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Summer anthems tested by Luca Bacchetti

Delivered... Posted by beatportrachel | Scene | Tue 14 Sep 2010 8:40 pm
Luca Bacchetti offers up our next round of summer anthems that kept the crowds moving on the dance floor this summer. Click through to see which tracks made his list.

Read more on Beatportal

Deetron gets spanked

Delivered... RA - The Feed | Scene | Tue 14 Sep 2010 8:02 pm
Deetron talks house, techno, Swiss hip-hop, seminal US producers and starting his production career on a Commadore 64 with the Spank! Records blog.

News : School Of Seven Bells Release New Remix Track

Delivered... info@filtermmm.com | Scene | Tue 14 Sep 2010 6:26 pm
School Of Seven Bells Release New Remix Track

Indie-pop trio School Of Seven Bells are releasing their digital remix single "Heart is Strange" today!

The single is from the groups recently released sophomore album Disconnect From Desire. The single is four tracks including a UK edit of "Heart is Strange" and remixes of "Heart is Strange" by Pantha du Prince, "I L U" by Phantogram and "Dust Devil" by White Sea.

Download the new single HERE courtesy of Vagrant Records/Ghostly International.

You can catch School of Seven Bells on tour below!

Track List:

Heart is Strange (edit)
Heart is Strange (Pantha du Prince)
I L U (Phantogram Remix)
Dust Devil (White Sea Remix)


Continue reading at FILTERmagazine.com

Faderfox 4midiloop: True, Four-deck, Four-effect Traktor Control

Delivered... Peter Kirn | Scene | Tue 14 Sep 2010 6:13 pm

Let’s face it: a lot of people ignore the four-deck features of Traktor. But for those who exploit that power, and who are willing to invest in a high-end, boutique design, here’s the controller for you.

Faderfox has long been respected for making boutique-quality MIDI controllers for DJing and Ableton Live performance. The previous Faderfox line, though, was restricted to compact devices focused on one task.

Now, enter a small-batch controller for simultaneous four-deck DJ control, specifically in Native Instruments’ Traktor Pro. While NI’s own Traktor Kontrol S4 has a “4″ in it, it doesn’t actually allow the simultaneous use of four decks without switching, preferring instead to reserve that space for jog wheels.

The 4midiloop is a different animal: no jog wheels, just an array of dedicated controls for all four decks and all four effects slots, a strong dose of German and Swiss aircraft engineering. (Really.) The resulting design, contained in a housing machined from a single piece of recycled aluminum, and built to exacting specifications from heavy components, is something unique. It’s all in a layout worthy of a 747 cockpit. And yes, unlike previous Faderfox hardware which had MIDI-only connections and required separate power, the new device is powered entirely by USB with USB communication with the computer.

Features, in a nutshell (see the full specs on their site):

  • 47 potentiometers for effects, nine rubber encoders for browsing, seek/scratch, 152 LEDs, and 166 push buttons. (Damn.) Four faders, “pro” crossfader. See the layout in action.
  • Ready-to use with Traktor Pro 1.2.4 and later on Mac and Windows.
  • 3.6 kg, even with all that metal.
  • USB class-compliant and bus-powered.

You pay for that quality – 1300EUR. Then again, count up the number of encoders and buttons, and that isn’t outrageous for a boutique-quality item. Preorder starts this month, shipping in October.

Here’s a quick preview, as well as a conversation with designer Mathias of Faderfox. I like that Mathias is opinionated about what a DJ controller should be – working with DJ Mole – and what his ideas reveal about the possibilities of different workflows and controllers, even as an alternative to NI’s “official” vision with the S4.

CDM: Let’s compare this to something like the Traktor Kontrol S4. Aside from the obvious lack of the jog wheels, where does the 4midiloop fit in – how does it differentiate itself?

Mathias: The difference to all available 4-deck-controllers is the fact that you have all possible controls for all 4 decks and 4 fx slots on the 4midiloop. So there are no limits and no necessary shift-switchings like on the other devices.

