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Josh Wink: Why the Acid House Spirit Lives On

Delivered... Jack Tregoning | Scene | Wed 18 Mar 2015 3:24 am

There has been a constant debate in electronic dance music circles about new DJs and producers not knowing about the history of DJing or the inception of the music. The question is – do they really need to know?

Do you know the background of acid house music? Do you care? Beatport asked me to write about ‘Why the Acid House Spirit Lives On.’ After thinking about it, I felt awkward writing several paragraphs about why I simply love this genre, or why I think it is still relevant today.

Acid house as a musical style has had such a profound effect on me as a producer and a DJ that I felt that it was my responsibility to share some words on how I found acid house – or how acid house found me. I also wanted to share some of my favorite compositions at the time, as well as those that helped express my feelings of the movement.

The acid house movement took shape in the UK in 1988 during what was regarded as the ‘Summer of Love’ and fueled by music being produced by artists from the Chicago house scene. I did a little research into why it was called ‘acid’ and it’s a bit vague. Some say because of LSD (acid) taken while listening to the music, or some say it’s simply how the Roland TB-303 synthesizer (used in making the music) was described.

TB-303 The iconic Roland TB-303, the piece of gear that’s been there since the start.

Whatever the reason for the name, the modern-day disco hippie of the Summer Of Love – complete with baggy neon-colored clothes, smiley faces and whistles – was born. Dark clubs with fog machines and psychedelic visual projections were the new haunting grounds for this emerging musical style and culture. This was documented in magazines and the hype and exposure spread across the world, eventually finding its way to me, in Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly love.

I can’t remember what song I heard that made me fall in love with acid house, as I believe it was both the movement and the music that got me hooked. I was unable to get into clubs or bars due to the age restriction, so at 18 I got a job at a club called Memphis in 1988 being a bar back as a means to get into the  nite-clubs that played the music I loved.

During this time I was also working as a bicycle messenger and met a fellow kindred sprit named Blake, who also happened to be a DJ. We instantly became friends. He was six years older than me and was part of the club music scene in Philly. We used to talk every day about life and music in between delivering packages. Strangely enough, we were both mentioning articles we read on acid house in UK publications like NME and iD.

nmeacidcrackdown The infamous cover of UK music magazine NME from November 19, 1988.

During one of our conversations, he told me that he knew the bouncer at a venue called The Bank, which was hosting a new night called “Revelations” (or known as Acid House Wednesdays). It was a weekly party thrown by two DJs, Jett and Stefan, who instantly became my inspiration for learning and going deeper into this new alluring sound. Blake was confident his friend could sneak my underage self in, due to the fact I was working at Memphis. Immediately I was ready and psyched and couldn’t wait to experience this music.

After being snuck into the club, I was instantly hit with it all. The movement and spirit of acid house struck me at full force. A huge 14-foot-high neon painted black lite TV was constructed on the dancefloor, allowing people to dance inside. Elementary single red and green lasers shot through the air, zig-zagging in and out of the crowd’s frantically moving hands, trying to touch the beams. I was lucky to see at all due to the countless strobe lights and dense fog infinitely pouring out of who knows where.

Then there were the day-glow smiley faces, Timothy Leary-quoting artwork on walls, painted dancers, racially and sexually mixed clubbers and psychedelic eye candy everywhere. Then there was the music! I was in love. I was inspired and moved, and I said to myself, “This is the music I want to make.” This was one of my musical epiphanies and it’s clear as day in my memory. I wanted to make and DJ this form of music.

Now I had been DJing for several years already – buying, collecting and spinning all kinds of music from hip hop to house, from New Wave to reggae and from soul to alternative and pop. I craved it all. Diversity. In my mind – then and now – good music is good music, regardless of the genres or labels given to it.

So, I was familiar with Chicago house music in the mid ‘80s, from artists like Frankie Knuckles, Lil’ Louis, Marshall Jefferson, Mr. Fingers, Shep Petibone and Virgo. Then there was this new mutation of house music pioneered by the Chicago producers Phuture (who are credited for making the first acid house record broken and championed by the legendary Ron Hardy, the DJ from the Muzic Box). Hopefully this inspires you to get online and do some research and go deeper into the history, as I imagine you can get more accurate information than my accounts.

I would like to share with you some of the tracks, labels and artists that metaphorically planted the seed in me. These tracks guided and influenced me, into who I am today, as a DJ and as a producer. Tracks that were played indirectly to an 18 year old who was snuck into Acid House Wednesdays.

