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Mix of the day: DJ Rashad & DJ Spinn

Delivered... RA - The Feed | Scene | Wed 1 Sep 2010 11:00 pm
You've probably been hearing a lot of noise surrounding Chicago's juke/footwork scene this year—here in the mix for XLR8R, two of the scene's biggest stars, DJ Rashad & DJ Spinn, blaze through 35 minutes of largely their own productions.

Zenhiser Total Tribal Drum Beats

Delivered... Electronic Musician | Scene | Wed 1 Sep 2010 8:54 pm
Comprising two sample packs, Total Tribal Drum Beats offers more than 120 world-class tribal beats per pack. Each tribal beat is supplied with and without kick drum; users will find that some of these drum beats have a stripped-down version to deliver just the right tribal groove to breakdowns or step downs.

Karma-Lab Reincarnated: Groove Nirvana

Delivered... Electronic Musician | Scene | Wed 1 Sep 2010 8:42 pm
This new set of 32 KARMA-fied combis for the Korg M3 and Korg M50 is priced at $32, and includes grooves and sonic textures in a wide variety of styles.

Roland Octa-Capture

Delivered... Electronic Musician | Scene | Wed 1 Sep 2010 8:39 pm
The Octa-Capture USB 2 audio interface is a 10-input/10-output device for computer-based multichannel audio production. Octa-Capture combines 24-bit/192kHz performance and proprietary preamp and streaming technology in a compact unit.

Roland Octa-Capture

Delivered... Electronic Musician | Scene | Wed 1 Sep 2010 8:39 pm
The Octa-Capture USB 2 audio interface is a 10-input/10-output device for computer-based multichannel audio production. Octa-Capture combines 24-bit/192kHz performance and proprietary preamp and streaming technology in a compact unit.

Globalnoize’s Blog 2010-09-01 18:50:19

Delivered... globalnoize | Scene | Wed 1 Sep 2010 6:50 pm

Come See The Do!

The Dø are coming!

First show of their North American tour is in a week at Mercury Lounge in NYC.

Full Dates are here.

Contests : Win a Pair of Day Passes to Bumbershoot and Some New ASICS Sneakers!

Delivered... info@filtermmm.com | Scene | Wed 1 Sep 2010 6:47 pm
Win a Pair of Day Passes to Bumbershoot and Some New ASICS Sneakers!

The 40th Bumbershoot, Seattle's Music & Arts Festival, is just a few days away. Taking place in the heart of Seattle at the 74-acre Seattle Center, this year's festival is bringing great acts like Bob Dylan, The Raveonettes, Neko Case, The Decemberists, and many more! There are also food vendors, an indie market, comedy, films, dancing, and tons of other little goodies to fill your weekend.

Oh you didn't get tickets? Well FILTER wants to send you there and get you a new pair of ASICS Sportstyle sneakers!

We're giving away 1 pair of single day tickets and a new pair of the ASICS Sportstyle sneakers of your choice, to 3 lucky winners! Each winner will then choose their sneakers at the ASICS World's Biggest Lite Brite underneath the Space Needle!

For your chance to be one of these winners, enter below!

Make sure you stop by the ASICS World's Biggest Lite Brite underneath the Space Needle to get your picture taken with the lite brite as a free keepsake!

Check out the full line-up and schedule for the 2010 Bumbershoot HERE.

Plan what sneakers you want to win here!


3 winners will be chosen. Each winner will receive 2 single day tickets to either September 4th, 5th, or 6th and will win 1 pair of ASICS Sportstyle sneakers of their choice to be shipped to them.

*Keep in mind, we are ONLY giving away tickets and the shoes, transportation and lodging are NOT provided! 

Enter now because this contest won't be around for long!

Enter at FILTERmagazine.com

Media : The Depreciation Guild, My Chariot

Delivered... info@filtermmm.com | Scene | Wed 1 Sep 2010 5:57 pm
The Depreciation Guild, My Chariot

A day in the life of a Japanese school girl seems pretty awesome, at least in The Depreciation Guild's video for "My Chariot" it does.

The shoegazey trio decided to just go simple by shooting a video in Tokyo featuring a pair of school girls frolicking around the city and just having a grand ol' time while the sweet sounding beats and light hearted vocals of the tune are pumping through your speakers.

"My Chariot" is from The Depreciation Guild's Spirit Youth which is out now.

Media : Mark Ronson & The Business INTL, The Bike Song

Delivered... info@filtermmm.com | Scene | Wed 1 Sep 2010 5:18 pm
Mark Ronson & The Business INTL, The Bike Song

The Warren Fu directed video for Mark Ronson's "The Bike Song" is, well, about bikes.

