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Techno star Helena Hauff: ‘Every woman who DJs and is visible helps to make a change’

Delivered... Joe Muggs | Scene | Fri 20 Jul 2018 9:00 am

The German musician’s only ambition was to play her local bar, but the noisy, neo-gothic sound of her new album, Qualm, has put her on the cusp of clubland’s big league

‘When I wear a lot of black, it’s probably not a conscious decision: it’s more that you can’t see the tomato sauce stains.” This is a perfect moment of German deadpanning from Helena Hauff, a musician and DJ not inclined to take things seriously, even as she is treated with reverence by the club world.

In the five years since she started releasing tracks, she has become a figurehead for a noisy, neo-gothic imperative in techno, delivering live and DJ sets of sometimes terrifying strobe-lit intensity that triangulate perfectly between acid house energy and industrial harshness. The almost entirely live jams of her new album, Qualm, are the best attempt yet to bottle that lightning; they are likely to push her into clubland’s big league.

I can’t think of one thing that is new, really new – that isn’t in any way something that's been done before

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How we made: Roni Size on the Mercury-winning album New Forms

Delivered... Interviews by Dave Simpson | Scene | Tue 17 Jul 2018 6:00 am

‘We just went to the Mercury prize ceremony to scoff all the free food and alcohol. Then Eddie Izzard said: You’ve won!’

I was born Ryan Owen Granville Williams but, because I was lighter-skinned, everyone called me Roni, after the only white character in the film Babylon. I was quite short and if my mates were talking about a girl, they’d say: “Oh, she’s Roni’s size.” So that’s how I came up with the name Roni Size.

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Lovebox review – Childish Gambino leads diverse corrective to Trump visit

Delivered... Natty Kasambala | Scene | Mon 16 Jul 2018 11:52 am

Gunnersbury Park, London
While SZA was delayed by the Trump protests, other artists were energised – including Childish Gambino, who scaled up his music to unprecedented size

The Trump visit – and subsequent protests – coinciding with Lovebox affected the festival in more ways than one. Besides SZA’s highly anticipated set being cut after just four songs, reportedly due to a late arrival because of the protests, the political events also inspired an air of resistance. From those donning anti-Trump protest gear to a rhetoric of encouragement among performers, including Childish Gambino who was “proud to see that big balloon”, a resounding optimism permeates Gunnersbury Park. The diversity of talented voices across the weekend, particularly given the festival’s notable US weighting, served as perfect opposition to political uncertainty arising here in the UK and across the Atlantic.

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Lotic: Power review – outsider electronics on the dancefloor

Delivered... Kieran Yates | Scene | Fri 13 Jul 2018 9:30 am


Houston-born, Berlin-dwelling electronic experimentalist Lotic describes this debut album, which was made sporadically over a period of two years, following a host of mixtapes and EPs since 2011, as “an expansive exploration of the many ways in which power can be expressed and experienced”. And you can feel that power trickle and swell throughout.

You can sense the power of physical movement, most vigorously in the title track, which splices drum beats with something halfway between a video game glitch and a thrash metal sample, plus zings of sound zipping past your head. You also feel it in the power struggle on the playful, creeping Fragility, which teases with warm, disparate chord progressions, cut off before you can find a beat. The sparse, aptly named Love and Light gently sets the listener up to receive the more obviously power-rich tracks such as Hunted, a bass-driven R&B-style track that pairs whispers about “brown skin” with looped wails.

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Techno titan Nina Kraviz: ‘People were suspicious of a pretty woman making music’

Delivered... Kate Hutchinson | Scene | Thu 12 Jul 2018 2:30 pm

The Russian producer became techno’s most divisive figure after filming an interview in the bath. Here, she discusses sexism, her ‘emotional’ DJ sets and raving on the Great Wall of China

Musicians are often said to be on top of the world, but rarely are they actually perched on one of its wonders. Way up in the misty hills of Mutianyu, north-east of Beijing, the Siberian DJ and producer Nina Kraviz is soundtracking sunrise at the Great Wall of China. Forty ravers have gathered on an ancient watchtower to dance as dawn breaks, while two replicas of terracotta army soldiers preside over the decks beside her.