I was first inspired by the originators in Chicago and then motivated by the English producers who took the sound and gave it their own twist, creating a worldwide phenomenon with its own fashion, culture and global movement.

Chicago producers like Phuture, who gave us “Acid Tracks” and “The Creator”; Armando with “151” & “Land of Confusion”; DJ Pierre’s “Box Energy”; Sleezy D’s “I’ve Lost Control”; Adonis’s “No Way Back” & “The Poke”; Spanky’s “Acid Bass”; Farley Jackmaster Funk’s “The Acid Life”; Mike Dunn’s “So Let It Be House”; Jack Frost’s “Clap Me”; Bam Bam’s “Give It To Me” & “Where’s Your Child”; Robert Armani’s “Ambulance”; Ten City’s “That’s The Way Love Is”; Mr. Fingers’ “Acid Attack”; Gherkin Jerk’s “Acid Indigestion”; Maurice’s “This Is Acid”; Chip E’s “Time to Jack”; Steve Poindexter’s “Work That Motherfucker”; Tyree’s “Acid Thunder” remix & “Acid Crash”; Fast Eddie’s “Yo Yo Get Funky”; LNR’s “Work It To The Bone” and Mr. Lee’s “Pump Up London.”

The list can go on, as there are countless gems and tracks I played and own. However, these are some of my ‘Chicago acid house anthems’ and tracks that I heard non-stop in Philly. These tracks were released on the smallest – yet most influential – independent labels in Chicago. Labels like Trax, DJ International, Underground Records, Bam Bam’s Westbrook Records, Armando’s Warehouse Records & Musique, and Jesse Saunder’s Dance Mania Records. Once again, there are more, but this is simply what I recall and those that clearly influenced me.

DANCE MANIA 24 classics from seminal Chicago label Dance Mania featured on this 2014 compilation.


During that time all of these artists and labels traveled by the power of vinyl distribution to the world, being championed by the mighty island of England, where they were energized to make their own form of acid house.

This new sound also had an influence on me, especially Baby Ford’s “Oochy Koochy” & “Chikki Chikki Ahh Ahh”; 808 State’s “Pacific,” “Flow Coma” & “Let Yourself Go”; A Guy Called Gerald’s “Voodoo Ray” & “Tranquility on Phobos”; D-Mob’s “We Call it Acieeid”; Humanoid’s “Stakker Humaniod”; Longsy D’s “This is Ska” & “Dance Fever”; The Garden of Eden’s “The Garden of Eden”; S-Express’s “Theme From S-Express” and Adonis & Charles B’s “Lack of Love.” UK labels like Rhythm King, FFRR, Desire Records, Creed and Rham were all influenced by the Chicago visionaries. Truly amazing.

Quickly the music spread and influenced producers and labels in Europe where DJ Miss Djax who operated Djax Records in Holland started licensing and signing Chicago originators like Mike Dunn, Steve Poindexter, Armando and Ron Trent. The sound grew and grew and progressed. As the music became more popular, many of the artists were getting signed to major labels, capitalizing on the acid house craze.

It then came back to the USA and influenced New York City – labels like NuGroove, Idlers, Underworld Records, Warlock, Vendetta, Fourth Floor Records, Cutting Records, Breaking Bones, and artists like Todd Terry, Frankie Bones, Lenny Dee and MAW. The sound then squelched its way to Detroit’s Techno City on Derrick May’s Transmat label as well.

WINK_20TO20COVER The cover of Wink’s 2003 album was all about the acid.

The cause for all this acid house ruckus is due to Roland Corp, a Japanese electronics company that for two years made 10,000 of these TB (transistor bass) 303 bassline synthesizers boxes, which were marketed for guitarists who wanted to practice guitar without a live bass player to backup. The units flopped as their original marketed intended use. Yet the 303 magically found its way to Chicago house producers, who made a terrific rendition of what the 303 was meant for.

I would love to plunge further in the archives of how the sound advanced, mutated and developed into the 90s and 2000s and who carried the acid house torch, but I won’t. I will leave this up to you. I implore you to find out, as the history of the ’90s and 2000s is the continued diaries of why acid is still relevant today. The spirit of the original acid house movement was never lost.

In closing, I go back to the initial premise of this piece: ‘Why The Acid House Spirit Lives On.’ Thinking about it now, I guess it was so difficult for me to describe, because to me acid has never left. The spirit still lives happily inside me, ever since that momentous Wednesday night in 1988.

