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Knowledge is Power – UK Tour // AKALA

Delivered... sanjay kundalia | Scene | Tue 23 Oct 2012 10:28 pm
Taking hip-hop back from the corporate world, Kingslee ‘Akala’ Daley wages war on the mediocre rap industry with his diverse combination of influences including trance, folk, punk and soul. To celebrate his latest record, ‘Knowledge is Power’, AKALA will be touring six different location in the UK in November and spreading his knowledge and wisdom [...]

Media : LISTEN: Sami.The.Great Releases “Hear Me Now” Video And Audio (FILTER Exclusive)

Delivered... info@filtermmm.com | Scene | Tue 23 Oct 2012 10:13 pm
LISTEN: Sami.The.Great Releases “Hear Me Now” Video And Audio (FILTER Exclusive)

Iranian-American singer/songwriter, Sami Akbari, is the little lady behind the one-woman pop band sami.the.great. Inspired by the doo-wop ballads of the '50s and '60s, Akbari similarily uses her heart and soul and sultry voice to create some of the most driving and energy-boosting tunes to date.

Earlier this month, Akbari posted the imaginative music video for "Hear Me Now"—off her self-titled album released January 31, 2012 via Bold Love Records—full of mind-bending colors and glitchy effects. "Hear Me Now" is also up on the FILTER SoundCloud and conveniently located below, just for you. Though sami.the.great isn't on tour at the moment, make sure to listen to this legitimate powerhouse in the pop world.  

Enjoy at FILTERmagazine.com

Catch Mihalis Safras playing Beatport Live from the Berlin office this Friday, October 26th

Delivered... Ross Jackson | Scene | Tue 23 Oct 2012 10:00 pm
We're excited to announce that at 6 PM CET/10 AM MDT on Friday, October 26, Mihalis Safras will be stopping by to play our Beatport Live stream. Safras has a long history in the electronic music scene, and over the course of the last decade, he has established himself as one of the most consistent tech-house and techno producers around, releasing on labels such as Toolroom, Skint, Soma, Great Stuff, his own Material imprint, and many more.

News : LOOK: Neil Young To Answer Questions From Fans Via Twitter

Delivered... info@filtermmm.com | Scene | Tue 23 Oct 2012 9:33 pm
LOOK: Neil Young To Answer Questions From Fans Via Twitter

On Wednesday, October 24, Neil Young will answer questions directly from fans via Twitter as a part of their #LegendsOnTwitter campaign.

Young will answer questions tweeted to his Twitter handle @neilyoung with the hashtag #AskNeil.

Neil Young & Crazy Horse are also releasing a new album, Psychedelic Pill, on October 30. This album will be available for streaming on October 24 via NeilYoung.com.

Continue reading at FILTERmagazine.com

Watch Dirty Projectors – “While You’re Here” (video)

Delivered... Spacelab - Independent Music and Media | Scene | Tue 23 Oct 2012 8:30 pm
They have a new EP on the way soon titled About To Die, check out the first video.

Watch Paul Banks – “Young Again” (video)

Delivered... Spacelab - Independent Music and Media | Scene | Tue 23 Oct 2012 8:30 pm
Paul Banks from Interpol is out with a new album titled Banks and today he's released the video for the song 'Young Again.'

Watch The Raveonettes – “Curse The Night” (video)

Delivered... Spacelab - Independent Music and Media | Scene | Tue 23 Oct 2012 8:30 pm
The Raveonettes released a new video today for the song "Curse The Night," off of their latest album Observator.

Remix A-Trak & Zinc, Guy Gerber, Boys Noize, PeaceTreaty, and Thrill Kill Kult for a chance to win some huge prizes

Delivered... Ken Taylor | Scene | Tue 23 Oct 2012 8:00 pm
Beatport Play is off and running with another slew of remix contests for the month. Four tracks from five awesome artists have been made available for your steady hand to remix, and with them, naturally, comes a host of amazing prizes.

Andy Stott’s Luxury Problems

Delivered... RA - The Feed | Scene | Tue 23 Oct 2012 6:02 pm
The Modern Love producer talks to Pitchfork about quitting his day job, his live show and the origin of his new album's title.

Staff picks from Theo Parrish, The Invisible, Kyson, Vesicle, and more

Delivered... Beatport News Editors | Scene | Tue 23 Oct 2012 6:00 pm
Theo Parrish remixes The Invisibles, plus a Vesicle reissue and plenty more in today's On Rotation segment, which compiles our expert team of merchandisers’ and editors’ favorite picks of the week.

Giorgio Moroder Rarities Free on SoundCloud; The Most Interesting Electronic Man in the World?

Delivered... Peter Kirn | Artists,Scene | Tue 23 Oct 2012 5:47 pm

“I don’t always make music by the pool, but when I do, I use Roland.” Like a boss: Giorgio Moroder.

He’s been called the father of disco. He has Oscars for Top Gun, Flashdance, and Midnight Express. (Impressive with or without Oscars.) And he scored the epic of 80s youth childhood, The Never-Ending Story – and the original Battlestar Galactica. He’s worked with Bowie, and Freddy Mercury, and Blondie. He’s a pioneer in composing for electronic music, but he’s also earned honors for automotive engineering, with a hand in developing his own 16-cylinder sports car. Even the man’s mustache is legendary.

Giorgio Moroder is obviously a very smart man. And so he’s smart enough to use SoundCloud to earn yet more fans, to circumvent the tangles of obscurity and get rarities and remixes out into the world. Okay, it’s not quite on the level of squeezing out new levels of Italian automobile performance, but smart people are smart enough to do the obvious, too.

