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Drinking and Driving in Ürümqi

Delivered... Arshia Fatima Haq | Scene | Mon 1 Sep 2014 5:45 am

Radio Discostan's Arshia Haq interviews travel writer/monologist Andrew Demetre on his travel memoir Drinking and Driving in Ürümqi and his project Radio XUAR. Radio XUAR delivers a live freeform musical journey to Xinjiang Province, Far Western China, presenting rare and hard to find Uyghur music ranging from the deeply traditional, to rock, U-pop, neo-psychedelic, opera, hip-hop, the rich musical landscapes in between, plus behind the music stories and legends about Uyghur musical artists' struggle to squeeze their expression through the filters of the CPC (Communist Party of China).

Follow Andrew Demetre via his Website and/or Facebook.


Modern Persian Speech Sounds

Delivered... Arshia Fatima Haq | Scene | Tue 5 Aug 2014 6:00 am

I interviewed Omid Walizadeh who recently released the stunning album «Modern Persian Speech Sounds». We discuss his journey from the underground Los Angeles hip hop scene to a rediscovery of his childhood treasury of Iranian cassette tapes, the recent explosion of vintage Iranian music on the global circuit, and a certain iconic Persian ice cream shop in the heart of LA.

Radio Interview


The Album


The Shop

Mashti Malone is a famous Persian ice cream shop in the heart of Los Angeles. Featured flavors include rosewater saffron, orange blossom and pistachio, and sour cherry sorbet. Join us!


Line of Control: Sounds from India and Pakistan

Delivered... Arshia Fatima Haq | Scene | Wed 28 May 2014 5:45 am

Arshia Haq from the LA based Discostan collective made an exclusive mix for Norient. She is presenting us forgotten scores and current field sounds from India and Pakistan. Listen to this colorful mix and dive into the sounds of the Indian subcontinent.

Making a mix from the sounds of the subcontinent proved challenging as these are the sounds I am closest to, so I tried to use that to my advantage. What I came up with is a personal audio memoir, using scores from lesser known films, children’s songs, and field recordings of my own in Pakistan and India (thus the raw quality of some of what you’ll hear), and playing on nostalgia, exile, the tension between the sensuality of the soundtracks and the austerity of the religious dogma over loudspeakers (both Muslim and Hindu) as well as political broadcasts in these places.

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