Stream music from Josh Wink on the all-new Beatport

HARD Drops a Red Rocks 2015 Lineup Worthy of the Location

Delivered... Krystal Rodriguez | Scene | Tue 17 Mar 2015 10:58 pm

Gary Richards just doesn’t take a break. If he and the HARD crew didn’t already have a full itinerary with their Miami Music Week parties, ‘Go HARD’ North American tour and their premier festival HARD Summer, this next addition is making for a super-busy event season.

HARD’s just announced their third annual get-down at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Morrison, Colorado, and they’ve brought the perfect cast for the occasion. Dog Blood, Skrillex’s other side-project with Boys Noize, has been called upon to headline the festivities along with The Glitch Mob, Porter Robinson (who will perform live), Branchez, Colorado native option4 and Richards himself as Destructo.

HARD Red Rocks 2015 goes down on July 30, just days before the party migrates to Southern California for HARD Summer. There’s no line-up for the latter just yet, but perhaps its event predecessor is just a taste of what to expect when Richards rolls into town.

Tickets for HARD Red Rocks go on sale here this Friday, Mar 20 at 9am PST / 10am MDT. [Red Rocks photo by Rukes]

HARD Red Rocks

Meet The Supermaniak, Dance Music Photographer At Large

Delivered... Nikki Volpicelli | Scene | Tue 17 Mar 2015 10:00 pm

In her alter-ego as party photographer at large The Supermaniak, Maria Jose Govea has seen (and shot) a lot. Since first picking up a camera in her native Toronto, Canada, she’s gone on to capture epic onstage moments from acts like Jack Ü, Flosstradamus, Disclosure, Major Lazer, Die Antwoord and many more.

In the first episode of our new Insider/Fan video series, we sat down with The Supermaniak to hear the raucous stories behind some of her favorite photos.

Needless to say, The Supermaniak has stories. She knows the pain – and thrill – of being kicked in the face by Die Antwoord’s Yolandi. She captured all the craziest moments aboard Diplo‘s Mad Decent Boat Party cruise, including Skrillex actually sitting still. She was behind the decks for Jack Ü’s Madison Square Garden takeover on New Year’s Eve, caught a candid moment with Dillon Francis on his ‘Friends Rule’ tour, and much more.

Hit play below to hear it all first-hand from The Supermaniak, and head to her website to marvel at everything she’s shot so far.

10 Tracks That Ruled CRSSD Festival’s 2015 Debut

Delivered... Krystal Rodriguez | Scene | Tue 17 Mar 2015 8:29 pm

“The underground is alive and well in San Diego.” So said Pete Tong mid-set at San Diego’s new CRSSD festival, which saw the city’s Waterfront Park host two scorching days of dance music against a picture-perfect backdrop.

CRSSD aimed to bring a different type of festival experience to Southern California, eschewing big-room bombast to showcase genres like house, disco, techno and indie-dance. At other festivals, these sounds might be relegated to a side-stage or two, but here they were front and center, with artists like Maceo Plex, DJ Harvey, Hot Natured, Tensnake, Jamie Jones, Seth Troxler and more spread over three stages inside a stunning seaside venue that blew up Instagram feeds come sunset.

Of course, there were bound to be some growing pains for a first-year festival, such as stage sound-bleed and water shortages, but there was nothing that couldn’t be fixed for future events. Here are 10 tracks that lit up CRSSD’s crowds over its first weekend – and hopefully the first of many to come.

Damian Lazarus & The Ancient Moons – “Vermillion”

Damian Lazarus brought out his side-project, The Ancient Moons, for a performance on the ‘Ocean View Live’ stage that proved to be a highlight of CRSSD’s first day. To see the Crosstown Rebels boss in this element was a spectacle in itself, as all members were draped in mystical black and gold garb as they played through tracks off their forthcoming album, Message from the Other Side.

Their newest single, “Vermillion,” closed out the set on a high note with its deep, rolling bassline and singer Moses Sumney’s soulful vocals that had the audience hooked until the last note.

Imagination ft. Errol Kennedy – “Flashback” (Kon Remix)

Festivalgoers were treated to a set from Sarcastic Disco extraordinaire DJ Harvey on the ‘City Steps’ stage, where he brought back the golden days of dance with a ton of retro edits and shimmering melodies.

On Saturday, the sun was the sky’s disco ball as he served up basslines that had the crowd moving at a smooth groove; Kon’s swirling remix of “Flashback” by Imagination cooled things down as dancers broke out their fans and sultriest moves for the updated ’80s classic.

