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Photo Series: Tbilisi’s Underground

Delivered... Jan Chudozilov | Scene | Thu 1 Aug 2019 7:00 am

Georgia's capital Tbilisi has a vivid electronic music scene. Although more and more artists are involved, there are hardly any official live venues in the city. Watch Jan Chudozilov's photo series about informal music spaces.

Scott McCullough (©: Jan Chudozilov 2019)

Since 2017 I have been photographing concerts of experimental electronic music in Georgia’s capital Tbilisi. Electronic music emerged in Georgia in the ’90ies. While in the beginning there were only a small number of people involved, in recent years general interest and the number of producers started to increase significantly. Still, there are not many venues for live music. Therefore, concerts most often happen in more informal places like art galleries, bars, private spaces or restaurants.

Num [Milad Bagheri and Maryam Sirvan] (©: Jan Chudozilov 2019)

Ben Wheeler and Kid Jesus (©: Jan Chudozilov 2019)

Natalie Beridze (©: Jan Chudozilov 2019)

Vazhmarr aka Vazha Marr (©: Jan Chudozilov 2019)

Metastasis [Kuji Davituliani, Nazi Chavchavadze, Alexandre Khokhiashvili; David Kikabidze who didnt play at this concert] (©: Jan Chudozilov 2019)

Octachoron [Bakur Metreveli and Sandro Kozmanishvili] (©: Jan Chudozilov 2019)

Irakli Abramishvili & David Datunashvili (©: Jan Chudozilov 2019)

Anushka Chkhaidze (©: Jan Chudozilov 2019)

Nika Machaidze & Gio Zagareli (©: Jan Chudozilov 2019)

Rezo Glonti aka Aux Field (©: Jan Chudozilov 2019)

Shalva (©: Jan Chudozilov 2019)

TeTe Noise aka Sandro Chinchaladze (©: Jan Chudozilov 2019)

Tornike Karchkha (©: Jan Chudozilov 2019)

Mess Montage aka Tornike (©: Jan Chudozilov 2019)

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