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Flight Facilities: Down to Earth review a familiar playlist of daydreamy hits

Delivered... Doug Wallen | Scene | Thu 30 Oct 2014 11:49 pm

With years of radio-friendly singles under their belt, the Sydney electronic music duo finally release a hazy debut album

Flight Facilities reputation for feel-good singles precedes them. In fact, theyve cracked Triple Js Hottest 100 for four years straight. Now the Sydney production team of Hugo Gruzman and James Lyell drop a debut album containing half of their eight singles to date. In a recent interview they addressed the singles culture eclipsing the album format, but also discussed making an album that offered more than just filler between hits. Why not make every song a single? said Lyell.

Down to Earth does feel like an attempt to pack in an albums worth of singles half familiar and half soon-to-be while still respecting the format. It begins with a mood-setting introduction playing on FFs name: We ask that you move about the cabin as much as possible, instructs a wry announcer. And while nearly two-thirds of the tracks feature a prominent guest vocalist, Gruzman and Lyell also include a few spacious tracks that reach beyond the confines of a typical single.

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Seekae: ‘We made a record with a computer, that sounds like a band’

Delivered... Doug Wallen | Scene | Wed 13 Aug 2014 3:26 am

The Sydney trio were one step ahead of the EDM movement, so what clues can their new album give to future music sounds?

Few bands court evolution as openly as Seekae. With three years between each of their three albums, the Sydney trio have graduated from a tasting platter of electronic subgenres (2008s The Sound of Trees Falling on People) to an integrated reconciliation of those many threads (2011s +DOME).

Now, with the stunning new LP The Worry, theyve struck an eerie fusion of live instruments and programmed electronics that places newfound focus on vocals and lyrics.

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