A few hours earlier, the authorities had cut short Kraviz’s headline show at a nearby festival, claiming – incorrectly – that it was overrunning. So, this otherworldly afterparty feels subversive. It is being livestreamed on Facebook, which is banned in China, along with most western social media. Wine is passed around as though it is the prohibition era. Kraviz’s metallic sound feels thunderous enough to bring the terracotta warriors to life.

They couldn’t handle me. It was like​: ‘It cannot be true that you can have lipstick on and make music’

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50 great tracks for July from Drake, Ebony Bones, Low and more

Delivered... Ben Beaumont-Thomas and Laura Snapes | Scene | Tue 10 Jul 2018 10:58 am

From Nicki Minaj’s sex chat to Blawan’s masterful minimal techno, here are 50 great new tracks from across the musical spectrum. Read about our favourite 10 and subscribe to the playlist

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RP Boo: I’ll Tell You What! review – packs a triple-speed punch

Delivered... Kate Hutchinson | Scene | Sun 8 Jul 2018 8:00 am

(Planet Mu)

RP Boo is dubbed “the unsung godfather” of footwork, the hyperfast ghetto-house mutation and dance style that’s been quickening Chicago’s step since the early 90s. But though the scene came to wider attention a decade ago, Boo is only now making his debut studio album. As he ad libs on opener No Body: “I’ll get the turntables, you get the floor”. His battle tracks are still written with dancers in mind, combining frenetic polyrhythms, spartan, skittering drums, shadowy paranoia and dense tapestries of samples.

It’s an album designed to destroy pacemakers, but the most interesting tracks tend to slow down the tempo. Earth’s Battle Dance has a beat that feels ritualistic, like it’s trying to conjure spirits, before dropping into laidback soul. Back from the Future sounds like a bleak sex jam; and U-Don’t No provides a contemplative moment of melancholy. I’ll Tell You What! doesn’t have quite the same crossover potential as Jlin, whose Black Origami album on Planet Mu topped almost every best electronic album list last year. But it’s a definitive statement of a sound that has staying power – and packs a triple-speed punch.

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RP Boo: I’ll Tell You What! review – footwork original steps it up

Delivered... Lauren Martin | Scene | Fri 6 Jul 2018 10:30 am

Planet Mu

Chicago footwork pioneer RP Boo bought his first Roland R70 drum machine in the late-90s from the window of a budget equipment store. With no instruction manual, he didn’t know how to stretch out the bars, so worked exclusively in a one-bar pattern – formulating his frantic, multi-layered sound, crushing hyped-up dance floor commands into percussive rhythms and rumbling low end. Years later, after playing on a different R70, he didn’t recognise the sounds and had a revelation – the presets on his own had been mangled by everyone who tested out the model in-store. Imbued with the trials and errors of fellow Chicago drum machine enthusiasts, his sound was unique from the off.

RP Boo’s third album for the Planet Mu label, I’ll Tell You What!, sees this originality in full force: teasing out soulful vocal melodies (executed brilliantly on closing track Deep Sole, reminiscent of the late, great DJ Rashad) into skeletal, high-impact beats; skittering between paranoia and euphoria with rapid flicks of the wrist, and directing footwork dance battles on At War: “We are at war in the street, watch and witness!” RP Boo’s skill extends to feeding genuine personality into his tracks. U-Don’t No, a highlight, was made in the days following the death of his mother. If there’s one word to describe RP Boo’s revolutionary sound, it’s “legit”.

