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FAUZIA’s “Change 4 Me” Draws Strength from the Black History of House Music

Delivered... whitney | Scene | Fri 24 Jul 2020 4:45 pm

Imagine giving birth to something so beautiful, impactful, insightful, incredible/ But you don’t see that this belongs to me all because of the powers that be,” croons FAUZIA in the opening of her EB exclusive track “Change 4 Me.” It’s an earnest response from an artist intent on reminding the world of dance music’s Black roots. The production, which starts slinky and mellow...


LYZZA B2Beats DJ Serene: No Holding Back

Delivered... Caroline Whiteley | Scene | Thu 23 Jul 2020 5:05 pm

This might just be one of the best summer mixes ever,” LYZZA announces to me. She glances over at her best friend DJ Serene, with whom she recorded her B2Beats entry just a few days ago, and adds, “when you played [Robot by] t.A.T.u. and then I came in with some crazy underground hardstyle shit, I think that was a fusion of literally both sides of us coming together so perfectly.


Answer the Riddle to Unlock ’88,’ Actress’ Murky New Beat Tape

Delivered... ztippitt | Scene | Wed 22 Jul 2020 2:46 pm

Top Notes: Abstract expressionist productions reminiscent of Lonnie Holley and Derrick May Mid Notes: Hazy beat science by a modern legend emotionally centering listeners without succumbing to the lazy anti-intellectualism of 2010’s chill beats and ambient music. Base Notes: A dubious bait-and-switch release that displays a return to form before a proper full-length Actress...


Suzi Analogue on Teenage Engineering’s New Initiative to Support Black Artistry

Delivered... ztippitt | Scene | Fri 17 Jul 2020 8:08 pm

At the beginning of July, Miami-based producer and singer-songwriter Suzi Analogue posted a series of collages to her Instagram in honor of what she described as “one of the biggest days of [her] life.” It had already been an impressively industrious time for the artist: Last month, she released a new EP, Su Casa, which she made in just a week to test the limits of a new synthesizer, and she’s...


An Intimate Glance at the Outré Looks at Mexico City’s ‘Por Detroit’ Party

Delivered... whitney | Scene | Wed 15 Jul 2020 3:57 pm

It was a late Saturday afternoon on March 7th in Roma, a downtown neighborhood in Mexico City, when local DJ MNTY entered the sweltering dancefloor of the fabled queer party Por Detroit. “This was the last party I got to play before we entered quarantine later that month,” she told me.


Galcher Lustwerk’s ‘Proof’ is an Ode to New York’s Golden Hour

Delivered... ztippitt | Scene | Tue 14 Jul 2020 9:47 am

Our newest series ‘Top Notes’ considers the latest releases through layers of musical nuance. Similar to tasting a dish or smelling a perfume, the work is evaluated in a stream of consciousness: Top notes refer to striking first impressions, middle notes to the core character of the work, and base notes to the work’s long-lasting take-aways. Topnotes: Sultry, stripped grooves, post lo-fi house...


AYA and BFTT’s New Label ‘Yes Come On’ Leaves Gun Fingers Blazing

Delivered... Caroline Whiteley | Scene | Mon 13 Jul 2020 3:42 pm

Top notes: Beautiful, kaleidoscopic, sassy club cuts Middle notes: Crystal clear sound design meets fizzy joyfulness, like a bottle of sparkling water bursting into vivacious melodies Base notes: A portal into the adventurous spirit of the Nothern UK electronic music scene What is it about Manchester that makes the city churn out some of the most exciting electronic music protagonists of our time?


Continental Drift: 20 Club Tracks That Embody The Spirit of Protest

Delivered... ztippitt | Scene | Thu 9 Jul 2020 3:33 pm

In the era of big streaming and woke capital, protest music has become a formalized genre. Traversing hip hop, punk, reggae, and soul, the grouping will be familiar to anyone who has been at a march over the past month. And while, for protestors, this genre conglomerate possesses very real galvanizing power, its commercial viability is also being capitalized on by the music industry’s reigning...


On ‘Seguridad,’ Gaika Rebuilds His Emotional Walls

Delivered... ztippitt | Scene | Wed 8 Jul 2020 5:12 pm

Top notes: Elastic vocal exercises, dizzying incantations in sepulchral tones Middle notes: Murky, rhythmic verve, heavy-footed marching Base notes: The UK MC’s trademark mid-frequency autotune slur pair with knotty Latin beats to meditate on star-crossed love. The borderless nature of genres these days demands a certain deftness from contemporary artists. With vocals that can transmogrify from...


Julianna Barwick’s Celestial Hymns Provide a Sanctuary

Delivered... Caroline Whiteley | Scene | Wed 8 Jul 2020 1:55 pm

The cover of Julianna Barwick’s new album Healing Is A Miracle looks like a snapshot from another planet. In reality, it’s a photo of the Icelandic coastline by Joel Kazuo Knoernschild (who also shot the video for first single, “Inspirit“), but the alien terrain perfectly suits Barwick’s ethereal creations. A master of swirling vocal loops and lustrous reverb, she’s garnered all sorts of acclaim...


European Design Has Colonized House and Techno

Delivered... whitney | Scene | Tue 7 Jul 2020 2:21 pm

Aesthetic observations about dance music feel trivial in the wake of the ongoing global conversation around racism and police brutality, and without a vaccine for COVID-19, nightlife as we know it is officially cancelled. But these events haven’t stopped the dance music industry from operating in some (questionable) capacity. For example, Awakenings Amsterdam had announced yet another online...


The Sneaker to Unite Them All: An Exclusive Look at the deadHYPE x Adidas ZX 8000 Digital Lookbook

Delivered... Ekaterina Kachavina | Scene | Fri 3 Jul 2020 5:11 pm

There’s a funny thing about the internet these days: Every subculture can be accessed online. From Hypebeast forums to TikTok Eboys and EGirls—or the more leftfield furry fandoms and flat earthers on Reddit—it can seem like the underground isn’t quite so elusive and site-specific as it once used to be. Bernard Koomson, a 30-year-old cultural consultant originally from England, is fascinated by how...


Ode to the Night: A Funeral Party for the First Neoliberal City

Delivered... Ekaterina Kachavina | Scene | Fri 3 Jul 2020 8:47 am

If the police come, just cooperate and do whatever they tell you to do,” the door girl said as she stamped my wrist—a line I had never heard before at the club 宀 (pronounced “Mihn”). It had been four months since I last went out because of the Covid-19 outbreak. Once I stepped inside, the room was thick with sweat and recognition. This was DJ Mr. Ho’s first time playing at Host’s monthly queer...


This Rotterdam Exhibition Explores the Emotion at the Intersection of Art and Music

Delivered... whitney | Scene | Wed 1 Jul 2020 4:53 pm

Philip Topolovac, I’ve Never Been to Berghain, 2016 Cork model © Philip Topovolac/VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2019 At Kunsthal Rotterdam, there’s no fear of a “Heute leider nicht” from the notorious Sven Marquardt and his formidable posse of Berghain gate-keepers. For the museum’s first post-lockdown exhibition, entitled Black Album / White Cube, the roles have switched. Now it’s the observers that assume...


The Top 7 Mixes of June 2020

Delivered... Caroline Whiteley | Scene | Tue 30 Jun 2020 4:18 pm

What a month on Planet Earth. The longer the dancefloor remains off-limits, the more important music becomes–not as a communal experience so much as a spot-relief balm for the tired and angry citizen. Headphones are a refuge and music (and speech!) connects us to each other, to history, and to our deepest-held identities. On top of this month’s best mixes, don’t miss Afropunk’s mixtape celebrating...


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