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AKAI’s cute little MPK mini keyboard now has internal sounds

Delivered... Peter Kirn | Scene | Thu 18 Apr 2019 6:05 pm

AKAI’s MPK mini was already something of a sleeper hit – a simple MIDI controller keyboard that was small enough to be irresistible. But the latest revision makes it useful even all by its lonesome.

MPK mini play is what AKAI are calling the latest edition. It’s actually the second major revision of this unassuming little keyboard. The gamepad-style pitch/mod joystick had already packed in a bit more control features, in addition to the handy pads, banks, and a built-in arpeggiator.

But all of that was just for use with a computer, connected via USB. The “play” version will now work standalone. There are 128 built-in instrument sounds and 10 drum kits in the internal sound module, plus a crisp OLED display so you can find the sound you want. AA battery power means this is all at your ready without even power nearby. There’s even a built-in speaker so you can hear what you’re doing.

You can also make Favorites, which compile a Keys patch, a Drums patch, and settings for the knobs.

Heck, it’s even got a sustain pedal input and a headphone jack.

I’ll be totally honest – I tried to look up what sounds are in there, and couldn’t. I know the screenshot already has an 808 kit – sold yet?

It almost doesn’t seem to matter. I can’t think of another keyboard that could work as an iPad or computer accessory on USB power, then also a standalone jamming keyboard. Studio ready, picnic ready, too. Seems a good move in time for summer (Northern Hemisphere, anyway).

I gush only because the MPK mini is one of those things that you buy sort of as a throwaway, then wind up using more than everything else, just because it’s so small and convenient. It also has the advantage of taking up so little space that even when other gear in the studio competes for space, it has a way of staying by your computer keyboard instead of going on the shelf.

(Judge me by my size, do you?)


Midifan in China have a hands-on with more pictures / unboxing (worth looking even before you reach for Google Translate to try to work out what they’re saying, if you don’t speak Chinese).

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The Chemical Brothers: ‘People were crying because they hated us so much’

Delivered... Alexis Petridis | Scene | Thu 18 Apr 2019 3:00 pm

Three decades after their inauspicious start, Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons think the spirit of 90s rave culture, as captured on their new album, can help heal Brexit wounds

In a west London pub on a Wednesday lunchtime, the Chemical Brothers are taking a break from preparing for the smallest DJ gig of their recent careers. Twenty-seven years since they began playing records together as students in Manchester, under the unfortunate and short-lived pseudonym the 237 Turbo Nutters, Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons’ forays into DJing usually take place on the grand scale of their spectacular festival headline sets. Such huge gigs have become useful circumstances for road-testing new material: the pair knew they were on to a winner with Eve of Destruction – the bizarrely effective blend of apocalyptic 2019 paranoia, early Chicago house and disco samples that opens their new album, No Geography – after playing an early version to a vast crowd in Europe. “We’re always searching,” as Rowlands puts it, “for that feeling of intensity and … waaaaah!”

But, in a few days’ time, they are returning to their roots: the days when, Simons says, “we would be crammed in a tiny booth with people everywhere, no barrier, so people would just wander in and start cheering and screaming at you”. They are DJing for a grand total of 250 people at the Social, the central London bar/venue run by the record label Heavenly. As part of the efforts to save the venue – then under threat from rising rents – they offered to play the same kind of set they played 25 years ago at the Sunday Social, the hugely influential club night also run by Heavenly, in the basement of the Albany pub on nearby Great Portland Street, where the pair were resident DJs. The preparations have brought their own challenges. “I’ve been going through the old record bags that we used at the time, pulling out a 12in, then going to digitise it so we can play it again and finding I can’t because the record’s literally got a boot print across it,” says Rowlands, frowning.

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Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Li’l Champs: Shaan sings for Indian Cancer Society – RadioandMusic.com

Delivered... | Scene | Thu 18 Apr 2019 8:00 am
Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Li'l Champs: Shaan sings for Indian Cancer Society  RadioandMusic.com

MUMBAI: Singer Shaan, who is on the judging panel of popular music reality show, Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Li'l Champs has crooned a song for Indian Cancer Society.

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