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Melbourne festival mixtape: Kirin J Callinan, Laura Marling and more

Delivered... Emma Froggatt, Pádraig Collins and Melissa Davey | Scene | Sat 3 Oct 2015 3:39 am

Kirin J Callinan’s provocative stage antics and Laura Marling’s candid indie folk are just two items on the festival’s challenging and eclectic line-up

Electro rock provocateur Kirin J Callinan claims he has never been deliberately confrontational. Yet his performances have been known to cause controversy (at the 2013 Sugar Mountain festival he and film-maker Kris Moyes revealed thwarted performance plans to include a strobe light that would induce seizures in a planted audience member suffering from epilepsy). The Australian artist makes dark, poetic, clangy rock that is confessional and abrasive. He flirts with the fringes of good taste, and revels in the grey zone dividing genders, sometimes performing semi-nude. Embracism (2013) was Callinan’s first solo release since playing “noise-guitar” with Sydney indie rock band Mercy Arms, penned after finding himself single for the first time in his adult life. He defines the album title and its broader themes as “the antithesis of escapism”. In a song of the same name, he half-sings, half-yells: “and when a boy grows up he’s still the same / but he’s a man / and a man is physical / and a man has to put his physical body to the test / against another man / do you measure up?” Callinan was also a guest guitarist on Mark Ronson’s last album; the pair met when Ronson saw him play at a wedding in France. Catch him at the festival on October 11.

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