Toto – “Africa”

What sense would it make to hold a music festival in perpetually sunny Southern California and not invite the leader of the ‘tropical house’ charge, Thomas Jack? The Aussie was one of the event’s biggest draws, and he did his best to live up to the anticipation with a set that sailed through a variation of styles.

You really can’t go wrong with a classic like Toto’s “Africa,” and the setting sun made the moment even more impactful as the hook rang out across the grounds.

Jonas Rathsman – “Wolfsbane”

Pete Tong certainly knows how to play to the occasion, and at CRSSD he might have been expected to deliver summery house to fit the beachside vibes. We were surprised, then, to hear him bang out a set that skewed dark and more club-oriented, which proved to be more fitting as he ushered in the transition from day to night.

The resident tastemaker pulled out of one of his recent ‘Essential Selections,’ Jonas Rathsman’s new single “Wolfbane,” in all its driving glory and a brooding, electric energy that made his City Steps set one of the night’s hardest.

Tom Demac – “Beckett’s Racket”

Despite having an early-day timeslot, J.Phlip filled the dancefloor quickly with a heavy set that could have easily closed out the night. At times, the San Fran resident is somewhat overshadowed by her Dirtybird counterparts, but she shines behind the decks with her deep-dug arsenal of bass-heavy and acid-laced tracks.

Tom Demac’s “Beckett’s Racket,” off his freshly released Smoke Stained Ivories EP for Aus Music, really had the crowd locked in on a hard groove that warmed their limbs for the long day ahead.

Pleasure State – “Electricity”

The trio of MK, Lee Foss and Anabel Englund – collectively known as Pleasure State – were billed for a midday DJ set on The Palms stage, and while MK took over the decks for the first half, fans were delighted to see Englund join in for an impromptu live PA.

She threw back to Hot Natured’s live performance from the night previous with a rousing rendition of “Reverse Skydiving,” but it was Pleasure State’s “Electricity” that got the biggest response as she purred into the microphone while the crowd sang along.

Christian Piers – “Offf”

When one thinks of sunset-appropriate music, annihilating techno isn’t usually the first thing to come to mind, but Danny Daze made a convincing case for it on CRSSD’s second day at the City Steps stage.

After a day of more melodic fare, fans were raring to get a little crazy as they dove into Daze’s various selections of heads-down techno, and you could hear the collective expressions of awe as he segued into harder basslines and harsher sounds. The tangled hi-hats, rave-y synth scrapes and brutal knocks of Christian Piers’ “Offf” effectively pulled the sun out of the sky and ushered in night as Daze’s set screeched to a close.

Cowboy Rhythmbox – “Rattle”

One of the few B2B sets of the weekend pit Simian Mobile Disco’s Jas Shaw against Roman Flügel, and what a wonderful pairing it was. Following after Danny Daze on the City Steps, the two brought their A-game, incorporating acidic and crunchy textures into their meticulously mixed house and techno.

They brought out Flügel’s tried-and-true remix of “Idle Eyes” by C.A.R. to open, but it was Cowboy Rhythmbox’s “Rattle” that got the crowd going early on with its wacky vocals and automatic machinegun-like bassline. Peaktime music at its weirdest and best.

Seth Troxler & Phil Moffa – “Blue Rawls”

Another back-to-back set, Jamie Jones vs. Seth Troxler, drew one of the biggest crowds for the second night, and they played to the occasion with a banging selection of bass-filled tracks. They drew in crowds with Justin Martin and Ardalan’s “Mr. Spock,” and once they were locked in, Jones and Troxler got straight-up cerebral with trippy techno oddity “Blue Rawls,” Troxler’s collaboration with Phil Moffa.

To see the wide-eyed surprise on some faces in the crowd while taking in the opera vocals and menacing bleeps makes this track a winner for dark nights on the dancefloor.

Justin Martin & Ardalan – “Function” ft. PartyPatty

The title for ‘Most Played Track of the Weekend’ goes far and away to Justin Martin & Ardalan’s “Function” featuring PartyPatty, which got rinsed by Treasure Fingers, Jason Bentley (multiple times) and Martin himself as he closed out the weekend on ‘The Palms’ stage.

It’s been a certified party-slayer at Dirtybird’s 10-year anniversary parties with its earworm-y vocals and quirky synth stylings, and you can bet the same went for CRSSD as the audiences “woo”-ed with Ric Flair-like enthusiasm before shaking it to the bouncy bassline.

