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Do some crazy glitchy vidart window shopping on LA’s new FRGTWN

Delivered... Peter Kirn | Scene | Fri 3 May 2019 5:52 pm

From Frogtown Los Angeles and the eccentric Detroit Underground label comes a new store full of “Art and Technology” and “aesthetics and identities” – which, in part, translates to these amazing, glitch-tastic video art toys! Look:

Detroit Underground have made a name for themselves not just as a label, but as a platform for video, visuals, and custom hardware – including Eurorack modular. The latest addition is a trendy turntable. But with the launch of the new FRGTWN online shop, DU are bringing us other goodies – pretty stuff to hang on your wall, yes, but also my personal favorite, a whole trove of unique custom mod-able video gear.

While everyone is up to speed on analog audio, DU label head Kero works magic with analog video. So looking into this online shop is a bit like gaining access to his unique toybox.

Check it:





You’ll also find excellent synths by Ewa Justka and Mute Records – more on Ewa’s creations very soon.

And in case you have any money left after investing it in must-have analog video glitch gear, yes, there’s now a custom Detroit Underground turntable, launching alongside the store. It’s a sexy limited edition, custom designed by Neubau Berlin and optimized for high quality playback (so, not scratching/DJing, but for putting on a nice Detroit Underground record or two):


The shop is filled with other very specific nerd hipster items that basically sum up things we crave. An app is coming soon, so you’ll be in even more danger of buying this stuff in drunk and/or lonely moments.


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Kedr Livanskiy: Your Need review – joyful, punchy beats with a touch of tape hiss

Delivered... Aimee Cliff | Scene | Fri 3 May 2019 10:30 am

Sung in Russian and English, Livanskiy’s more playful, deeper second album has an optimistic spirit

Kedr Livanskiy is the pseudonym of Russian musician Yana Kedrina, a DJ, producer and singer whose shoegaze-y electronic music sounds as if it has arrived in a time capsule from a retro-futurist era. Singing in Russian and English, hopping between different dance genres, and coating everything with nostalgic tape hiss, Kedrina made an indelible impression with her debut EP, January Sun, in 2016. With her much darker debut album, Ariadna (2017), she (unlike the album’s mythical near namesake) led the listener deeper into the labyrinth, combining foggy textures with synth melodies that seemed to spiral into themselves, and forlorn, wistful lyricism.

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