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StepPolyArp Unit is a new universal App and Audio Unit MIDI effect for iOS

Delivered... Ashley Elsdon | Scene | Thu 7 Jun 2018 9:56 pm

StepPolyArp has been a very popular arpeggiator and step sequencer for iOS for a quite a few years now. Now the developer of StepPolyArp brings us a new App & Audio Unit MIDI effect for iPhone, iPad with iOS 11.0 or later. StepPolyArp Unit is a real-time polyphonic and polyrhythmic MIDI step arpeggiator and step sequencer. It can be used as a standalone application or an Audio Unit MIDI effect plug-in.

The application and the plug-in can operate as a step arpeggiator by automatically generating melodic patterns from played notes or chords, or as a step sequencer that doesn’t require MIDI input to play.

  • Standalone application and Audio Unit MIDI effect plug-in
  • Arpeggiator and step sequencer mode
  • 1 to 32 steps programmable matrix
  • 11 configurable transposition lines
  • Polyrhythmic lines
  • 16 patterns by preset
  • Automatic chaining patterns
  • 8 octaves resizable keyboard
  • Multitasking
  • Sample-accurate timing
  • Internal sound bank
  • Tap tempo
  • Receiving MIDI from external MIDI sources
  • Receiving external MIDI sync (MIDI clock)
  • Ableton Link support
  • Internal routing of inputs, outputs, and MIDI sync
  • Send MIDI to a virtual port that can be used as MIDI input by other “Core MIDI” compatible applications
  • Default velocity, modulation, pan, volume, aftertouch, and pitch bend steps controller
  • Customizable steps controller MIDI setup
  • Arpeggiator and sequencer conform to the selected scale
  • 6 arpeggiator modes
  • 1 random mode
  • 1 chord mode
  • Random patterns creation
  • Presets manager
  • “Program Change” support
  • Native iCloud support
  • “Files” application support
  • Full support of “Split View” and “Slide Over”
  • 128 Undo / Redo levels
  • Copy and paste
  • Lockable keyboard (latch mode)

StepPolyArp Unit is a universal iOS AUv3 and costs $14.99 on the app store now

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Patchstorage is a friendly site packed with free visual and music patches

Delivered... Peter Kirn | Scene | Thu 7 Jun 2018 4:50 pm

Patching music and visuals is fun, but it helps to learn from other people. With everything from apps (Audulus) to modulars (Softube, VCV Rack) to code and free software (Pd, SuperCollider, Bela), patchstorage is like a free social network for actually making stuff.

It’s funny that we needed international scandal, political catastrophe, numerous academic studies of depression, and everyone’s data getting given away before figuring it out – Facebook isn’t really solving all our problems. But that opens up a chance for new places to find community, learn from each other, and focus on the things we love, like making live music and visuals.

Enter Patchstorage. Choose a platform you’re using – or maybe discover one you aren’t. (Cabbage, for instance, is a free platform for making music software based on Csound.

Then, browse through the tools. There’s an entire VJ engine for Pd extended, a Gregorian guitar synth for the Audulus app, some crazy stuff for the monome aleph hardware, and an entire emulation of a Yamaha DX-7 for SuperCollider, the free code-based environment.

If you’re a newcomer, you can attempt to just load this up and make sound. And a lot of these patches are made for free environments, meaning you don’t have to spend money to check them out. If you’re a more advanced user, of course, poking through someone else’s work can help you get outside your own process. And there are those moments of – “oh, I didn’t know this did that,” or “huh, that’s how that works.”

Pure Data and Critter & Guitari’s Pd-based Organelle hardware are nicely represented.

There are also, naturally, a ton of creations for VCV Rack, the free and open source Eurorack modular emulation we’ve been going on about so much lately.

Oh, yeah, and — another thing. This doesn’t use Facebook as its social network. Instead, chats are powered by gamer-friendly, Slack-like chat client Discord. That means a new tool to contend with when you want to talk about patches, but it does mean you get a focused environment for doing so. So you won’t be juggling your ex, your boss, some spammers, and propaganda bots in the middle of an environment that’s constantly sucking up data about you.

More (project in beta):


The post Patchstorage is a friendly site packed with free visual and music patches appeared first on CDM Create Digital Music.

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