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Air Music Technology Loom II Modular Additive Synthesizer Defies the Limits

Delivered... Emusician RSS Feed | Scene | Thu 12 Oct 2017 9:28 pm
Montreal, Quebec - October 12th, 2017 - Today, Air Music Technology and Plugivery proudly announce the release of Loom II. The follow-up of the award-winning modular additive synthesizer Loom. It is ..

Koma just unveiled a whole patchable analog effects toolkit

Delivered... Peter Kirn | Scene | Thu 12 Oct 2017 4:33 pm

Koma today revealed a sequel to their crowd-funded smash hit Field Kit. And it’s a whole bunch of patchable effects, for €249 (€219 for funders).

Inside that box, there’s a load of different effects to play with:

  • Looper
  • Frequency Shifter
  • Sample Rate Reducer / Bitcrusher
  • Digital Delay
  • Analog Spring Reverb

Yeah, you read that last one right – there’s actually a physical spring in there for reverb. Behold:

Looping of course means that you could make the FX a hub of performance. And in addition to the other digital effects, that frequency shifter opens up some really interesting possibilities.

So, whereas the first Field Kit depended on you attaching contact mics and working with the mixing functions, the Field Kit FX actually has a lot more sonic possibilities included right out of the box. There’s still a companion book to go with it, and of course this is already intended as a clever

But, for a kind of “weirdo modular effects toolkit” in a case, you also get a bunch of tools for applying these effects, by mixing and sequencing them:

  • 4 Channel VCA Mixer
  • 4 Step Mini Sequencer
  • Envelope Generator

All over the place, you’ve got various patch points. That’s a chance to connect to other analog I/O – which certainly includes Eurorack modulars, but these days a lot of other gear, as well, even desktop units from Novation, Roland, Arturia, KORG, and the like.

And there’s a new 4-Channel CV Interface for bringing it all together, meaning you can come up with pretty elaborate modular connections.

4-channel CV interface for communications with other gear – now not just modular, but a lot of new desktop stuff, too.

In fact, for under three hundred bucks, the whole thing looks a bit like either a shrunken Eurorack modular or a tabletop of analog and digital effects merged together for patching.

Now, this is still definitely geared for advanced users. There’s no MIDI. And the CV routing, while powerful, might be overwhelming to newcomers – for instance, there’s not a single, simple trigger in to clock that sequencer. (That’s not necessarily a criticism – the various CV options mean loads of creative flexibility. But it does probably mean this box is more for people who want to get deep into patching.)

Watch the overview video, natch:

FIELD KIT FX – CV Controlled Multi Effects Processor

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Turn ideas into songs, with a new feature in Ampify’s Groovebox app

Delivered... Ashley Elsdon | Scene | Thu 12 Oct 2017 11:47 am

The Groovebox app for iPhone and iPad already gave you a way of starting musical ideas quickly. A new update might help you make finished songs, too.

Since Ampify started out with their first app ‘Blocs Wave’, they’ve been doing everything that they can to make creating music on mobile a reality for a wider audience, and I think they’re doing a pretty good job of it. Arguably their app range contains some of the most popular entry level apps for getting going with making music. LaunchPad is an excellent example, and I’ve already mentioned Blocs Wave, which is equally accessible.

Their latest app, Groovebox, had a great start. It distinguished itself in a very important way. It enabled users to create music rapidly by giving them the ability to create semi-random patterns. That might sound simple, but it’s actually really important. It can give you the start without having to figuratively stare at a blank sheet of paper. It’s also really unique.

Now Ampify have taken Groovebox even further. They’ve added sections to the app so that you can create whole songs using Groovebox. ‘Song Sections’ help you build and arrange ideas quickly and easily. You can use instruments and patterns to make ideas, then easily structure your track by adding, moving and deleting sections with a swipe of your finger. On iPad a full screen section view shows you all your sounds. On iPhone a simpler section view shows you just what you need without cluttering up your screen.

New Features

  • Build bigger tracks with section on iPad and iPhone.
  • Sections can be added, reordered and removed easily
  • Switch sections at any time to Jam with your ideas
  • Simple iPhone section view removes the complexity of song arranging.
  • On iPad a full section view shows you all your sounds.
  • iPhone a simple section view shows you just what you need without cluttering up your screen.

Groovebox is still a free app on the store with a Pro IAP at $4.99, £4.99, €5.49. Each instrument also has a soundpack store. Soundpacks are either Drumpacks (with samples & patterns), or Presetpacks (with presets & patterns) costing $1.99, £1.99, €2.29 each.

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