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Moog Minimoog Voyager XL

Delivered... Electronic Musician | Scene | Fri 10 Sep 2010 11:47 pm
Designed in celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Minimoog, the Minimoog Voyager XL starts with the heart of a Minimoog Model D. Fat oscillators and warm Moog filters give it that Moog sound.

First Look: Minimoog Voyager XL, Now Official, is a New Monster

Delivered... Peter Kirn | Scene | Fri 10 Sep 2010 10:13 pm

The 40th anniversary of the Minimoog hits this year: that’s four decades since the original reshaped the very notion of what a synthesizer looks like. Moog Music has answered with a real beast. It returns the core of the Minimoog Model D, but with the Voyager’s stable oscillators, patch storage, signature X/Y touch surface, pot mapping, and MIDI control – all while retaining a 100% analog signal path, if you’re a purist. Just like the Voyager, that means some analog-ically good sound, without sacrificing modern convenience. (Yes, even the Minimoog’s original creators recall that working without patch memory was a huge pain.)

And then it gets, well … a lot bigger. There are 61 keys instead of the original 44, plus a touch-sensitive ribbon controller, so you get more octaves and control. (I’ve long loved having ribbons on a keyboard since I first tried one on a Kurzweil.) And in an unexpected departure, the all-in-one keyboard design is coupled with patching right on the front panel, a feature we haven’t seen in a major instrument since 1970s keyboards from the likes of England’s EMS.

With raw voltage to patch in or out, the XL allows new sound customization, and unique opportunities to integrate it with other analog gear. To route out to other gear, you get 20 CV outputs, covering the keyboard, wheels, LFOs, ribbon, and more, 3 gate outputs, and 3 4-way mults. You also get inputs: 10 CV ins for the oscillators, of course, but also mod, sample & hold, LFO rate, and more, plus 4 gate inputs for envelope, LFO, and S&H gate.

In short, Control Voltage is back. At US$4995, a lot of people won’t be able to afford the XL, but that’s little matter. The instrument we’ll be gawking at in centerfolds, that boys and girls will paste on their ceiling and dream about as they go to bed at night, will be analog. Sorry, digital.

And yes, this did leak out a little bit early, but this is now fully confirmed by CDM’s contacts at the Moog Music company. And since you may not want to put CDM, Synthtopia, or Matrixsynth under your pillow – that iPad could certainly disrupt your sleep – you’ll be glad to know that Keyboard Magazine will have a feature hitting newsstands soon.

More specs than you can shake a patch cord at – plus an “add to cart” button that could make you break into a sweat:
Minimoog Voyager XL @ Moog Music


61-Note Velocity Sensitive Keyboard with After-Pressure
Ribbon Controller with Pitch and Gate CV Outputs
Touch Surface Controller with X, Y, A and Gate Outputs
Stereo External Audio Input
Effects Loop Insert
2 Active Attenuators
4-Input CV Mixer
Lag Processor
2nd MIDI-Synced LFO
3 Four-Way Mults
20 Control Voltage Outputs
3 Gate Outputs
10 Control Voltage Inputs
4 Gate Inputs
2 Modulation Busses
Solid Oak Cabinet
Tilting Control Panel

And for a full-sized image of the front panel, enjoy:


Images courtesy Moog Music.

In/Out Preview: Sounds, Sights, Thoughts, and Free Protofuse Download

Delivered... IE-mAdmin | Events,Scene | Fri 10 Sep 2010 9:50 pm

Rosa Menkman (NL) re-imagines her digital self; part of the visual lineup for In/Out in New York next week.

What is essential or new to the craft of fabricating electronic music? Who are we, today, as digital artists?

As a certain natural sameness descends on some computer-based music performance as the medium matures, artists at gatherings like next week’s In/Out Festival push out toward the fringe. And like the shifting pixels in Rosa Menkman’s imagery, these events indicate an emerging – sometimes glitchy – self-image of a scene.

