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Giorgio Moroder: ‘I don’t even like dancing’

Delivered... Nosheen Iqbal | Scene | Sat 9 Feb 2019 6:00 pm
At 78, on the eve of his first ever live tour, inspired by his hits with Donna Summer, the dance music super-producer talks about his 50-year career, the glory of digital recording – and Ed Sheeran

Giorgio Moroder wants to set the record straight. Sat in the living room of his family home in the Italian Alps, which pleasingly features a white grand piano, wall-to-wall avocado shag carpet and dozens of framed gold discs, the super-producer and owner of music history’s most glorious moustache wants to unpick some cliches. First of all, he says, he never really liked or went to clubs. Nor was he ever much of a dancer. And despite his profound impact on, well, both clubs and dancing, he would prefer it if we stopped referring to him as the grandfather of dance music.

“No, and I do not like being called the godfather of disco and electronic music either,” he says, wryly. “It’s better than being called the grandfather, but I still don’t like it.”

I play enough to compose, but with a computer, if you make a mistake you just redo it

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One to watch: Roses Gabor

Delivered... Tara Joshi | Scene | Sat 9 Feb 2019 3:00 pm

After dazzling cameos for Gorillaz and SBTRKT, the Londoner is about to step into the spotlight with her debut album

For those interested in the delicate, immersive end of UK dance and electronica, Roses Gabor may already be familiar. The north-west London vocalist has been around for a while now, her powerful vocals finding a home on tracks with SBTRKT, Machinedrum, Shy FX and Gorillaz.

The child of Grenadian parents, Gabor (born Rosemary Wilson) was always interested in music, growing up on a healthy diet of soca, Stevie Wonder and Capital FM – though her favourites were Mary J Blige and Michael Jackson. It was only after a chance encounter with a member of Gorillaz while working a nine-to-five job at a bank that her first collaboration (Dare) took shape.

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