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The Godfather of E-Music

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The Godfather of Electronic music


You have probably heard his music in cartoons. You have probably heard most of his stuff from his jazz “quintette“. But, Raymond Scott is the Godfather of Electronic music.

He created some of the first electronic instruments including the polyphonic sequencer and “The Electronium” which uses artificial intelligence to compose music.

Berry Gordy heard about the Electronium and went to see it in action. Apparently he was so impressed that he hired Scott as the head of Motown’s Electronic music and research department. Which only lasted 6 six years

After hearing some of his music it is easy to see that he was a pioneer in the electronic music field and just as easy to see his influence on musicians such as Daft Punk, Justice, Devo (and thusly Mark Mothersbaugh), J Dilla, and many others.

(Source: 14th Jan 2008 – 24 Lost Heroes)


120 Years of Electronic Music
The “Electronium” and “Electronium Pi” (1950)
The Electronium
The Electronium was designed by René Seybold and manufactured by the German company Hohner GmbH in Trossingen, Germany, from 1950 onwards. The Electronium was a monophonic electronic instrument resembling an accordion. The Electronium had a 41 note keyboard with keys or buttons and 16 ‘registration tabs’, the overall volume being controlled by the ‘bellows’ of the instrument.
Source: www.raymondscott.com

Source: www.raymondscott.com

Electronium Pi
Electronium Pi was a keyboard controlled electronic instrument with 20 stop-tabs for divide-down synthesis. The Electronium Pi had a three octave range, transposable up or down within six octaves, controlling a single vacuum tube oscillator.The Electronium Pi was used in music concerts as an add-on for piano players and was much used throughout the 1950’s in germany for both light and serious music. The Electronium Pi was used by several german Avant-Garde composers, Karlheinz Stockhausen used various Electronium models on “Telemusik” and “solo”(1952-6) and later on “Kurzwellen” (1968), These pieces being performed by his own group with the pianist Harald Bojé playing a modified standard Electronium.
(Source: http://120years.net)

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