In/Out hits New York Friday, September 17 – Saturday, September 18. The workshops on offer attack convention head-on. Sarah and Lara Grant make their circuits out of felt, crocheted sensors, and other fuzzy, furry, soft things. Rosa Menkman, above, turns file formats themselves into a medium. (Rosa’s workshop description alone might blow your mind.) Philip Stearns makes digital circuits from the most basic of elements.

You can attend the festival for US$15-25 if you’re in the New York Area. Disclosure: I’m one of the artists playing. But don’t let that stop you. ;) Workshops and talks are mostly free.


But if you’re hiding out in New York on this 9/11 weekend or anywhere in the world, here’s a brief audiovisual portrait of this gathering of boys and girls and their work, as well as a crackling, humming track from Protofuse (France) for CDM readers, for play or WAV download via SoundCloud.

And wherever you are, they offer an opportunity for audiovisual reflection.

From Some of the Artists

Jeff Thompson (NYC) makes a cascade a lovely sounds, lit by flashlights, in a Texas Firehouse performance. Check out his collection of contact mics.

Stephen McLeod (Toronto), aka Island Dweller, turns frying an egg into a pulsing, ambient wonderland. (No word yet on whether Mimosa music might accompany; I think I may need to schedule a brunch and propose and duet.)

Music for Cooking: Eggs from Stephen McLeod on Vimeo.

Look out, keyboardists: using CV/gate control, drumsticks rule over musical input in the the work of jredsmyth/Smyth:

CV Gate Control – Drum Triggers – In/Out Fest 2010 from Jred Smyth on Vimeo.

<a href="http://jredsmyth.bandcamp.com/album/somewhere-between">Somewhere Between by Smyth</a>

Chromatic Textures by Unearthed Music, below, feeds layers of shadow and light as video feed into the Gestural Music Sequencer (available for Mac/Windows download), their real-time generative music software, for a fused audiovisual experience:

Chromatic Textures from Unearthed Music on Vimeo.

And for some dancing, here’s mtn (Making the Noise), a prominent creator from the monome community, making electronic collaboration by feeding his work through Lukas Johnson’s rig for additional sonic manipulation. From a performance at Boston’s Music Ecology:

mtn live @ music ecology Boston Part III from makingthenoise on Vimeo.

Workshops at In/Out show the range of perspectives on music technological technique, from bare-bones CMOS music to Brian Crabtree (of monome fame) talking about open source, from a future that looks like the spaceship-worthy Protodeck…

protodeck first demo from Julien Bayle on Vimeo.

…to one main entirely of felt. (See Lara Grant’s thesis blog for technical details, or Rhizome for a studio visit with sisters and makers Sarah and Lara.) It’s difficult to read online, but these things are absurdly fun to play.

This is, in fact, not creator Lara Grant, but our friend Lindsey Marcelle Case modeling, because felt sensor snakes are what we’ll all be wearing this time next year! More at Felt Signal Processing.

For more work by France’s Protofuse, here’s an extended live set:

protofuse at Apero Codelab #8 fest from Julien Bayle on Vimeo.

Finally, as promised, here’s a download for CDM of Protofuse’s Pulse:
Protofuse – Pulse by cdm

So, to sign up and buy tickets:

And stay tuned for more artist goodness and how-to’s right here.

News : Bear In Heaven Announce Fall Tour, Remix Record, New Video

Delivered... info@filtermmm.com | Scene | Fri 10 Sep 2010 8:05 pm
Bear In Heaven Announce Fall Tour, Remix Record, New Video

After returning from their string of European and UK show dates, Bear In Heaven are taking off for another short stint opening for Crystal Castles and then a US tour late fall. Joining the boys on tour will be Lower Dens, Twin Shadow, Sun Airway and Cloudland Canyon.

They have also remixed their acclaimed Beast Rest Forth Mouth album which drops next week will be packaged with the original full-length and is currently available in digital format.

Check out the tour dates and track list below and watch the video for "Don't Look Down."

The remix album arrives September 14th and can be downloaded here.

