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11 Tracks That Define The Sound Of Canonical Berlin Techno Party Grounded Theory

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This video makes it easy to mod KORG’s ultra-cheap monotron for analog CV

Delivered... Peter Kirn | Scene | Wed 25 Sep 2019 12:38 pm

Punk, inexpensive analog, anyone? The KORG monotron is an easy choice for modding for your synthesis needs – and now this video makes the process easier.

There’s still nothing quite as cheap in analog synthesis than the instrument that (arguably) started the trend – the KORG monotron and its variants. You can pick one of these up for about $50 or less even new – and you might even rescue one from a friend’s collection.

But while the monotrons are fun to play with, they’re a bit limited as far as integration with other gear. You get an aux input, a headphone jack output, and – nothing else. And those tiny controls and ribbon will challenge your dexterity.

A mod, then, is the perfect answer, because then you can jack in some analog control from other gear. That now not only includes Eurorack modular, but gear from Moog, Behringer, Arturia, semi-modulars, sequencers, you name it. CV is starting to be as ubiquitous as MIDI, and allows for direct, simple control with voltage.

People have been modding this for a while, but Extralife is here with a video that makes it much simpler.

He writes:

I’ve just finished up a video on modding the Korg Monotron for analog CV input. I have found some other descriptions of similar mods online, but so far as I know I’m the first to document the build on video or provide PCB layouts, so while monotron hacks may be old hat, I think this brings something new to the table.

Also visible in the video is the latest prototype of my ongoing
Eurorack sequencer project, the Super Sixteen! It is in the final
phases of development (it is open-hardware, open-source) — and I will
be sure to contact you again soon when it nears a major release.

Oh, please do, sir! That looks seriously cool.

Grab all the specs and so on for this project on his GitHub:


And here’s the original project that inspired the idea, from the heady, innocent days of 2010:


Let us know how this works out for you, and what you do with it – or if y’all have other interesting hacks and projects you’re working on.

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Mark Radcliffe, electronica god: ‘I’m not just some radio bloke having a dabble’

Delivered... Dave Simpson | Scene | Wed 25 Sep 2019 6:00 am

The DJ has made an album inspired by untranslatable words, recorded with a bloke he met in the pub called Paul Langley. So what does ‘boketto’ mean?

Mark Radcliffe and Paul Langley are sipping tea in central Manchester. The former is the much-loved radio star; the latter is something of a mystery. “Good, the less said the better,” Langley says from behind his spectacles and pot of Earl Grey. However, I do know he once made an EP in an outfit called Rack-It! “That was with Martyn Walsh from Inspiral Carpets,” he laughs. “He said, ‘You wanna do a track called Sex on Acid – that’ll annoy people.’ And it did.”

Radcliffe and Langley are, they tell me, “soon to be legendary”. This will be in the guise of UNE, the name they have given themselves. The pair have made Lost, an album of lovely, plaintive electronica over which Radcliffe sings. They met five years ago in the Builder’s Arms in Knutsford, Cheshire. Radcliffe, new to the area, asked locals which pub was dog-friendly. This led to dog-walk encounters with Langley, and the pair were soon bantering over pints, about music and Manchester City.

When I heard Paul's music, I thought: 'This is surprisingly good'

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Lost is out on 18 October. UNE play the Old Courts, Wigan, 3 October, and more dates before Christmas. Mark Radcliffe’s book, Crossroads, is published by Canongate.

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