The S4 is a 4-deck-mix-controller with capability to control 2 fx slots and deck function of only 2 decks (simultaneously).
And of course these jogwheels — which I hate and which are unnecessary for techno and similar styles (my opinion).’

I simply use encoders for seek/scratch functions… it saves so much space…

4midiloop has no audio capability (on board soundcard) because my experience is that users mostly prefer to use their individual favorite sound card to have the perfect sound and latency.

The 4midiloop has more mixer controls: 4-band-EQ, key control, kill-buttons for each eq band, filter on/off, key
lock, 4 fx assign keys, cross-fader assign keys, dedicated master section and maybe the world’s best faders (Eclectic Breaks – Pro X Fade)

What would a typical setup look like with the 4midiloop?

You need only:
- laptop (MacBook recommended)
- 4midiloop
- A soundcard (simple NI Audio 2 DJ)
- NI Audio 8 DJ + turntable if you want to control by timecode vinyl
(scratch system, see youtube video)
That’s it.

No external power supplies! It’s completely USB-powered.

You don’t need any additional control gear because it’s an absolutely complete device. So you will find more and more new possibilities in Traktor Pro through this no-limit-controller, and the easy access to all possible functions in Traktor.

BTW, it’s no problem to reassign all controls (there are also shift functions on each control). So you can also use new functions in later versions of Traktor Pro, like the sample decks, etc. which will be taken over from the S4 in the future.

Regarding price: of course, it’s quite expensive, like other good mixer gear too (see Pioneer, Allen&Heath, etc.) But note that you get a handmade device which is produced in very
small lots in Germany/Switzerland. And there is no plastic (except the knobs)…

We working on a second version (black faceplate with gray buttons).

Here’s the video from January with DJ Mole:

And a high-res gallery:
4midiloop_angle 4midiloop_top 4midiloop_angled_big 4midiloop_pc 4midiloop_closeup 4midiloop_panel


Gaslamp delivers a killer new EP on Brainfeeder

Delivered... electronic beats NEWS as RSS-Feed | Scene | Tue 14 Sep 2010 5:34 pm

Please excuse the inexcusable pun in the headline above it was simply irresistible. However, it is true The Gaslamp Killer is about to drop a massive, killer EP on Brainfeeder in October.

The new five track EP entitled Death Gate is his first new music in a year, coming of course courtesy of Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder label. Describing the record, he states “Death Gate is about exploring the places between life and death, and the shattering of inner journeys that wait for us there.”

The EP features collaborations and guest appearances from Mophono, Computer Jay and a man who is undoubtedly one of the most interesting artists in electronic music right now; Gonja Sufi. For those of you who got the Gonja Sufi album, A Sufi and a Killer, which was in part produced by GLK will remember how impressive their collaborations can be.

We look forward to this dropping in October.


1. Fun Over 100

2. When I’m In Awe w/ Gonjasufi

3. Carpool Dummy w/ Mophono

4. Shattering Inner Journeys w/ Computer Jay

5. Monsterfromtheunderground

The Gaslamp Killer’s Death Gate EP is out 11th October on Brainfeeder.

New Compact USB MIDI Keyboards from Alesis, KORG, and a Plea

Delivered... Peter Kirn | Scene | Tue 14 Sep 2010 5:19 pm

The svelte compactness of a laptop poses a challenge for computer musicians: how do you play the thing? A typically-sized music keyboard kills the laptop’s portability and small footprint. That makes a compact keyboard a no-brainer.

This month, both Alesis and Korg have new compact offerings, each USB-powered, small, and cheap. And as a side note, I see a very different product opportunity not served by either one …but more on that in a bit.

Korg microKEY

Korg’s microKEY fits 37 mini keys from the microKORG XL and microSTATION into a USB-powered keyboard. I actually quite like playing the microKORG: the action and size could certainly be described as “toy-like,” but they’re consistent enough to be good fun. It’s a badly-needed product offering, because Korg’s otherwise terrific nano Series is marred by the awful keyboard, which offers few advantages over your laptop’s existing QWERTY keyboard in feel or control and has key caps that chronically fall off.