Continue reading at FILTERmagazine.com

DJ Q-Bert: America’s best DJ

Delivered... RA - The Feed | Scene | Fri 10 Sep 2010 8:05 pm
The wide net cast by DJ Times makes for a fascinating list of potential candidates. (The top ten included Steve Aoki, Wolfgang Gartner, BT and Jazzy Jeff.) But this year the mag's voters said the Invisibl Skratch Pikl is the finest of the 50 states.

News : Jamie Lidell Reveals More Tour Plans, Remix Stream, Tour Video

Delivered... info@filtermmm.com | Scene | Fri 10 Sep 2010 7:01 pm
Jamie Lidell Reveals More Tour Plans, Remix Stream, Tour Video

In support of his critically acclaimed album, Compass, Jamie Lidell is kicking off his second world tour this year!

Jamie has also announced that anyone who has pre-ordered a ticket for the tour, will get a special collection of remixes done by friends like Tiga, Micachu and tUnE-yArDs, as well as band mates Guillermo Brown and Andre Vida. All people who got pre-order tickets for shows Sept. 6- Nov. 20 will receive a download link on the day of the concert from the promoter.

You can listen to the tUnE-yArDs remix of "Compass" below.

There will be another Compass remix EP available for purchase in the fall with even more friends and collaborators so stay tuned!

Watch a "Life on Tour 2010" video and tour dates from Jamie below!

Get Jamie Lidell's Compass HERE.


Jamie Lidell - Compass (Tuneyards Remix) by Warp Records

Continue reading at FILTERmagazine.com

DJ Vinnie Esparza’s Friday Five

Delivered... globalnoize | Scene,This & That | Fri 10 Sep 2010 6:36 pm

Here it is! Your Friday Five!

One of the all-time funky classics.

I could listen to this Jamaican nugget all day long.

If you don’t love this, there’s something wrong with you. Just sayin’.

So much flavor, I just don’t know what to do with myself.

Does it get funkier than this? I don’t know. I just don’t know.

That’s it for this week! Have a great weekend! www.djvinnie.net

News : Hear Grinderman’s New Album In Full Now

Delivered... info@filtermmm.com | Scene | Fri 10 Sep 2010 6:29 pm
Hear Grinderman’s New Album In Full Now

Grinderman (Nick Cave's project) is about to release his second album, Grinderman 2.

The semi-creepy Australian rockers are on their way to appear in the states and have released a few videos to support the forthcoming release and now, you can stream the record in full at their Myspace.

Click HERE to check out the record!

Grinderman 2 drops September 14 via Anti-.

News : Broken Social Scene Lends Music To New Movie “It’s Kind of a Funny Story”

Delivered... info@filtermmm.com | Scene | Fri 10 Sep 2010 6:11 pm
Broken Social Scene Lends Music To New Movie “It’s Kind of a Funny Story”

Broken Social Scene has really been busy as of late. Lending some music to the Scott Pilgrim vs. The World soundtrack, re-releasing some of their old band's (K.C. Accidental) albums, currently touring their asses off, and apparently writing the score as well as a new song (with vocals) for an upcoming movie titled, It's Kind of a Funny Story.

The mental hospital drama/comedy was directed by Ryan Fleck and Anna Boden and stars Zach Galifianakis. BSS recorded a new track titled "Not at My Best" which leads the soundtrack which also includes White Hinterland, Pink Mountaintops, and the Damned among others.

The soundtrack drops September 28th on Rhino.

It's Kind of a Funny Story hits theatres on October 8th.

Track List:

Broken Social Scene: "Not at My Best"
The Damned: "Smash It Up"
The Wowz: "Happy Today"
White Hinterland: "Icarus"
Elden Calder: "Where You Go"
Mayer Hawthorne: "The Ills"
Method Man and Redman: "Da Rockwilder"
Pink Mountaintops: "Tourist in Your Town"
Maxence Cyrin: "Where Is My Mind"
The Middle East: "Blood"
Little Denise: "Check Me Out"
Rachid Taha: "Habina"
1Broken Social Scene: "Major Label Debut (Fast)"
Broken Social Scene: "Sweet Number One" *

* iTunes bonus

News : Gorillaz Reveal N.E.R.D. As Supporting Act

Delivered... info@filtermmm.com | Scene | Fri 10 Sep 2010 5:26 pm
Gorillaz Reveal N.E.R.D. As Supporting Act

Along with the slew of tour dates recently announced by Gorillaz, it has now been confirmed that N.E.R.D. will be opening the tour!

