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The Amiga just got a new, open 8-bit hardware sequencer cartridge you can build

Delivered... Peter Kirn | Scene | Mon 10 Aug 2020 5:03 pm

There's a new, open-source sampler - for the Commodore Amiga. Yes, as in you'll be building your own DIY cartridge to run it. Brace yourself - 90s. Music. Incoming.

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Window for Filing Applications for New Noncommercial FM Stations Appears to be Coming Soon – With an LPFM Window to Follow

Delivered... David Oxenford | Scene | Mon 10 Aug 2020 3:03 pm

A window for the filing of applications for new noncommercial FM stations in the reserved FM band (below 92.1 FM) appears to be on its way – either later this year or early next.  As we reported in our summary of last week’s broadcast legal actions, Chairman Pai last week responded to a Congressional inquiry about the next window for new LPFM stations.  In his letter, he stated that the LPFM window would follow a window for new noncommercial FM stations, as noncommercial applicants have not had the opportunity to file for new stations in a decade.  The letter says that the NCE window will open after the recently adopted changes in the rules for processing these noncommercial applications become effective later this year (see our article here on those changes).  The changes are waiting for Paperwork Reduction Act review before they can become effective.

In fact, the 2010 window for NCE applications was for a limited number of commercial frequencies that had been set aside and reserved for noncommercial use where the reserved band had constraints (see our article on that window here).  The last window for reserved band FM stations (stations operating on 88.1 to 91.9 FM) opened in 2007 (see our article here).  In that window, the FCC limited any applicant to 10 applications nationwide (see our article here).  We would not be surprised to see a similar requirement in any new window.  Stations in the reserved band can be located where no interference is caused to any already authorized FM station – so careful engineering analysis is required.  Start your planning now as the analysis as to where a new station can be located can be time consuming.

FCC Eliminates Program Duplication Rules for AM and FM Stations

Delivered... David Oxenford | Scene | Mon 10 Aug 2020 2:59 pm

At its meeting last week, the FCC adopted an order that eliminated its rule that prohibits radio stations in the same service (AM or FM) that have over 50% overlap of their principal community contours (the 70 dBu for FM stations and the 5 mV/m contour for AM stations) from duplicating more than 25 per cent of the total hours in their average programming week.  The elimination of the rule for AM stations had been included in the draft order released several weeks ago in anticipation of the meeting (see our article here).  In that draft order, FM program duplication was permitted only by a waiver of the rules.  In contrast to the draft order, the majority of the Commissioners voted to permit program duplication for both AM and FM stations.  The repeal of the rule for FM stations was justified to give flexibility to stations to react to circumstances that might require duplication to keep a station operating – as might happen during the pandemic or following any natural disaster – without needing to wait for the FCC to rule on a waiver request.  The FCC anticipates that such duplication will occur only rarely for FM stations, as there is still an economic incentive to program different formats on different stations to maximize revenue.  But stations will now have the flexibility to make that decision for themselves.  This order will become effective upon its publication in the Federal Register.

Why Carl Craig at Dia:Beacon is a Groundbreaking Moment for American Art Institutions

Delivered... whitney | Scene | Mon 10 Aug 2020 11:16 am

If you were blindfolded and led downstairs into the basement of Dia:Beacon, a modern art museum in New York state’s Hudson Valley, you’d be forgiven for thinking you had wandered into a late-’80s or early-’90s warehouse in Detroit or Chicago. Formerly the bowels of a Nabisco factory, the cavernous space is gridded with brutalist columns and dark except for its Panorama Bar-inspired window shutters...


Rhea accuses Sushant’s sister, KRK furiously tweeted “Shame on you” – News Track English

Delivered... | Scene | Mon 10 Aug 2020 8:00 am
Rhea accuses Sushant's sister, KRK furiously tweeted "Shame on you"  News Track English
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