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Blossoms review – homecoming is the stuff of dreams

Delivered... Dave Simpson | Scene | Sun 6 May 2018 12:43 pm

The Plaza, Stockport
There’s much to celebrate as the band return to their home town as local heroes for a euphoric opener to their UK tour

When Blossoms spoke to the Guardian in 2016, they revealed that their wildest fantasy would be to have a set of road signs in their home town, reading: “Welcome to Stockport: home of Blossoms.” Just two years later, the signs are in place, courtesy of the council. The band’s name is also emblazoned on the back of struggling Stockport County FC’s Edgeley Park stadium and in front of the vintage Wurlitzer organ in this beautiful art deco cinema.

In between, there have been two top five albums (including a No 1 with their eponymous debut) and gigs at Wembley Stadium with the Stone Roses, which would have been the stuff of dreams when they were rehearsing in a scaffolding yard and making videos for £60.

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Jon Hopkins: Singularity review – not enough fuel for the feet

Delivered... Damien Morris | Scene | Sun 6 May 2018 8:00 am

Hopkins’s last album was an intriguing meld of expansive and introspective compositions, hitting a sweet spot between Nils Frahm and Four Tet. Where Immunity was the soundtrack to an imaginary big night out, Hopkins delineates a natural psychedelic experience on Singularity. To get you to share his trip, he weaves wordless vocals around warped found sounds in his pointillist, semi-improvised productions.

Strangely, this creates an album pretty similar to its predecessor. Intricate floorfillers dissolve into austere piano pieces and recombine, with lots of longueurs. Even weirder, Hopkins deliberately starts and ends Singularity on the same note. Being brought back to where you began is what you want from a hire van, not a psych trip – it’s why the Merry Pranksters didn’t get the Circle Line.

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