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Bergenfest: hot acts brave hypothermia to make Norway’s coolest toes tap

Delivered... Hannah Ellis-Petersen | Scene | Tue 16 Jun 2015 3:15 pm

The Norwegian pop festival packs big names like Patti Smith into a Viking castle with Scandi stars for an eclectic weekend of nostalgia, dance and waterproofs

Bergen is a funny place. One the one hand the Norwegian city feels like a ode to a nordic Wes Anderson; all cobbled streets, custard-yellow wooden houses and cinnamon buns. More than once I was tempted to make the frankly stupid purchase of a pastel-coloured typewriter from one of the many antique shops – held back only by the impracticalities of carrying it back in my hand luggage.

Yet this twee capital of fishing and fjords, which is the biggest in Norway after Oslo, also happens to be at the centre of numerous underground DIY music movements. For a while it was the home of black metal, then gave birth to the Bergen Wave of the 1990s, progressing to a plethora of new rave bands a decade later and now spawning the Scandi “pop wave”. It hasn’t always lasted of course – one half of the Bergen music duo Datarock, who back in the day were part of NME’s eponymous 2009 tour with Klaxons, now runs Bergen’s best restaurant. Proof that where new rave failed, neu-nordic cuisine can prevail.

Bit o'Alabama soul warming up a stony Nordic crowd at Bergenfest @StP_BrokenBones https://t.co/wAANUZou74

The beautiful @NataliePrass doin her thing at Bergenfest pic.twitter.com/VxlOQKjaxo

Soporiphic Sundays with Royksopp.. https://t.co/2Tnn1NnUKT

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TĀLĀ: songwriter and producer hitting gold with potent Alchemy

Delivered... Hannah Ellis-Petersen | Scene | Sun 1 Feb 2015 2:47 pm
Continent-crossing EP showcases her fusion of pop, R&B and breakbeat with sounds of Iran and the Middle East

In a dark studio space in London, the air thick with the heady scents of jasmine, citrus and peppermint, a small audience stands in hushed anticipation. As the lights go up, the haunting notes of iconic Arabic singer Fairuz’s song Ana La Habibi fill the venue and a petite figure, dressed all in black with a silver nose chain adorning her face, steps on to the stage.

It was an apt opening for the debut live performance of TĀLĀ last Wednesday, a songwriter and producer who has been gathering hype over the past year for her multilayered electronic music that fuses pop, sultry R&B and breakbeat with the distinctively eastern sounds of Iran and the Middle East.

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Glastonbury 2014: David Morales pays tribute to Frankie Knuckles

Delivered... Hannah Ellis-Petersen | Scene | Fri 27 Jun 2014 2:29 pm

The legendary DJ talks about his Thursday night set and the influence of his friend Frankie Knuckles, the Godfather of house

David Morales has not come to Glastonbury prepared. In fact, as the unrelenting rain tips down on Worthy Farm, one of the world's biggest DJs has rocked up in shiny white Adidas trainers. I've had to borrow these wellies off a girl I just met, he says, waving his feet in the air. I think she must have had pretty big feet. I quite like the look though.

DJ Morales, who has worked with everyone from Aretha Franklin and Madonna to Kylie Minogue and Mariah Carey, was in Somerset for his first appearance at the festival. Fleeting though it may have been (he jetted off to New York this morning and is due in Toronto on Saturday), there was a poignant reason for his appearance: he was here to play a tribute set to Frankie Knuckles, the Godfather of house and one of Morales's closest friends, who died suddenly in March.

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