Let’s give the goodness a listen, shall we? Streaming only, but – okay, Mr. Moroder, let’s see your move for physical and download distribution next. And hirsute facial hair care. Because, I’m not joking: you’re one of our heroes.


Like Giorgio on Facebook to enjoy more from this artist – like some of the images I just can’t resist featuring here.

He has his own car. And apparently, two chefs to go with it. Yes, he’s Italian.

Cooler than Superman.

Cooler than, groovier than, and 100% more alive than Einstein.



Court of Appeals Overturns Case Questioning Lending Practice of Taking Security Interest in Proceeds of the Sale of an FCC License

Delivered... David Oxenford | Scene | Tue 23 Oct 2012 4:09 pm

An uncertainty for the broadcast lending world was by removed by a decision of the US Court of Appeals issued last week. In 2010, a US District Court considering the bankruptcy of Tracy Broadcasting Corporation ruled that a security interest in the proceeds of the sale of a broadcast license could not be enforceable after a bankruptcy action had commenced unless the sale agreement had been signed prior to the bankruptcy – a situation that almost never occurs. As the FCC forbids taking a security interest directly in an FCC license, the practice of lenders for over 20 years, based on past precedent of the Commission, is to secure their loans by a security interest in the proceeds of the sale of the license. When the Tracy case was decided by the District Court, many lenders expressed their concern as to whether that long-standing precedent was still valid. We wrote about the Tracy decision and how it had been rejected by other courts as its reasoning was inconsistent with the prior FCC precedent.

Last week’s decision of Court of Appeals directly overturned the District Court decision.  The Appeals Court looked at the District Court decision, and the economic reality of the situation, and determined that a security interest in the proceeds of the sale was indeed enforceable after bankruptcy, even if the sale agreement did not come into being until after the bankruptcy petition had already been filed. The District Court had looked at certain provisions in the bankruptcy code providing that a creditor could not acquire a security interest in property or rights that arose after the bankruptcy proceeding had commenced. The District Court reasoned that an interest in the proceeds of the sale of a license could only arise after a sale agreement was signed and approved by the FCC. Thus, if the sale and FCC approval did not occur until after the bankruptcy, the rights to the proceeds did not arise until after the bankruptcy, and thus there could be no security interest in the proceeds of that sale. The Court of Appeals rejected that reasoning.

The Court of Appeals looked at prior FCC precedent, and determined that, while a creditor could not take a security interest directly in the FCC license itself (i.e. the rights to the operate a station on a particular frequency), the FCC did not prohibit a creditor from taking a security interest in the economic value of a station. A security interest in the license itself would allow the creditor to foreclose on a license, bypassing the required FCC approval process. But the rights to make money from the license are clearly property interests, the Court reasoned, as the sale of these economic rights allow a broadcaster to make money from selling a station. Under the District Court’s reasoning, the Court of Appeals concluded, if there were no property interests in the economic value of the station’s operations until the FCC approved the sale of a station, a licensee would never have a binding contract to sell the station until after the FCC approved the sale – as the licensee would have no property right to sell until that time. Clearly, such a result is absurd.

The Court found that the private rights and interests in the value created by the licensee’s use of the airwaves are permissible under FCC policies. These rights in the economic value of the license exits even before a sales agreement is signed, and can be the subject of a security agreement under FCC policy. The Court reasoned that the security agreements might better be worded to specifically state that the interests are in the economic interests in the stations (including proceeds of a sale), but that the language that the security interest was in the proceeds was clear enough to convey the rights claimed by the creditors in this case. As these rights exist before the bankruptcy whether or not any sale agreement exists, the filing of the bankruptcy does not change the rights that the creditor has to these economic interests.

The Court also looked at the FCC intent in adopting these policies. Finding that the FCC wants to encourage economic investment in the broadcast industry, it found the FCC’s logic that a security interest in the proceeds of a station license is permissible made sense, and was within the Commission’s discretion as the expert agency charged with interpreting the Communications Act.

This decision is important one for all broadcasters as it assures lenders that their security interests in fact give them rights that they can enforce in the event that the economic fortunes of a borrower-licensee do not turn out the way that everyone expects when they first enter into the loan. Financing for broadcast acquisitions has been hard to come by in recent years, and a decision upholding the District Court decision could have made not only lender financing difficult, but also sales where the Seller holds a promissory note, an increasingly popular form of station sale in the last few years. This Court decision looked at the reality of the business process – and provides a very welcome decision for the broadcast industry.

Depeche Mode’s European tour, Obama’s supposed obsession with Fools Gold, Scuba’s podcast, and a moment of Zen metronomy

Delivered... Ken Taylor | Scene | Tue 23 Oct 2012 4:00 pm
There's a fair bit to ponder in today's news: Is President Obama really into A-Trak's Fool's Gold label? Who's more important in the DFA game—James Murphy or Jonathan Galkin? And what's the sound of 32 metronomes chiming? Well, we've got answers for you, so read on.

Watch Lee Ranaldo – “Stranded” (video)

Delivered... Spacelab - Independent Music and Media | Scene | Tue 23 Oct 2012 3:00 pm
Lee Ranaldo might have been part of Sonic Youth in a former life, but right now the Lee Ranaldo band is all over the world on a tour. They've just released the video for the song "Stranded," which was directed and shot by Kelly Jeffrey.

Frightened Rabbit Have a New Album Coming

Delivered... Spacelab - Independent Music and Media | Scene | Tue 23 Oct 2012 3:00 pm
It will be the follow-up to their recently released State Hospital EP, and they're working with producer Leo Abrahams. Find out more and watch an interview.
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