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Indian E-music – The right mix of Indian Vibes… » Kijimi, key planet in new Star Wars flick, is named after the synthesizer

Kijimi, key planet in new Star Wars flick, is named after the synthesizer

Delivered... Peter Kirn | Scene | Sat 21 Dec 2019 2:35 pm

J.J. Abrams, mega-nerd – not only is the Star Wars writer/director a scifi fan, but synth fan, too. No spoilers here, but his love of a certain synthesizer comes out in Rise of Skywalker‘s script.

Kijimi is the lush polysynth from Black Corporation, also makers of Deckard’s Dream (the Yamaha CS-70 homage) and assorted modules. Kijimi, the creators say, doesn’t mean anything. It’s just a name that struck them, and one originating in Japan, the country in which the company is headquartered.

But J.J. apparently liked the name, too. The Star Wars boss is a known Black Corporation customer himself – you can spot him in a photo posing on the balcony of Black’s Shibuya, Tokyo offices. (Hey, wouldn’t you blow your Disney money on synths if you were in J.J.’s position? Oh, wait – it was a gift. Man, it’s good to be the king.)

Here’s the next round of nerdy meta-references – hang on. So the Kijimi is based loosely on the rare 1970s polysynth, the RSF Polykobol. Fans of Battlestar Galactica will immediately recognize Kobol as the legendary ancestral home of humanity, sought by the exiled fleet of the surviving colonists. (Sadly, much like J.J. buying his Kijimi before you could, the Cylons got to Kobol first. Uh… spoilers, sorry. From 1978, though.) So the French synth makers named their synth after the planet.

J.J. just turned the tables. While synths have been named for spacecraft before – I believe including the Moog Voyager – now the space franchise takes a name from synths. Kijimi isn’t just a passing reference, either – it’s evidently (no spoilers) a prominent planetary setting in The Rise of Skywalker. Abrams is co-credited with the story and screenplay, so he gets both the synth and its placement forever enshrined in Star Wars canon.

A Reddit user potted the reference even before the film came out, let alone before Black Corp acknowledged the connection:

I would include a photo of the planet Kijimi, but I don’t have an official press pack for Star Wars, and Disney lawyers frighten me. I will be going to see the movie, though – John Williams inspired me as a kid that being a composer was cool, and Star Wars was possibly the first movie I ever saw, in greatly shortened form on my parents’ sound super 8 film projector.

All I want for Christmas, meanwhile, is a Kijimi – I visited Black in Tokyo this fall, and it’s just a splendid splurge instrument.

So none of this story makes me jealous, in regards to either synth or Star Wars. Why, does it make you jealous? No. We are cold, stoic unfeeling walls, definitely not in any way responding to any element of this story. Good.

Full-blown Kijimi costs US$3749, but if you’re willing to put together the (elaborate) kit, that drops the price way down to US$999. So basically, don’t subscribe to Disney+, and it’s yours. You can pirate th — mmm..–dskklsggggrrrh — mmmm, my throat — jeez, Disney lawyers can even do force chokes?! (As if I’m not going to the film and to Galaxy’s Edge and seeing twenty more Marvel things in theaters this year. Uh-huh.)

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