The microKEY looks much better:

  • 2.21 lbs, fitting into 22.24″ x 5.47″ x 2.13″
  • Driver-free operation, and two USB ports to turn the keyboard into a hub (nice)
  • Something fun to play right away: the M1 Le soft synth and Lounge Lizard Session, among other bundled “lite” software
  • Octave shift buttons
  • Pitch Bend wheel and Modulation wheel
  • November 2010, price TBD

The Korg also nicely trumps Akai’s LPK25, seen below. The LPK has mini keys, but only 25 of them. The Akai sports an arpeggiator and tap tempo, which is cool, but I expect most users would rather have pitch and mod. And while the Akai is USB-powered, it lacks the USB hub. I also really don’t like the feel of the LPK, personally, so I think the Korg bed wins out.

Korg microKEY

But wait — Numark/Akai/Alesis respond within days with their own offering!

Alesis Q25

The Alesis Q25 is more of a grown-up alternative to the Akai-branded LPK25. And it has wheels. Specs:

  • Pitch and modulation wheels, octave up and down buttons, and an assignable “data slider”
  • Class-compliant, bus-powered USB MIDI
  • Fall 2010 (maybe, say, November?), price… US$79

So, the Alesis is also absurdly-cheap. Instead of being ultra-compact as the LPK and Korg pieces are, it falls more into “very compact.” That may make it perhaps more of a rival for M-Audio’s Oxygen – minus the handy knobs and transport controls – than the Korg above.

I’m waiting on final specs on weight and size from Alesis; stay tuned, as I’ll update the story. (Follow us on Twitter for the latest.)

Alesis Q25

Which one would I choose? Well, as I said, if we’re going to go ultra-compact, I’d choose one that goes all the way and is fun to have around. While we don’t know the price, that means the Korg looks to me like the winner – I’ve got plenty of full-sized keys around, as do you, I suspect, so why not cram 37 little keys next to your desk? It’ll be just fine for playing fun little synth lines.

On the other hand, I can absolutely see some people picking the full-sized keys.

All bets are off until we see the actual models.

And what I really, really want isn’t here.

The Keyboard That Lives Only in My Head

I have no doubt that Alesis/Akai and Korg are dead-on in terms of what will sell well in the market. But indulge me for a moment: what if we had something really unique for more boutique interests?

I love the idea of ultra-compact keyboards. But “cheap” isn’t as important to me. The portable controller of my dreams would have:

  • Class-compliant USB (good so far)
  • A MIDI port, so it could be used with portable synths and not just computers. Don’t want to take up the space for a giant DIN? Why not use S-Video on one end, MIDI on the other?
  • Ruggedized construction: something that feels great and holds up to regular transportation, even if that adds to weight. (Now, let’s be honest – some of this is psychological. Plastic is a great material. Metal is more fun.)
  • A higher-quality synth action bed. (I need to check Fatar to see if they offer something in the two-octave variety that’d work.)

In other words, I’m actually asking for something more expensive – but something I’d buy once and use forever. And I want something that’d work with hardware, minus the computer. The market clearly wants cheap and light, whereas I want expensive and heavy.

I don’t think the industry is going to do it any time soon, which suggests what we really want is a DIY effort. Now, DIY keybeds are out of the question, but presuming you could order a reasonable quantity of beds and get custom casing, this otherwise isn’t impossible. And open, kit-based design means people could customize such things with novelties like ribbon controllers or tilt sensors.

The DIY community has thus far limited itself to mainly simple designs – the monome, gorgeous as it is, is just a light-up grid of buttons. Maybe it’s time for an open keyboard.

Keeping price down isn’t easy for the industry in big volumes; in small quantities, it’s a major, major problem. So how much would you pay for such a thing? And anyone want to comment on feasibility, or whether I’ve just lost my mind?

Oh, and in the meantime, yes, I’m sure a lot of those Alesis and Korg keyboards will sell. We’ll have a look and let you know how they are. So, feel free to comment on / ask questions about either the real-world or pipe-dream possibilities.

Is Shit Robot Tuff Enuff?

