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Ableton Shreds: This Live 10 video is … maybe more like your real life

Delivered... Peter Kirn | Scene | Thu 8 Feb 2018 8:44 pm

Okay, so – someone has taken the Live 10 demo video, and made a “shreds” overdub, and … well, we all feel it, don’t we?


Thank you, Michael Chmst Snyder, whoever you are. This.

Can’t … stop … watching.

Ableton editorial, it’s your move. You could hire this guy, or… well, wait, is that really a question, even? Do it.

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Delivered... Spacelab - Independent Music and Media | Scene | Thu 8 Feb 2018 7:00 pm
Muse, Bassnectar, Sturgill Simpson and Khalid are on Friday! Eminem, Bon Iver, Kaskade, Anderson.Paak and the Free Nationals are on Saturday! The Killers, Future, Alt-J, Dua Lipa and Moon Taxi close on Sunday!

Electronic pioneer Ryuichi Sakamoto: ‘My great regret is not reconnecting with Bowie’

Delivered... Joe Muggs | Scene | Thu 8 Feb 2018 5:00 pm

With the Yellow Magic Orchestra, he inspired the sound of hip-hop, electro and techno. Then, the Japanese composer won an Oscar and worked many of the greats, including Davids Bowie and Byrne. Now, in recovery from cancer, his impulse to innovate is as strong as ever

On the roof of a half-built tower block overlooking Oslo’s harbour, Ryuichi Sakamoto – former global pop star, a godfather of techno and hip-hop and an Oscar-winning composer – is in a makeshift plastic shack, coaxing microscopic scratches and scrapes out of a cello, then turning them into huge tonal washes with his laptop. As the sun sets, artificial mist billows through the crowd, floodlights suspended from the construction site’s cranes swing above us and the lithe dancer Min Tanaka strikes alarming poses on the parapet of the building, disappearing in and out of the fake clouds.

This performance for the city’s Ultima festival, a collaboration with “fog sculptor” Fujiko Nakaya, is profoundly moving: elegant, nuanced, emotional, rich with cultures from across the globe. Themes of ageing and mortality emerge as Tanaka disappears into the mist; he is 72, Nakaya is 84 and Sakamoto is 65 and in recovery from the throat cancer he was diagnosed with in 2014. These themes also appear throughout the 2017 album, Async, Sakamoto’s first solo effort in seven years. Heralded as one of the year’s electronic highlights, it is now bolstered by Async Remodels, a set of remixes by the cream of the avant garde, including the Björk collaborator Arca and Oneohtrix Point Never.

Asian music influenced Debussy, who influenced me – it’s all a huge circle

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Appeals Court Denies Request to Put Changes in FCC Ownership Rules on Hold

Delivered... David Oxenford | Scene | Thu 8 Feb 2018 2:41 pm

In a very short order, the US Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit denied the request filed by certain public interest groups that had asked that the Court stop the new FCC ownership rules from taking effect and suggesting that a special master be appointed to oversee the FCC’s ownership review process. We wrote about that request, filed as an Emergency Petition for Mandamus, here. If it had been adopted, the changes to the rules on broadcast-newspaper cross-ownership and other changes to the ownership rules that we detailed here would not have gone into effect on February 7, as expected. However, the denial of the stay does not end the case.

Instead, the public interest groups can continue their appeal of the FCC decision and present the Court with arguments as to why the decision should be overturned. The principle basis of the appeal seems to be that the FCC did not, before the new rules were adopted, adequately address how to encourage a more diverse ownership base in the broadcast industry. The Third Circuit, in previous ownership appeals, had faulted the FCC for not taking this issue into account. In yesterday’s ruling, the Court recognized that the FCC has agreed to implement an incubator program to encourage more diversity in ownership. The Court put the appeal on hold for 6 months while the FCC takes comments on how to implement the incubator program and presumably takes some action on those comments (see our summary of the questions asked by the FCC about the incubator program here). Given this delay, and the time that it will take to file briefs and argue the case, the appeal itself will be unlikely to be decided until next year. In the interim, the new rules are in effect, but any deals done in reliance on those rules are theoretically subject to any ruling that the court may make when it considers the merits of the appeal. Something for broadcasters who make deals in reliance on the change need to keep in mind.

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