The video features Mark Ronson (sporting a sharp new blonde hairdo), Kyle Falconer, and Spank Rock performing their parts and riding bikes. There's more to the video, but you have to watch it to understand.

"The Bike Song" is from Mark Ronson & The Business INTL's upcoming album, Record Collection, out September 28th via RCA.

Dust off your old cruiser and enjoy!

BOSS Pedal Sketch: BOSS Stompboxes as Free iPhone Download

Delivered... Peter Kirn | Scene | Wed 1 Sep 2010 4:21 pm
collection_L detail_L edit_L drive_L list_L memo_L RV-5_L SD-1_L

The BOSS Pedal Sketch application, a free download today for iPhone and iPod touch, probably isn’t what you think it is – but it is a novel concept in mobile apps, and a sign of some of the new ideas to be explored.

If your first thought was that this is a handheld set of virtual stompboxes, as we’ve seen recently from the likes of IK Multimedia, you’d be wrong. (That’s okay, that’s what I thought at first glance, too.) Of course, as I’ve observed before, while these apps are cool for practice sessions, they’re no replacement for hardware – not until we have phones you can stomp on comfortably.

What BOSS Pedal Sketch actually is is a handheld, digital notebook for remembering your stomp setups. Find a routing and settings you like, and then record them on your mobile, down to where the knobs were. Use a mic (built-in on iPhone, or external on iPhone/iPod) to record audio and remember later what a rig sounds like. Take photos with the camera.

The result is – uh, how shall we say, this charitably – a bit specific. I can’t imagine a guitar player who exclusively owns BOSS pedals. Whoever you are – you, with BOSS sales posters you stole at NAMM pasted above your bed so you can stare at them – you’re welcome. Go enjoy. But I thought it was worth posting as a separate story because it is a unique idea. (I’m also assuming that’s why this wasn’t emphasized by Roland US in today’s announcements.)

That said, of course, I’d probably just make some quick notes in a mobile app like (my own personal favorite) Evernote. Many of those work on alternative platforms, too, in case you don’t have an iPhone. (Memo to mobile app developers: native is cool, but looking at the features here, this could also be a Web app.)

And it does raise some interesting questions, too, like the best way to provide handheld access to settings via MIDI or (ideally, for more futuristic devices) even wirelessly with Bluetooth. So, at least it’s free, and someone will use it, I’m sure, but I’m going to mostly take it as an indication of more useful things to come.

Via iTunes

Roland Round-up: A Mobile Juno Workstation, Realistic Piano Models, More

Delivered... Peter Kirn | Scene | Wed 1 Sep 2010 4:05 pm

axsynth harmonist junogi giback gaia_editor oscilloscope rd700nx junogi_recorder

Roland dropped a slew of news announcements today, from new keyboards to software. There’s a new JUNO-Gi, which takes Roland’s economical synth workstation and adds multitrack recording and BOSS effects. The virtual piano lineup has all been remade in the image of the V-Piano, with more realistic sampling tech. And there’s a set of offerings as broad as what we’re accustomed to seeing at trade shows, including one nice-looking harmonic stompbox.

Here are the highlights, focusing on what you need to know.

The JUNO that Records

A keyboard workstation, multitrack recording, and BOSS effects, mobile at just over a grand

The JUNO-Gi is the biggest headline here. Built on the JUNO-G, already a slimmed-down rendition of the Fantom in a much cheaper, more compact package, the Gi is a mobile, multi-function workstation at the recession-friendly price of US$1199. It’s a pretty complete all-in-one offering that manages to be cheap and mobile while still cramming in a lot of functionality:

  • Battery-powered option.
  • Built-in 8-track digital recorder (64 virtual tracks.
  • Dedicated mix faders, rhythm machine track, and recording onto a standard SD card (up to 32 GB cards.
  • Built-in USB audio and MIDI interface when you’re connected to a computer; SONAR LE bundled.
  • Rear-panel XLR mic (thank you, Roland!), guitar, and line inputs.
  • Built-in BOSS-GT guitar effects, vocal processing.

To me, the JUNO-Gi looks like a big winner for those who want an all-in-one keyboard workstation rather than a computer when they’re on the go, especially with the addition of real ports, faders, and guitar and vocal effects. And there’s definitely something to be said for that kind of distraction-free workflow.

