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J74 SliceShuffler lets you chop up and transform audio in Ableton Live, in real time

Delivered... Peter Kirn | Scene | Thu 2 Jan 2020 10:57 pm

Take live audio in, slice it up, reshuffle it, manipulate it, all beat-synced – SliceShuffler is a new Live slicer-dicer, for just a few bucks.

I’ve covered developer J74’s stuff before. (J74 is the Max-developing alias of Fabrizio Poce.) This one looks really special, though.

The basic idea is, you take a live input, toss it in a buffer, and then slice and re-sequence and transform the sound, all as you play, synced to the clock. It’s intended particularly for use with rhythmic materials, but it’s potentially interesting for almost anything.

And since we’ve seen this basic idea in Max for Live devices before, what sets SliceShuffler apart is an elegant interface and a ton of features. This is a seriously nice wishlist of stuff crammed in there:

– Free slice re-sequencing of the captured audio buffer.
– Tempo synchronized, with up to 32 steps (32 beats, 2 bars of buffered audio)
– Probability sequencing lanes to add variations and evolutions over time.
– Sequenced-slice can independently be reversed, muted and/or panned.
– Slice direction can be sequenced with probability of variation.
– Parameter Locking: it can sequence any parameter in Ableton Live
– Drive gain & compressor at the output stage (for overdrive and saturation).
– Snapshots: save and recall snapshots, also for mixing during performance (hitless recall)
– Performance functions: randomize, freeze, shift, reverse. All possible in real-time

The developer says it’s performance-oriented – all those features and snapshot morphing and such can be done as you play. There’s an undo you can use even live in performance, too.

You’ll need Live 10.1.x or later to support this, and as with Max for Live Devices generally, either Live Suite or a suitable Max for Live license. It’s a 12EUR purchase.


And some video guides:

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Map anything in Ableton Live’s Browser to MIDI, keyboard with Max for Live

Delivered... Peter Kirn | Scene | Thu 2 Jan 2020 10:33 pm

Get push-button access to your favorite stuff in Ableton Live with this clever Max for Live tool.

Continuing our new year look at some of the coolest Max for Live stuff, flowstate has come up with a tool that lets you map anything in Live’s Browser. If you find yourself frequently using the same instrument, effect, sample, or whatnot, you can now map those to keyboard or MIDI.

The solution is a combination of MIDI Remote Script with Max for Live Device. And it works with almost anything – devices, sounds, third-party plug-ins, basically anything except Live Packs (which don’t support this mapping).

The package is name-your-price, with a £5 minimum.

The developers says instructions and an example set are included, plus 64 button slots pre-mapped to all of the internal Live Suite stuff (MIDI Effects, Audio Effects, and Instruments), including 5 user slots (or remap the whole thing as you wish).



It’s overkill for me personally, but I imagine it could be really useful to some. And it shows some of the potential of using the Live API and MIDI Remote Scripts to customize Live, so I imagine it might inspire other ideas, too.

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HEXO for Live is an arpeggiator transformed into a polyphonic compositional tool

Delivered... Peter Kirn | Scene | Thu 2 Jan 2020 7:02 pm

Somehow, it started as an arpeggiator. But this Max for Live tool by K-Devices is now an advanced, polyphonic, polymetric tool for dreaming up rhythms and melodies.

We’ve got you set up for your new year’s food coma / hangover / days off / whatever, with a series of Max for Live tools to tinker around with into the winter (southern hemisphere summer) evenings of January.

HEXO is an important departure for K-Devices. If all you want is a tool that lets you generate rhythms and melodies parametrically or even randomly, HEXO does this – just like its predecessors.

But if you prefer to play live, HEXO can do that, too. In ARP mode, all its pattern generation is built live on incoming notes, meaning you can feed your own patterns or jam on a keyboard or other controller.

In RIFF mode, the tool is a polyphonic step sequencer. But that has a Thru function, too, meaning you can add notes live to the pattern.

Here’s a view of what that means – in ARP mode, you’ll see the pitch tracks are relative; in RIFF mode, they represent specific notes. It’s to me the best interface K-Devices has done yet – an intuitive brick grid giving you independent access to multiple tracks of notes with velocity, length, and probability controls always visible and editable.


Either way, HEXO is a great way of generating complex and even polymetric patterns. K-Devices keep topping themselves with each new creation, making advanced IDM-ish sequencer generators to spawn new ideas or elaborate live. This time, they’ve even added some unique instruments to play right inside the package.

But by the way, the K-Devices creations are ideal for sequencing software modulars – routing into tools like Reaktor Blocks or VCV Rack, you get some really beautiful sound generation facilities. It’s all working via MIDI, so any software, plug-in, or hardware will work.

Impressively, this works in both Live 9 and Live 10, so even if you’re putting off that Live upgrade, you can get to work.


Per-step probability, on-the-fly variations

Six tracks, 2-32 steps independently per track

4 snapshots with modulation

AutoSnaps with probability-driven variation

Each track has independent number of steps and time resolution for polyrhythms and polymeters

Global velocity, length scaling, and delay per track

Bend parameter (which lets you bend out of the Live grid)

Rule-based randomization of note, velocity, chance, and length

Included presets, Ableton clips, and two Simpler-based instruments (the “atmospheric” Pluck and “acid stab” Hyperism)

There’s an intro sale on now with steep discounts on everything they make – or 24EUR (regular 39EUR) for this instrument individually. Everything is here:

The post HEXO for Live is an arpeggiator transformed into a polyphonic compositional tool appeared first on CDM Create Digital Music.


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