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Explore the visual wonders of TouchDesigner: Summit, free workshop video

Delivered... Peter Kirn | Scene | Wed 3 Jul 2019 6:13 pm

Few software tools have proved as expressive in generative visuals or audiovisual performance as TouchDesigner. Get introduced to its AV powers in a new, free video – or if you can make it Montreal, get the full experience live.

TouchDesigner is a dataflow tool – a graphical, patchable development environment – uniquely suited to squeezing gorgeous eye candy out of your computer graphics card. It’s also special for being musical and modular. It’s pretty enough that I’ve seen its actual zoomable UI displayed as art in performances, but whether or not you share that with the audience, it’s a kind of digital, graphical counterpart to the renewed love of cables and patching in sound.

Russian-born, Berlin-based Stanislav Glazov has gone deep into that world both as a teacher and as an artist. (You can catch his visuals this week as part of the UY ZONE, a fashion-meets-performance immersive environment inside Berghain in Berlin, or as a solo artist or working with techno legend Dasha Rush around Europe and Russia.)

Stas is happy to help you decipher the mysterious arts of TouchDesigner work yourself in his online workshop series. But you’ll probably want to start at the beginning – or even if you have some TouchDesigner background, better understand Stas’ take on it. Over the weekend, he led a free online workshop, and now you can watch at your leisure on YouTube:

If that taste has you excited, though, you might want to think about being in Montréal in August – timed perfectly with the massive MUTEK festival.

It’s not the first time there’s been an event around this tool, but this is surely the biggest. The day program alone features:

  • 350 participants
  • 69 presenters
  • 45 workshops
  • 21 talks

And that’s all in 3 days, packed onto the Coeur des Sciences / UQAM campus. The organizers describe it as “an intensive forum and stimulating meeting ground for the TouchDesigner community to share knowledge and experiences, learn new skills, connect in person with your favorite TD mentors and peeps and make a lot of new friends and collaborators.”

The night program promises still more, with an “after dark” social program, with 404.zero, ELEMAUN / Ali Phi, our friend Procedural, and Woulg.

TouchDesigner for its part has been expanding with lots of new features, including a specialized module for performing with lasers. That in turn is being used in the incredible collaboration of Robert Henke and Christopher Bauder – hope to cover that more soon:

Full details:


And to check out Stas’ paid video courses:


Image at top – deadmau5, prepping as his live show is built in TouchDesigner. Find lots more inspiration like this on the blog – I could page through that all day:


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A Conversation With Why Be On Yegorka, The Changing Face Of Berlin And Redefining Modern Club Music

Delivered... ztippitt | Scene | Wed 3 Jul 2019 2:52 pm

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The month’s best mixes: infectious singeli and full-throttle floorfillers

Delivered... Tayyab Amin | Scene | Wed 3 Jul 2019 12:34 pm

DJ Duke and MCZO take flight for 48 minutes of east African dance music, while Gabber Eleganza goes back to the early 90s

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More on CBD – FDA Taking Comments on the Production, Sale and Marketing Through July 16

Delivered... David Oxenford | Scene | Wed 3 Jul 2019 4:17 am

We have written several articles (see our articles here and here) about the regulation of CBD and the risks inherent in the broadcast of advertisements for these products.  CBD is in a legal limbo, as the Farm Act of 2018 took hemp products with less than .3% THC off the list of prohibited drugs on Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act, but the production of these products is still subject to rules that have not yet been written by the USDA.  Moreover, CBD products that are marketed as drugs or which are contained in food are regulated by the FDA and their advertising is regulated by the FTC (see our article here).  The FDA last week published a long article on its website setting out the state of its regulation of CBD, noting that it was still studying the health effects of these products, as well as issues relating to the sale and marketing of CBD.  The FDA is taking comments on CBD issues through July 16 (see the notice here extending the comment deadline which was originally July 2), and urges interested parties to file comments on the issues raised in its proceeding.

While CBD products seem to be everywhere, in the last week, perhaps influenced by last week’s FDA article, there were two articles of note in DC publications noting the legal ambiguity of CBD products (see the Washington Post article here and the Morning Consult article dealing with online advertising issues here).  These are the same issues that we have been highlighting for broadcasters over the last few months.  These products are ubiquitous, but their use may not be legal in many states, and the promotion of certain uses (particularly anything that is ingested or any use claiming specific health benefits) is clearly a concern to federal authorities.  So, when approached by potential marketers of CBD products, broadcasters need to carefully discuss with their legal advisors the specific advertisement and its ramifications and a make a decision whether the revenue from the ad is worth the risk of its airing in light of these regulatory uncertainties.  Hopefully, the FDA and other government agencies will move quickly to resolve this legal limbo in which these products now exist.

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