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The month’s best mixes: Mr Mitch, Venus X, Beatrice Dillon and wee hours wildlife

Delivered... Tayyab Amin | Scene | Tue 3 Jul 2018 10:00 am

The second in our monthly series on the best DJ mixes, radio shows, live sets and more brings South American electronica, epic grime and Welsh seabirds

Following last month’s inaugural selection of mixes, music podcasts and more, chosen by Lauren Martin, here are June’s highlights, where formats include radio shows, mix series entries, artists’ self-released mixes and recordings of live performances. Read and listen on for bundles of baile funk, industrial techno via Asia, emotionally devastating UK riddims and hoofers galore from here to the Bay.

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‘On repeat in our house’: your albums of the year so far

Delivered... Guardian readers | Scene | Fri 22 Jun 2018 10:17 am

After a mid-2018 Guardian rundown, here’s a selection of additional readers’ favourites from the discussion provoked

After many listens this is definitely my favourite Father John Misty album, adding genuine heart and emotion to the usual combination of wit and irony. Can’t recommend it highly enough. BiggsDixxon

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Best albums of 2018 so far

Delivered... Ben Beaumont-Thomas | Scene | Wed 20 Jun 2018 7:00 am

Lily Allen dished on her divorce, Arctic Monkeys found their inner crooners, Cardi B earned her stripes, Pusha T teamed up with Kanye West and the Vaccines made an unexpected classic

As amusingly unfiltered as ever, Allen embraces the sunny disposition of Afro bashment and British rap, and pairs it with delicate, bruised and often dolorous songs about her divorce – an affecting combination.

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‘Our crowd is willing to follow us around’: Club Chai’s DJs on the power of DIY nightlife

Delivered... Chal Ravens | Scene | Tue 19 Jun 2018 12:00 pm

The founders of Oakland’s diverse east-meets-west nights explain their inclusive, experimental ethos

Ask the two DJs behind Club Chai what type of music they play at their sweaty warehouse parties in Oakland, California, and you’ll be met with an awkward pause. There’s no easy answer to that question – which is one of the major reasons why Club Chai has struck such a chord with its ultra-diverse, thrill-seeking audience, from the artists and activists of its hometown to its swelling global fanbase.

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How we made Orbital’s Chime

Delivered... Interviews by Dave Simpson | Scene | Mon 18 Jun 2018 3:38 pm

The Hartnoll brothers reveal how their rave anthem was created for £3.75 in a cupboard under the stairs at their parents’ house

We made all our early music at our parents’ house in a cupboard under the stairs, just like Harry Potter. Each time we got a new synthesiser or sequencer, we’d be like little kids unwrapping a Christmas present. One of us would discover a new sound and the other would go: “That’s brilliant. Turn the knob!”

When we played Birmingham, audiences reacted like we were the second coming of Christ

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Private funeral held for Avicii in Stockholm

Delivered... Agence France-Presse in Stockholm | Scene | Tue 12 Jun 2018 1:41 pm

Ceremony for Swedish DJ, 28, attended by only his family and closest friends

The funeral of the Swedish DJ and music producer Avicii, one of the biggest stars in electronic dance music, took place in a private ceremony in Stockholm last week, his publicist has said.

The musician, whose real name was Tim Bergling, “was buried [on] Friday at the Skogskyrkogården cemetery in Stockholm”, Ebba Lindqvist said on Tuesday. “Only his family and closest friends were present.”

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The month’s best mixes: Eris Drew, Afrodeutsche, Sharda and more

Delivered... Lauren Martin | Scene | Tue 12 Jun 2018 11:00 am

In the first of a new monthly Guardian series picking out the best DJ mixes, radio shows and other musical ephemera, we explore Afrofuturistic UK techno and Colombian sound design

This is the first in a new monthly column that will look at new music beyond the usual round of albums and singles, sharing the latest DJ mixes, digital releases, radio shows, recorded conversations, documentaries on music and any other ephemera. The sheer volume of cutting-edge music online means that it can be, even for the most faithful digital trawler, a challenge to keep up – so I, along with Tayyab Amin on alternate months, will be skimming off the best bits. This month’s column features ecstatic rave breakbeats from the US, fizzing bassline bangers with big licks of Jamaican dancehall, Afrofuturistic UK techno, Colombian sound design, and more.

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