For background, you can read my 2007 review of the JUNO-Gi’s “-G” predecessor for Keyboard Magazine; I lamented the fact that the “JUNO” name doesn’t really apply, but otherwise found an affordable, balanced keyboard with a friendly front panel. In fact, I really prefer these designs to some of the bigger flagships; to me, it’s like driving a sporty hatchback instead of a lumbering SUV.
Roland Juno-G [Keyboard]

I said at the time – really doubly true now with the addition of BOSS effects and multitrack interface and recording capability:

Despite its price and retro styling, the Juno-G really is a “Fantom-Xpress.” It’s got the processor and sound engine from the pricier Fantom-X line, minus some of the extra bells and whistles. You still get Fantom-class sounds, a multisampled grand piano, compatibility with Roland’s SRX expansion boards, onboard audio and MIDI recording and editing, lots of effects, and a powerful arpeggiator. That makes the Juno-G an unusually feature-packed workstation relative to other budget keyboards.

See also our CDM Q&A on the 2.0 update to the JUNO-G

Digital Pianos Go SuperNATURAL

The other story Roland is pushing is the switch of its digital pianos to a new set of sampling technologies it calls SuperNATURAL. It appears to be a big leap forward for Roland’s pianos, and given the success of the V-Piano, for digital pianos in general.

Roland boils down the technology to three techniques:

1. It’s 88 keys of stereo multi-sampling – no zones.
2. Via tech borrowed from Roland’s V-Piano, it promises smoother transitions between dynamic levels.
3. The decaying tone isn’t looped.

You can watch a video explaining the techniques. (Does anyone else find Roland’s promo videos seem like they fell through a time warp from the 80s? No matter – it’s how the piano plays that counts.)

Now, some of the comparisons Roland makes relative to software piano instruments aren’t quite as fair – a couple of instruments, through clever sampling and/or modeling, do get this right in software. But it is more unique in hardware.

There are four new digital piano products with SuperNATURAL sounds in them. Two of them you probably don’t care about; they’re geared for the home/education market and have notation views built into the music stand:

– I’m guessing CDM readers would rather get a keyboard they like and then prop an iPad on the music stand. (Or use this magical technology called paper.)

There’s also the FP series, with built-in speakers:
FP-7f couples the new sound tech with a redesigned keybed. It also adds looping and mic input and harmony effects as new features. US$2190, unless you want it in white, in which case it’s US$2299. Don’t ask.

The keyboard with the new tech most likely to appeal to readers of this site is this:
RD-700NX, the upgrade to Roland’s previous flagship stage piano. As with the FP, this model adds a looper, a vocal mic input with harmony effects, and a new “PHA III Ivory Feel-S Keyboard with Escapement” keybed. There’s also a new, larger LCD screen. US$2999.

The RD-700NX works nicely as a MIDI control keyboard as well as a standalone stage keyboard, so it could be one to watch. I’ll be honest: the Roland action on these keyboards, while solid, was never my favorite. I’m curious to see how the new action feels. And you really have to play simulated pianos to know if they’ve gotten the sampling tech right.

GAIA Editing Software

Part of the whole appeal of the GAIA SH-01 synth is that you work on the front panel and not in software. But I like what Roland is doing with the GAIA Synth Sound Designer – if, for no other reason, because it has an oscilloscope view so you can see the waveform. You can record and play back sound creations in Action Lists, a clever new way of working. And you can use it as an editor/librarian app for backing, organization, and storage – a category that made hardware synths more useful and has been sorely lacking.

d news: instead of providing the app for free, the software, released in October, will cost US$99. Given the GAIA’s mission of reaching out to new synth lovers, I’d rather see this bundled in box.

I’m finishing off an SH-01 review, complete with sound design tips, soon, so if you have any last-minute questions, fire away.

A new, multi-effect BOSS pitch stompbox

The BOSS PS-6 “Harmonist” pedal looks delicious. Effects include three-voice harmony, plus four pitch shift modes:

  • Harmony
  • Pitch Shifter
  • Detune
  • “Super Bend,” a brand-new mode with “shift,” “rise time,” and “fall time” (so, in other words, it’s a time-based pitch shifter)

US$241.50 in September.

More New Products

In other Roland news:
The AX-Synth is available in black, though at US$1449 list, you’d have to consider the more affordable AX-07 if you really need a shoulder keyboard. I’m finishing a review of the latter now.

The C-380 is a luxurious-looking, 2-manual modeled pipe organ. I want one, and an underground lair to go with it. (Yeah, sure, it’s the cliche, but I’ve always appreciated the lifestyle choice.)

Roland also has new CUBE-XL guitar amps, though I’ll try to examine those next to a similar announcement from Vox – it’s a good time to be in the market for inexpensive, busk-ready amps.

