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Kelly Lee Owens: Inner Song review – a DJ finds her voice

Delivered... Kitty Empire | Scene | Sun 30 Aug 2020 3:00 pm

(Smalltown Supersound)
The Welsh musician-producer unleashes her own vocals while digging deeper with brooding electronics

Delayed to show “solidarity” with record shops threatened by Covid, Kelly Lee Owens’s second album finds the banging techno DJ venturing further into the realm of electronic pop. The digitals are still on point. Arpeggi’s creepy retro-futurism recalls Boards of Canada and earlier electronic experiments in Germany in the 1970s.

But when Owens was on tour with Four Tet, Kieran Hebden urged her to stop hiding her singing voice under a bushel. Now some actual songs – such as the resolute, sad banger On, or L.I.N.E. (Love Is Not Enough) – find the Welsh musician in full coo. The sweetness is deceptive: L.I.N.E. weighs up the compromises people make in relationships; solitude, she concludes, beats warping your essence.

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Play what you see: how graphic scores can unleash your inner musical genius

Delivered... Phil Hebblethwaite | Scene | Sun 30 Aug 2020 2:00 pm

When musical notation failed the great avant garde composers, they drew a picture instead. Now, a new project hopes everyone else will follow in their footsteps

Matt Ashdown is determined to make all aspects of music-making open to everyone – composing, recording and performing. Haven’t got an instrument? His Falmouth-based arts organisation, Moogie Wonderland, will help you build a synthesiser on a bread board for less than a tenner. Or you can use one of the “noise stations” that they’ve already assembled and instantly make your live debut – no experience required. At one show in 2017, featuring Damo Suzuki from krautrock group Can, an 11-year-old girl joined in the mayhem. The experience helped to improve her confidence, her dad told Ashdown afterwards. At another gig, led by American electronic musician Simeon Coxe of Silver Apples, Aphex Twin was spotted in the crowd. He made his way to the stage, where, Ashdown recalls, “he bashed a tray hooked up to a fuzz pedal, I think, and came up with some weird guitar effects”.

The joy of graphic notation is that it allows everyone to be a composer

For more details, go to Scores of People.

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