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Effective Date of Most of the Changes to the Children’s Television Rules – September 16

Delivered... David Oxenford | Scene | Fri 16 Aug 2019 2:23 pm

Notice was published in the Federal Register today of the FCC’s changes in the children’s television rules – setting the effective date for most of those new rules as September 16. The elimination of the obligation to air three hours of children’s educational and informational programming for each digital multicast channel will expire on that date.  The ability to count children’s educational programming broadcast as early as 6 AM toward the broadcaster’s obligations to run 3 hours per week of such programming on its primary channel will also take effect that day, as will the ability to meet that 3-hour requirement with up to one hour of programming broadcast on a multicast channel.  A number of other changes, particularly in the ability of a broadcaster to compute its compliance based on a quarterly obligation rather than a weekly one and liberalizing the preemption rules, are also to take effect on September 16.    See our summary here of the changes in the rules.

Rules not yet taking effect are those rules that impose new or different paperwork requirements.  So the change in reporting obligations to an annual FCC filing instead of a quarterly one remains pending until approved by the Office of Management and Budget pursuant to the Paperwork Reduction Act.  The rule amending the obligation to inform program guides about certain aspects of children’s programming (including the ages to which the programs are targeted) is also still being reviewed.  The FCC is expected to issue additional guidance about how (or whether) to complete the next quarterly FCC Form 398 children’s television programming report, which is currently due October 10.  The FCC is moving to an annual report, but because of these Paperwork Reduction Act requirements, the new form has not been approved yet.

FCC Issues Detailed Instructions on Seeking Reimbursement for LPTV, TV Translator and FM Changes Required by Post-Incentive Auction Repacking

Delivered... David Oxenford | Scene | Fri 16 Aug 2019 2:20 pm

As we noted in our post yesterday, the OMB recently approved the FCC’s forms to allow for reimbursement of the expenses of LPTV and TV translator stations and FM stations (full power and low power) and FM translators caused by the repacking of the TV spectrum following the incentive auction.  This approval sets the stage for the reimbursement process to begin.  The FCC yesterday released a public notice giving details for the filing of those reimbursement requests – and setting a deadline of October 15 for the initial filings.  Only stations operating as of April 13, 2017 are eligible for such reimbursement – and broadcasters seeking reimbursement will need to file sufficient information to detail the expenses for which they seek reimbursement.  Other eligibility restrictions apply, so review the instructions and filing guidelines carefully to make sure that you qualify, and that you submit the information necessary to justify your reimbursement request.

Also, the FCC issued a second related Public Notice providing instructions for use of the FCC’s CORES database which will be used to verify the payment information for each licensee entitled to reimbursement.  Stations need to provide the FCC with their financial account information in order to be reimbursed.  Again, it’s important that you follow the instructions carefully to ensure that the reimbursement is made on a timely basis.

Blanck Mass: Animated Violence Mild review – grief, rage and transcendent electronica

Delivered... Aimee Cliff | Scene | Fri 16 Aug 2019 10:30 am

(Sacred Bones)
Mourning the death of the planet and a parent, Ben Power has made an album that fuses existential fear with sheer beauty

Back in 2012, Blanck Mass sounded optimistic. Ben Power’s one-man electro-noise project (distinct from his work as part of the duo Fuck Buttons) was best known for his ambient headrush of a composition, Sundowner, which was used as part of the soundtrack for Danny Boyle’s buoyant Olympics opening ceremony. But, as the political mood of the country continued to sour, Power’s work darkened in response, leading up to 2017’s snarling World Eater, and now Animated Violence Mild: an album where blind rage and beauty commingle. In the accompanying press release, Power describes how the record was born of grief – he wrote it while musing on how consumerism is destroying our planet. In the final stages of recording, his father died, and so he also began processing this deeply personal loss alongside his global mourning.

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Features | The Lead Review | Bodies That Matter: Sleater-Kinney’s Visceral New Pop – The Quietus

Delivered... | Scene | Fri 16 Aug 2019 8:00 am
Features | The Lead Review | Bodies That Matter: Sleater-Kinney's Visceral New Pop  The Quietus

Sam Smith’s acoustic version of ‘How Do You Sleep’ will keep you hooked! – RadioandMusic.com

Delivered... | Scene | Fri 16 Aug 2019 8:00 am
Sam Smith's acoustic version of 'How Do You Sleep' will keep you hooked!  RadioandMusic.com

MUMBAI: After leaving fans spellbound with his classic dance moves on his latest heartbreak song How Do You Sleep, Sam Smith has released its acoustic ...

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