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Covering Tracks: Shanti Celeste

Delivered... Joe Davies | Scene | Thu 22 May 2014 10:02 am

Covering Tracks is a regular series where we ask our favorite producers and DJs to take it in turns to pick ten of their favorite recent releases. Love new music? Hate sorting through it? Let them do the heavy lifting. It’s Shanti Celeste‘s turn this week. When not busy making her own music, the house newcomer works at Bristol’s Idle Hands record store, so she knows what she’s talking about.


Symbols & Instruments – “Mood” (Metaphysical Mix) [KMS]

I really love a nice pad and melody, it makes me feel all nice and thoughtful, happy or sad. For me, this is ultimate thinking music. The clubbier version is good too, though.


Pev & Kowton – “Raw Code” (Surgeon Remix) [Hessle Audio]

This is such a good remix out on Peverelist and Kowton’s own Livity Sound label this month. The original is great too but I really love this one. Surgeon 4/4-ified it!


New Musik – “Warp” (llo Edit) [Pleasure International Exports]

I first heard this in a DJ Sotofett mix a while back and was like, “WOW! what is this tune!?” My friend managed to track it down but there were no copies of it for sale on Discogs. I’ve been waiting for this for a while, and although it’s an edit (the original is amazing) it still captures the goodness.


Fatima – “Do Better” [Eglo]

Really like the start of this song—and the rest that follows, obviously. It’s the kind of tune I’d listen to in the morning after getting up. It was co-written by Theo Parrish and is a really good start to Fatima’s recent album.


Ace & The Sandman – “Let Your Body Talk” [Saber]

I’m very happy that this has been repressed because it’s so lovely: acid, nice pads, thinking music for the dancefloor, basically. “Let Your Body Talk” can be played on a sunny day but I reckon it would bang it at one in the morning too. I’m keen to find out, I’ve only just got it.


Andrew Ashong – “Special” [Which Way Records]

This is certainly special but it makes me feel a little bit sad though. I really love the vocal on it and the way it sounds quite dubbed out.


Devin Dare – “Best” [Apron Records]

Haven’t played this out yet but can’t wait to do it. Hopefully it will go off!!


Rhythmic Theory – “Eyes Wide Shut” [Brstl]

Very excited to say this is the next release to come out on Brstl and it’s a banger! More goodness from the mysterious Rhythmic Theory.


Mo Kolours – “Mike Black” [One-Handed Music]

A friend put me onto this and I haven’t been able to stop listening to his mixes or this album since. It’s very original, I’ve really not heard anything else similar to it. Amazing album.


Ron Trent – “You’ll Never Find” [Future Vision]

I’m just a sucker for a soulful Ron Trent jam. ~

Electronic Beats Radar

Delivered... Joe Davies | Scene | Wed 14 May 2014 4:53 pm
EB Radar tracks what’s going on in the broader Electronic Beats universe. Think of it as your navigational system which guides you to the music news that matters. Sit back and listen to the steady blip as the Next Big Thing approaches—we’ve got it covered.

Electronic Beats Radar

Delivered... Joe Davies | Scene | Wed 14 May 2014 4:53 pm
EB Radar tracks what’s going on in the broader Electronic Beats universe. Think of it as your navigational system which guides you to the music news that matters. Sit back and listen to the steady blip as the Next Big Thing approaches—we’ve got it covered.

Mix of the Day: Diamond Version live

Delivered... Joe Davies | Scene | Wed 7 May 2014 8:12 am

A Diamond Version live show is an audiovisual experience rather tricky to forget. The live music is accompanied by trippy visuals, designed by the two Germans themselves, who deliver their live show with a no-nonsense attitude. Today, we will focus on the centerpiece of their EB Festival show in Prague from earlier this year, featuring their signature brooding amalgam of electronic sounds.

What makes these 45 minutes so special is that amidst all the clicky percussion, saw synths, drones and robotic vocal snippets lies a quite simple concept: dance music. So putting a spin on Funkadelic’s classic quote, this time just “Shake your ass and your mind will follow”.

Best of #EBfestival2014 – in pictures

Delivered... Joe Davies | Scene | Tue 6 May 2014 10:26 am

Two is a crowd, three is a party, thousands is a festival. Thanks to everyone who came along so far—here’s our recap of the first three EB festivals this year. Photos by: You. (If you want to be included in the next one, use #EBfestival2014 when uploading your pics to Instagram)

Covering Tracks: Record Store Day Special

Delivered... Joe Davies | Scene | Fri 18 Apr 2014 9:06 am

The first of a new regular series where we wade through the latest releases—from 12-inch vinyl slabs to chunks of data—to find the keepers. As this Saturday sees Record Store Day hit Berlin and other cities across the world, Joe Davies hot-footed it down to OYE Records in Friedelstrasse to ask shop assistant and DJ Melis what we should be fighting through the throng for—plus some bonus selections. As we say in the business: Tip!


VINMr. G / Vinalog – “Antipodes / Phising Ride” [Relative / Phoenix G]

Can’t go wrong with the G. I love seeing him play, too. He’s constantly dancing and bouncing behind the decks; he just loves what he does so much. Special!

(Record Store Day Exclusive)



LBOP5039LPWilliam Onyeabor – What?! [Luaka Bop] 

The mythical creature Onyeabor gets a remix EP: the first record since David Byrne’s label Luaka Bop put out his Greatest Hits last year. That very special Daphni track makes a vinyl comeback on the flipside as well.

(Record Store Day Exclusive)




Various Artists – Revival Traxx [Dance Mania]

An unreleased track by Parris Mitchell aka Rhythm II Rhythm on the B-side, DJ Deeon, Paul Johnson and Robert Armani on the other side. You should take every chance you get to bag a Dance Mania record.

(Record Store Day Exclusive)



NNGil Scott Heron – Nothing New [XL Recordings] 

A beautiful double LP containing “acoustic” or stripped down versions of Heron songs. He recorded them while working on “I’m New Here” with Jamie xx. Better Days Ahead!

(Record Store Day Exclusive)




Delroy Edwards – “For Club Use Only” [L.I.E.S.]

There could be fights over the last copies of this. Repress of the 2012 anthem on Ron Morelli’s L.I.E.S. label.

(Record Store Day Exclusive)




OBIOB Ignitt – “Oh Jabba” [FXHE Records]

I just love playing this. Spaced out, pumping tracks by Detroit gangster OB Ignitt. “Oh Jabba” is the one.





QUSQuasimoto – The Unseen [Stones Throw Records]

This is one of the records I grew up with and which really got me into music. The Unseen has always been a huge influence for me and just has to be in every list I ever get asked to make.




MDRKobosil – MDR10 [MDR]

Kobosil, a good friend of mine, and Marcel Dettman’s label “MDR” are a perfect fit. Bleak, functional techno by one of my favorite local producers.




Max-GraefMax Graef – Rivers Of The Red Planet [Tartelet]

A really honest, personal album by my colleague and friend Max. He draws influences from jazz and hip-hop, sometimes fusing them into house tracks that work on the dancefloor, sometimes into sample driven downtempo beats.Works in the club, in the store and at home!



SYCSyclops –  A Blink Of An Eye [Running Back]

You could play almost every track on “Blink Of An Eye”, a mini album by Maurice Fulton, blindly, but “Jump Bugs” stands out. A crazy, percussion-laden acid trip. Love this.

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