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Contemporary album of the month: Brian Eno – Music for Installations

Delivered... John Lewis | Scene | Fri 27 Apr 2018 8:30 am

Despite his mainstream pop collaborations, Eno has never stopped making interesting ambient music, as is evident on this six-disc set

For those of us who grew up being thrilled by Brian Eno’s sonic innovations, the great man seemed to have lost his lustre around a decade ago. When not providing big, bland, blustery, stadium-rock productions for Coldplay and U2, he was collaborating with such cutting-edge mavericks as Andrea Corr, Jools Holland, Natalie Imbruglia, Belinda Carlisle and Dido. His “song-based” albums, both solo and with the likes of David Byrne, were becoming tasteful, characterless and anaemic. The wonderfully perverse producer-conceptualist who had transformed Bowie, invented ambient music and shaped no wave seemed to have turned into a rather dull hack.

However, it turns out that Eno never actually stopped making interesting ambient records – it’s just that they only got played at conceptual art exhibitions. This six-CD set assembles some of them: from a discordant, doom-laden, 20-minute dronefest for a gallery in Venice in 1985 to a glittering 21-minute soundscape recorded for an installation in Kazakhstan last year.

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