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Indian E-music – The right mix of Indian Vibes… » Raves, robots and writhing bodies: how electronic music rewired the world

Raves, robots and writhing bodies: how electronic music rewired the world

Delivered... Alexis Petridis | Scene | Mon 15 Apr 2019 6:00 am

It started with white-coated boffins; now its figureheads wear masks and play Vegas. A new exhibition tells the story of electronic dance music, from old synths to a statue of Brian Eno

In the Philharmonie de Paris on an overcast Tuesday afternoon, Jean-Yves Leloup is pondering why what may be the most comprehensive exhibition ever assembled about the history of electronic music is taking place in France’s capital. “I don’t understand why the Germans or the British didn’t do it before,” he shrugs. “But we have a history of electronic music in France, from musique concrète to Jean-Michel Jarre to Cerrone and cosmic disco, the French touch with Daft Punk, now some EDM pop stars.

“Maybe we gravitate to electronic music because it’s not too rock’n’roll orientated, which is the property of Anglo-Saxons. The French have always been told that they can’t sing in English very well or that French doesn’t sound good with rock’n’roll, so I guess that’s the thing. It’s a bit of a mystery for me – I’m French, so it’s hard to have an outside perspective.”

Daft Punk say that Daft Punk is like a fiction, a movie that they’re directing every day

Electro: From Kraftwerk to Daft Punk is at the Philarmonie de Paris until 11 August.

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