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Contributors ( Authors/Publishers )

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Indian E-music is part of the promotion initiative IMC - India meets Classic. It's idea was created in 2008 following the broadcasting of IMC's 1st regularly (monthly) radio show for Indian Classical Music (Hindustani, Carnatic) with different formats (e.g. Raga CDs of the Months, StudioTalk, FestivalReport).

The promotion initiative IMC - India meets Classic and it's media projects (IMCRadio.Net, Indian E-music) are non-commercial by their nature and should be understood from its supporters, partners and listeners mainly as a social project (part of the concept of the new EURETEC Foundation (NGO)) and less as pure entertainment formats.

As the radio programme can be followed by our listeners since August 2007 worldwide via Internet Radio and is broadcasted via IMC's home channel TIDE (Tide 96.0 FM + Tide TV) which is settled as 'Civilian Radio' on the new Media Campus Finkenau (with a total investment of more than 30 mio. EUR) of a private-public University for Journalism, Media Management and Film (HMS - Hamburg Media School) in Hamburg, North Germany. Have a look at some photos here how our new media building and studios look like we moved into in 2009.

By contracting all radio shows underlie the control and steady supervision of the German Federal Government and media law to keep it's status as "public radio" regulated by public-law (which is very different to private/commercial radio). For it's cultural journalistic work IMC OnAir (IMCRadio.Net) and Indian E-music follow strictly the German Press Code. In 2008 the Tutzinger Ethic Appeal for "Fair Radio" had been undersigned.

We cannot thank enough all participants who enable this project as IMC OnAir / IMCRadio.Net and Indian E-music target to establish therapy programmes (e.g. music therapy) for disabled persons mainly out of social weak classes with specific psychological diseases. Herefor we need cost free support in many different forms, e.g. by music labels delivering us new releases (CDs, DVDs)  same private collections, artists who give us their time for interviews (as it is called for IMC OnAir as special feature "StudioTalks"), publishers (as content delivery services), technical supporters  (IT, database, hosting), programmers, knowledge communities (music sciences, ethnologists...) etc. etc. etc. ... the list would be endless to name all who already supported IMC - India meets Classic during the last half decade since it's beginning in January 2005.

Many thank's from side of the founder/initiator ElJay Arem who is appreciated that a 1st idea/inspiration he was given in autumn 2004 by a European TV documentary on Arte TV about Ravi Shankar (Sitar) and Indian Classical music on it's own which was implanted since he visited as teenager a live concert of John McLaughlin (founder of The Mahavishnu Orchestra, Shakti) in 1981 all progressed steady and continuously.

The project IMC - India meets Classic is still in it's beginning as the thematic Indian Classical Music as the eldest till today existing music system in the world is a tremendous challenge to be understood under the aspects of globalisation and fulfilling the demands to promote an inter-cultural dialogue between South Asia/India and Europe which is central part of the self given policy.

In the future IMC - India meets Classic needs for the steady growth rate (doubling every 6 month) much more technical, financial support and human ressources for expanding the capacities to cover all segments with competences. - Therefore don't hesitate to contact us if you can identify with the main targets. Feel free to write an email and introduce yourself shortly and let us know what you think you can do for IMC - India meets Classic. - Or take the chance now to donate here.

Here is a list of all our technical supporters... and same we thank all contributors (publishers, writers/authors) listed here from A-Z who help us to make this web project of Indian E-music attractive to the users/listeners by unique content...

Enjoy listening to good music ! - Let's Vibe !

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