There has been a lot of wishful requests and rumors that the rap/rock outfit would be joining the animated bunch and now the Gorillaz have confirmed the match up along with Hypnotic Brass Ensemble, Bashy, Little Dragon, De La Soul, Bobby Womack, Roses Gabor, Bootie Brown, Kano, and Miho Hatori will be joining the tour on select dates.

Get your tickets here!

Continue reading at FILTERmagazine.com

Media : Maximum Balloon, Communion

Delivered... info@filtermmm.com | Scene | Fri 10 Sep 2010 5:20 pm
Maximum Balloon, Communion

Only a few weeks until Dave Sitek's self titled, Maximum Balloon album hits the shelves and Mr. Sitek has released another new track to get you pumped!

"Communion" features Karen O from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs lends her whimsical vocals on this track that is currently streaming on the Maximum Balloon Myspace!

Click below to listen in.

| Maximum Balloon - 'Communion' MP3 |

Maximum Balloon drops September 21st on DGC/Interscope.

Focus on France: Dan Ghenacia (Freak N Chic)

Delivered... Posted by Beatportal | Scene | Fri 10 Sep 2010 4:08 pm
One of the leading figures of Paris' '00s generation, Dan Ghenacia is a longtime resident of Batofar, the infamous club-in-a-tugboat on the Seine; he's also one of the masterminds behind Freak N Chic, a powerhouse label that's brought us everyone from local talents like Danton Eeprom, Seuil, David K, and Djebali, to international guests like Jamie Jones, Robert Hood, and Tolga Fidan. It would be hard to imagine the Parisian underground without Ghenacia, so he was a no-brainer when putting together our list of Focus on France features. To conclude our "Focus On France" free compilation our latest and final track download comes from Dan Ghenacia himself. Read on for his insightful perspective on the French scene.

Read more on Beatportal

Summer anthems tested by Avicii

Delivered... Posted by beatportrachel | Scene | Fri 10 Sep 2010 4:00 pm
Avicii serves up our next set of tested summer anthems. A sweet lineup from Swedish House Mafia to Robyn got crowds up and moving during Avicii's summer shows. Click through to check out the other tracks that made the cut.

Read more on Beatportal

‘Remember Love’ The Loveparade Charity Track

Delivered... Posted by Caleb Rakes | Scene | Fri 10 Sep 2010 4:00 pm
Beatport will host the exclusive retail release of the “Remember Love” single , a a special collaboration by Paul Oakenfold, Armin van Buuren and Paul van Dyk to pay homage, raise awareness and funds to support the victims’ families of the Loveparade disaster. “Remember Love” will be available under the collaborative name of DJ United on September, 11th, exclusively for two weeks on Beatport. The song, according to Oakenfold, is a true mix of the sounds of the three DJs/producers. Beatport and the artists will be donating all proceeds to charity.

Read more on Beatportal

Paris plans two massive towers

Delivered... electronic beats NEWS as RSS-Feed | Scene | Fri 10 Sep 2010 2:33 pm

Three days ago Foster + Partners released their first video scheme for the Hermitage Plaza in La Defence, Paris. Dripping in class the futuristic skyscrapers gleam over the Parisian skyline. Imposing yet necessary they give Paris a much-needed modern feel.

Norman Foster revealed the plans on March 11, 2009 at MIPIM in Cannes, Frances and he hopes the two towers will be the tallest mixed-use towers in Western Europe at a monumental 323 meters (1,060 ft). The buildings are scheduled to start by 2010 and will likely be completed by 2016. Costing over €2,500,000,000 this modern wonder will have 93 floors, 534 apartments, 18 levels of offices, 201 hotel rooms along with other luxuries like cafes, restaurants, boutiques, and art galleries.

Sign me up cause I want a room immediately.

Be in awe below:

Hermitage Plaza from Uniform on Vimeo.

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