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Indian E-music – The right mix of Indian Vibes… » Someone combined EDM and Trump into one Twitter account

Someone combined EDM and Trump into one Twitter account

Delivered... Peter Kirn | Scene | Wed 11 Oct 2017 8:49 pm

It was bound to happen: a parody involving President Trump and references to EDM has finally come into a terrifying realization on Twitter.

Okay, now, granted, CDM is presumably meant to be your safe space where nothing vaguely related to EDM or a discussion of American Presidential politics ever crosses the feed. And… I’ve screwed that up. But I do have a US Passport, EDM is technically electronic music (digital music, even), and EDM as an acronym has two letters in common with the name of the site. Plus, I like to stay atop what’s trending, so — this is that.

The two go together oddly well. And of course Moby gets a namedrop.

Behold, my favorites so far.


For the record, the real Trump apparently likes the same music as Salman Rushdie, though otherwise kind of what you’d expect, with the somewhat surprising case of “>going into an explanation of Steve Reich and phasing. (Don’t know if that means his ghost writer was a Reich fan or what.)

Have at it:


CDM would like to apologize for this post. We return to our regularly scheduled programming.

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