crawls).
  • For stations that are permitted to use electronic newsroom technique (ENT) captions, where ENT does not provide captions for breaking news and emergency alerts, stations must make emergency information available through some other visual means. See our post here on this obligation.
  • The FCC suggests, but does not require, that stations make emergency information available through multiple means (maps, charts, and other visual information) and in plain language, so that all viewers can understand the nature of any emergency.

Emergency information is described broadly as information “intended to further the protection of life, health, safety, and property, i.e., critical details regarding the emergency and how to respond to the emergency.” The FCC gives the following examples of the types of emergencies that may be covered: “tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, tidal waves, earthquakes, icing conditions, heavy snows, widespread fires, discharge of toxic gases, widespread power failures, industrial explosions, civil disorders, school closings and changes in school bus schedules resulting from such conditions, and warnings and watches of impending changes in weather.” Note that, for the school closings and bus route changes, the FCC has, for now, exempted this information from the requirement that crawls be converted to audio for the SAP channel, given the likely length that such messages would take (see our article here). The kinds of details that trigger these obligations include the areas that will be affected by the emergency, evacuation orders, detailed descriptions of areas to be evacuated, specific evacuation routes, approved shelters or the way to take shelter in one’s home, instructions on how to secure personal property, road closures, and how to obtain relief assistance.”

The Commission notes that, in wide-spread emergencies like a hurricane, notices may need to be provided far beyond the local area directly hit by the emergency, as other areas can also be affected by the event.

Paying attention to the rules highlighted here and provided in more detail in the FCC’s Public Notice are very important, not just as it is important for broadcasters to serve all members of the public in their viewing areas, but also because there has been active enforcement in this area. The enforcement of these rules do not appear to be a partisan issue, as certain accessibility obligations have even be made more stringent during the term of this administration otherwise noted for its deregulation in other areas. So pay attention to this important reminder from the FCC.

The month’s best music: Post Malone, Björk, Lorenzo Senni and more

Delivered... Ben Beaumont-Thomas and Rachel Aroesti | Scene | Mon 2 Oct 2017 12:29 pm

From Charlotte Gainsbourg’s delicate minimalism to kick-ass indie-punk by Dream Wife – plus Somali disco and elegant techno – here are 50 of the month’s best tracks

Last month we launched the first of an ongoing series at the Guardian where we round up 50 of the month’s best tracks, across all genres – and tell you a bit more about 10 of the most exciting ones below. You can subscribe to the playlists via various streaming services in this widget, and let us know what you think in the comments. Google Play Music users can access the playlist here.

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Played Out: DJ Olivia’s Space-Traveling Electro Alien Jams

Delivered... By DJ Olivia. Photo by Kachna Baraniewicz. | Scene | Mon 2 Oct 2017 10:37 am

The post Played Out: DJ Olivia’s Space-Traveling Electro Alien Jams appeared first on Electronic Beats.

«Fighting Unity through Sound»

Delivered... Jonna Karanka | Scene | Mon 2 Oct 2017 6:00 am

«Existential loneliness can be very close to its opposite: the experience that you are deeply connected with everything that exists», says Heta Bilaletdin from the Finnish underground punk band Olimpia Splendid. In the self-produced podcast they talk about being lonely, the economic depression and their music video «Jukka-Pekka». A podcast from the Norient exhibition Seismographic Sounds.

Voice: Jonna Karanka, Katri Sipiläinen, Heta Bilaletdin
Producers: Jonna Karanka, Katri Sipiläinen

Olimpia Splendid: «Jukka-Pekka»

The Band says: This is a song in Gibberish about the burning heat in a cactus desert. The director says: This is a video highlighting the monotonous rhythm of the song, inspired by famous Finnish director Aki Kaurismäki. We say: This is a wonderful clip about the bleakness of everyday life, questioning the idolatry of musicians, artists and bands.

Quotes from the Podcast

«Feelings are networks. Existential loneliness can be very close to its opposite: the experience that you are deeply connected with everything that exists. Loneliness can also be something very concrete and unwanted.»
Heta Bilaletdin

«We are simultaneously alone and together in this time we share. The origin of the word ‹alone› is from the 13th century. It comes from ‹all plus one›. In the end one can never feel lonely.»
Jonna Karanka

«I’ve lived by myself in the countryside with the company of three cats and a radio, books and records. The time I spent there at the village called ‹the backwoods› increased my capability to receive and concentrate everything that came outside of my mind was precious. I have rarely listened to music and lyrics as intensely or experienced nature – the sound of bees in apple trees and the first flowers in the spring – so strongly.»
Katri Sipiläinen

«Sometimes I feel we are living in an arrogant showing-off culture where looser things like being lonely are a taboo and people only want to underline their independence and healthy habits and success to keep their value in the market high. Awful.»
Heta Bilaletdin

«I don’t know many better ways to use my time in this planet than playing music with my friends. Music comforts lonely hearts.»
Katri Sipiläinen

«In the video there is a cashier in a small shop checking out lemonade and chips monotonously. In the end he goes outside, lits his cigarette and reveals that he is wearing an Olimpia Splendid sweater under his working uniform.»
Katri Sipiläinen

«The protagonist is almost drowning in the sea of cheeseballs, coke, and marshmallows.»
Jonna Karanka

«The clip is full of product placement in a sense of parody.»
Heta Bilaletdin

«The human soul is confronted with materialism.»
Jonna Karanka

«The capitalism encourages people not to care about each other but to compete. The economic depression gave an excuse to push working life into an even worse direction where an individual has less and less rights and freedom of choices. At the same time people feel empty and buy stupid snacks. It’s a lonely world, if you don’t question it and try to fight it.»
Heta Bilaletdin

«We are children of the DIY idea.»
Katri Sipiläinen

«We have tiny amplifiers and all the gear is cheap and crappy.»
Heta Bilaletdin

«Making music is about being together, fighting unity through sound.»
Jonna Karanka

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> Antti-Ville Kärjä: «Finland ‹Lo›, and ‹Fi›»
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This Week in Free Stuff: Pac-Man Sequencer, Finger Drumming & MIDI Basslines

Delivered... Markkus Rovito | Scene | Mon 2 Oct 2017 4:27 am
How about some free loot beyond the normal limited effect plug-ins and drum samples? Yeah? Good. This week’s crop includes a MaxforLive sequencer based on an ‘80s video game phenomenon, software and ..
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