Delivered... RA - The Feed | Scene | Tue 14 Sep 2010 4:22 pm
Take a look at Marcus Lambkin's stop motion video for the new single "Tuff Enuff," lifted from his forthcoming album From the Cradle to the Rave.

Long awaited return of Model 500

Delivered... electronic beats NEWS as RSS-Feed | Scene | Tue 14 Sep 2010 2:30 pm

As the press release states, “not many single releases can be labeled as events, especially not in the ever homogenized techno world, but the first single from Model 500 in eleven years, and the first recorded by the new band line up is most definitely an event.” We here at Electronic Beats most definitely agree; this much overdue release is an event for sure.

Model 500 is of course the Techno super-group brought to us by legend and pioneer Juan Atkins and Mike Banks of Underground Resistance fame. However, now they have made some additions to this already stellar line-up by adding Detroit DJ/producer DJ Skurge to the mix along with longtime associate and established funk and techno producer Mark Taylor.

The "new" Model 500’s first release comes courtesy of another re-surging label, R&S Records who seem to be able to do no wrong at the moment. Their first release in 11 years, the lead track titled ‘OFI’ is classic Model 500 track, a slice of Detroit techno that only visionaries such as Atkins and Banks would be able to produce. The track is the kind of insanely funky electro-techno that Juan Atkins pretty much invented which also surprisingly features amazing vocals from Juan himself.

Furthermore, to celebrate this occasion Model 500 have agreed to give away a free track titles ‘Huseco’ which is in fact on the flip side of the release. The track can be downloaded here.



A2 OFI (Mad Mike remix)

B Huesca

Model 500 will release OFI / Huesca on R&S Records, UK on 13 of September.

Prins Thomas: All or nothing

Delivered... RA - The Feed | Scene | Tue 14 Sep 2010 12:10 pm
The Norwegian producer tells Dancity how he quit school before he graduated in pursuit of a career in music: "It's the one thing [music] that I'm really good at."

Mix of the day: Samo of Drifter Sthlm

Delivered... Stefski | Scene | Tue 14 Sep 2010 8:44 am


With us occasionally going all out in support of local talent, you can’t really blame us with Sweden being home to so much musical genius. Samo, an all around nice guy, has just started his new label Drifter Sthlm. This would be the third record label he sets off, all the while being the same age as certain pieces of my wardrobe.

Samo Dj  Never Too Much from Drifter Sthlm at Letsmix.com

Samo Dj Never Too Much from Drifter Sthlm at Letsmix.com.

He whipped us up a promo mix in support of the first release, due out on the label shortly. It features Swedish Grammy winner Aksel Friberg (of Hundarna Från Söder fame), doing crazy electro freestyle fanatics that’s sure to please anyone who’s ever consciously tuned in to Eli Escobar, DJ U-Tern or our homies Helsinki 78-82. If you’re looking for some dubbed out club records, vintage electronics and deep reggae, these are the joints.

DIY Detroit

Delivered... RA - The Feed | Scene | Tue 14 Sep 2010 8:05 am
Following on from the London Pirate Radio Exploration video earlier this year, Johnny Knoxville presents an upbeat film looking at the entrepreneurial spirit among the Motor City's young people. Carl Craig also offers his thoughts.

VIDEO: Panda Bear Live

Delivered... Spacelab - Independent Music and Media | Scene | Tue 14 Sep 2010 7:00 am
Panda Bear played out live on 9/11 at Governor's Island in New York.

Books Add Tour Dates

Delivered... Spacelab - Independent Music and Media | Scene | Tue 14 Sep 2010 7:00 am
They're touring in support of the album The Way Out.

Mogwai Move To Sub Pop Records

Delivered... Spacelab - Independent Music and Media | Scene | Tue 14 Sep 2010 7:00 am
Sub Pop will release their new album early next year!

Xiu Xiu Add More Shows

Delivered... Spacelab - Independent Music and Media | Scene | Tue 14 Sep 2010 7:00 am
Xiu Xiu have added more shows to their current massive itinierary, in support of their latest album Dear God, I Hate Myself.
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