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Belonging in the Mix by Slugabed

Delivered... Greg Feldwick (Slugabed) | Scene | Fri 16 Feb 2018 8:00 am

«Home is where my dashboard is.» To belong to a place, a country, or a city is an old fashioned way to live in a world of multi-sited modernities. Instead, we create our belonging through friends, information, images, and sounds across the globe. The British musician Greg Feldwick aka Slugabed contributed a mix for the section «belonging» from the Norient exhibition Seismographic Sounds. Listen to it below.

Belonging (Introduction from Seismographic Sounds)

I feel at home within my own four walls. I feel connected to my country. I feel that I am between two worlds as a second generation migrant. This chapter shows that belonging today is even more complex: I create my belonging through friends, information, images and sounds across the globe. The moment I cut two seconds from a song or a film and paste it into my track or music clip, I create a connection to the world. I am what I know and consume. I live in a virtual space, according to the motto: «home is where my dashboard is.» But is it a reality that in global music-making the URL replaces the ZIP Code and music becomes abstract, free from geography? Can music be free of societal, political and economical realities of place and time? And how does the biography of a musician enter his or her music?

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This text was published first as an introduction to the chapter «Belonging» in the second Norient book Seismographic Sounds. Click on the image to know more.

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