The Octa-Capture is a new high-res, USB 2.0 10-in, 10-out computer audio interface. Roland is going toward calling these “Roland” interfaces, instead of “Edirol,” and appears to be pushing the quality of these devices. US$699. Unfortunately, this illustrates that we need an updated USB class spec to support interfaces like this without drivers, at least from what I know; you do need the drivers to run this box, so no driver-free operation and no Linux support initially.

The BOSS ST-2 “Power Stack” is a compact pedal that simulates stack-style tube amps. US$162.

If any of this stuff strikes your fancy, let us know, and we can get questions answered for you.


Todd Terry’s weekend weapons

Delivered... RA - The Feed | Scene | Wed 1 Sep 2010 3:07 pm
The veteran New York DJ/producer explains the two sides of his DJing personality to Beatportal, and lets them in on ten of his current favourites.

Mount Kimbie tour North America

Delivered... Posted by Beatportal | Scene | Wed 1 Sep 2010 2:25 pm
Whatever you call Mount Kimbie's music—post-dubstep, folky future garage, warm-fuzzy-wave—they're bringing it to North America this month on a tour hitting nine major cities, coast-to-coast. In keeping with their unorthodox aesthetic, the duo's live show isn't your average exercise in tapping at the space bar. They incorporate guitars, live percussion, on-the-fly sampling, and even vocals, lending a welcome dose of spontaneity to their immersive, hazily psychedelic tunes. Check out their acclaimed debut album, 'Crooks & Lovers', and see the full tour schedule after the jump.

Watch this video on Beatportal

News : The Postelles Announce Fall Tour Dates Including Free NYC Residency

Delivered... info@filtermmm.com | Scene | Wed 1 Sep 2010 2:02 pm
The Postelles Announce Fall Tour Dates Including Free NYC Residency

It's sure been a wild summer for The Postelles. After finishing a tour with Interpol and taking a the first shower of the pigeon shit-storm in St. Louis with Kings of Leon, the New Yorkers are now heading back out for more tour dates this Fall (minus the pigeons). Amongst the dates include appearances at New York Fashion Week, Pop Montreal, CMJ and a month-long free residency for their hometown fans at Bowery Electric in New York City. Check out all the dates below, and pick up their excellent White Night EP (produced by Albert Hammond Jr.) on iTunes now.

The Postelles Tour Dates
5 Boston, MA - Northeastern University %
9 New York, NY - The Billy Reid Store &
18 Washington, DC - DC9 *
24 Allston, MA - Great Scott *
30 Montreal, QC - Bar St. Laurent 2 $$
6 New York, NY - Bowery Electric #
13 New York, NY - Bowery Electric #
20 New York, NY - Bowery Electric (CMJ Official Showcase) #
23 Chicago, IL - The Hideout *
27 New York, NY - Webster Hall **
29 Montreal, QC - La Sala Rossa **
30 Toronto, ON - The Mod Club Theatre **
2 Washington, DC - 9:30 Club **
3 Boston, MA - Royale Night Club **
4 Rochester, NY - Water Street Music Hall **
7 Fort Lauderdale, FL - Culture Room **
9 Orlando, FL - The Social **
10 Lookout Mountain, GA - Covenant College **
11 Atlanta, GA - The Loft **
13 Ashland, KY - Paramount Arts Center **
% w/ Manchester Orchestra
& New York Fashion Week Event
$$ Pop Montreal
* Headline Show
# Residency
** w/ Fun. and Steel Train

Focus on France: Cassius

Delivered... Posted by Beatportal | Scene | Wed 1 Sep 2010 1:00 pm
Beatportal presents a new series in which we take an in-depth look at a particular country or city, interviewing veteran musicians, rising stars, and record labels to find out what makes their scene special. To coincide we are releasing a compilation of French musical delicacies to download for free. Our first track is courtesy of our featured artists Cassius. The duo's members, Philippe Zdar and Boom Bass, established themselves in the early '90s as La Funk Mob, one of the few French acts on the legendary Mo' Wax label; Zdar is also his known for his role in Motorbass, one of the seminal French house acts. Cassius broke out in a big way with their millennial album '1999', a classic example of French house that sounds just as relevant 11 years later. They took it slow in the late '00s, but they returned last year with 'Youth, Speed, Trouble, 'Cigarettes', and this year, their re-released single '99' (remixed by Tim Green and Reset!) has helped them find a whole new generation of fans. Read on for Philippe Zdar's thoughts on what the scene was like in the old days, what went wrong with the "French Touch", and which French producers are setting Paris on fire these days.

Read more on Beatportal

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