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FCC and Industry Groups Ask for Supreme Court Review of Third Circuit Ownership Decision

Delivered... David Oxenford | Scene | Mon 20 Apr 2020 5:05 pm

On Friday, the FCC (with the Department of Justice) and a group of interested media industry companies filed requests asking that the Supreme Court review the decision of the Third Circuit overturning the FCC’s 2017 decision on its ownership rules (the FCC petition for a writ of certiorari is available here).  The FCC’s 2017 decision abolished the newspaper/broadcast and radio/television cross-ownership rules, and made changes to the local television rule and other ownership rules (see our post here on the 2017 decision).  Last September, a three-judge panel of the Third Circuit overturned the rule changes, not necessarily disagreeing that times had changed and that the new media marketplace justified a relaxation in the ownership rules, but instead finding that the FCC had not done an adequate job in assessing the impact of the rule changes on minorities and other potential new entrants to the broadcast industry (see our article here on the court’s decision).

After the court’s decision, the FCC and the interested industry parties sought review by all of the judges on the Third Circuit of the decision made by the three-judge panel, a review that was denied last year (see our article here).  That led to the FCC’s order immediately before Christmas, reinstating the pre-2017 rules and requiring that broadcasters comply with those rules when filing new applications (see our article here).

The request for Supreme Court review now asks that the Court overturn the Third Circuit’s decision citing, among other things, that the same three-judge panel has three times over a 17-year period rejected FCC attempts to change the ownership rules to reflect current industry conditions so that those rules can better serve the public interest, as required by the statute.  Instead, the majority of the three-judge panel has been so focused on the single factor of whether the FCC had done sufficient historical analysis of minority ownership to justify its decision – second-guessing the FCC’s analysis of that factor and minimizing the importance of all other justifications for a change in the rules.  The argument is that this single panel of judges should not be allowed to frustrate the FCC’s attempts to modernize the ownership rules.  What happens next?

The public interest groups that have opposed changes in the ownership rules can oppose the request for review by the Supreme Court.  Other interested parties can argue in support of the review as well.  If the Court decides that the case merits further consideration (which is discretionary by the Court, as it hears only about 100 cases each year while getting thousands of requests to review decisions of lower courts), the parties will need to file additional briefs and orally argue the decision before the Justices.  At best, we would be looking at a decision in 2021 – if the Court decides to hear the case at all.  Until then, absent intervention from Congress, significant changes in the FCC’s ownership rules are likely on hold.

Soundtrack Your 4/20 with this New Mix by DJ Paypal

Delivered... ztippitt | Scene | Mon 20 Apr 2020 4:37 pm

From those of us here at TEB: Happy 4/20. In the spirit of the day, we asked Teklife member DJ Paypal to deliver a fresh mix of smoked-out footwork and juke classics. DJ Paypal may be best known for his 2015 debut album, Sold Out – a dizzying array of footwork tunes that turn up the genre’s hypnotic and psychedelic sides while lacing it with jagged, uncanny samples – on Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder...


When these 3 orchestras couldn’t play Beethoven in person, this artist took them to 360 VR

Delivered... Peter Kirn | Artists,Scene | Mon 20 Apr 2020 4:06 pm

Three orchestras in Berlin had a concert that was the victim of social distancing. Artist Lucas Gutierrez was able to give them a new, virtual home together – and it’s Pastoral gone pastel, in 360 degrees.

Lucas has done some extraordinary 3D work in the past, including an ongoing collaboration with Robert Lippok (raster media). For this project, he had to work extremely fast, but the results are dazzling – sort of what looks like would happen if Lisa Frank did new color consulting for the planet Krypton.* (Uh, see bottom of the article…)

The project is produced in the real-time 3D platform Unity, as you can see from the screen grabs.

It’s yet another example of how augmented and virtual reality can be a more compelling form of delivery of live music, when being there in person isn’t possible. If the economics can be solved, this does seem the sort of thing that could endure post-virus.

More on the rest of Lucas’ work soon, since this is an example of how he works fast.



See also iheartberlin.de [ENG + DE]

I mean, Superman II was dealing with this notion of people on a two-dimensional surface which you rotate inside a three-dimensional environment. Amiright?

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Free software lets you recreate the MPC2000XL drum machine

Delivered... Peter Kirn | Scene | Mon 20 Apr 2020 3:36 pm

If you miss the classic MPC – or never owned one and want to experience it for yourself – this is the nearest thing to having the hardware in front of you, for free.

Hey, lots of people are posting vintage photos of themselves and turning back the clock in other ways, so why not take a break from staring at Zoom conference calls and stare at a surprisingly authentic MPC2000XL instead?

Let’s party like it’s 1999. No, literally.

It’s all there – the old workflow, the buttons. There are even some of the sonic characteristics emulated, more or less. (The author is quick to point out that you don’t get the same signal path, but “an approximation” of the digital filter and file compatibility seems okay.) It’s beautiful. It’s beige.

There is potentially a practical purpose here. You can load a lot of the files the actual hardware could – APS, ALL, PGM, SND, MID, WAV.

But mostly, it’s the fun of seeing the hardware and using the old workflow, without needing, you know, the actual hardware. Or money.

You can bounce to WAV, you’ve got some MIDI in and out, and it runs as a plug-in (VST2,VST3, AU). There are builds for every OS. So there’s nothing stopping you from making music with this thing. And why not?

Mac, Windows (32-/64-bit), Linux:

vMPC2000XL – An MPC2000XL emulator


Via beat.de [German]

No, this is not authorized by Akai.


A very much less useful implementation of this ran VR-style in Unity3D game engine, but that seems to be abandonware and I couldn’t locate a working download. If that sounds like a terrible idea, don’t worry – it is. It’s kind of spectacular to behold, though, like some kind of cross between Lawnmower Man and NAMM.


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