Duke Dumont Shares Full Vocal Version of His Hit “The Giver”

Delivered... Beatport News Staff | Scene | Tue 17 Mar 2015 6:45 pm

Duke Dumont surprised fans this week with a full vocal reprise of his 2014 smash single, “The Giver.” The UK house sensation and two-time Grammy nominee introduced the new version on his Facebook page: “Excited for you all to hear the full vocal version of this track which has been so huge for me over the years!”

Originally released last September on his breakout EP1, the full vocal version of “The Giver” recently made its radio premiere on Annie Mac’s show and will be released on June 21 in the UK. Dumont’s long-awaited debut LP is sure to follow later this year.

Hear Duke Dumont’s updated version of “The Giver” below and catch him stateside this month during the annual Miami Music Week festivities, where his schedule includes Pete Tong’s all-star pool party. Next month, he’s continuing on to both weekends of Coachella 2015 in Indio, California.

Play: Enter Rob Garza Feat. Sutja Gutierrez’s “Hide The Sunlight” Remix Contest

Delivered... The Beatport Team | Scene | Tue 17 Mar 2015 5:30 pm

As one of the founding members of influential Washington D.C.-based collective Thievery Corporation, Rob Garza helped to define downtempo music for an entire generation. During the late 1990s and early 2000s, the band culminated a vast array of musical styles including dub, acid jazz, reggae, Middle Eastern rhythms and Brazilian bossa nova into a signature sound all their own.

Now, the San Francisco resident has struck out on his own with a new label, releasing a promising debut solo EP entitled Palace Of Mirrors including the lead single, “Hide the Sunlight.” As the story goes, Garza originally met Tenerife local Sutja Gutierrez, the track’s vocalist, virtually through SoundCloud after he messaged him — a true testament to the kismet of the modern music industry.

“Honestly, I’m most interested in seeing how someone can totally reinterpret the song and still maintain its original spirit,” Garza said, commenting on what he’s looking for in a winning remix. “I’m very open minded.”

Ready to make your mark by being crowned our latest Play contest champion? Fire up the studio and get to work remixing Rob Garza’s ’90s new wave tech-feeler “Hide the Sunlight” featuring singer Sutja Gutierrez.

Enter our latest Play remix contest by April 13 for your chance to win our exclusive grand prize including a $1,000 Pyramind pro training voucher, a one-year LANDR Pro Unlimited online mastering subscription, a Sounds to Sample Elements library and an official release on Garza’s own imprint Magnetic Moon.

Don’t miss all the action in our other Play contests below:

Three more weeks to enter:
– Aristofreeks’ “Good Times” contest

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– Joris Voorn’s “A House” contest

One more week to enter:
– Gregori Klosman & Askery’s “Control” contest

Two more weeks to vote:
– Atari Teenage Riot’s “We Are From The Internet” contest

One more week to vote:
– Michna’s “Solid Gold” contest

Recent winner announcements:
– Congratulations goes out to 31-year-old Swedish producer Chris Edberg, who won Peaking Lights’ “Breakdown” remix contest with this upbeat electronic entry, and shared this about it: “The overall mood of the original was really cool. Some of the melodic parts resonated with me so I thought I’d re-contextualize it in a faster tempo.”

Richie Hawtin Announces 2015 CNTRL College Campus Tour

Delivered... Jack Tregoning | Scene | Tue 17 Mar 2015 5:07 pm

Back in the fall of 2012, techno ambassador Richie Hawtin set out on the ‘CNTRL: Beyond EDM’ US tour. The concept saw Hawtin and a rotating cast of his peers like Loco Dice, Josh Wink and Seth Troxler stop at colleges across the East Coast and Midwest to open new ears “the deeper side of electronic music.”

In 2015, CNTRL is returning with an expanded itinerary – and Beatport is very proud to be involved. From April 15-25 2015, Hawtin and co. will hit eight major college markets including the west coast, staging masterclasses and all-star parties along the way. Other acts joining the tour include Matthew Dear, Matador, Dubfire, Chris Liebing and Victor Calderone.

The centerpiece of each stop is a masterclass produced by Point Blank Music School, plus a discussion with Hawtin, DJTechTools’ Ean Golden and special guest speakers ranging from Blue Hawaii in Montreal to Grimes in LA. Check out the poster below for the full cast of artists and partners, then scroll further to see a city-by-city breakdown.

As Hawtin puts it: “I hope that people walk away from the CNTRL tour with a deeper understanding and appreciation for the individual creativity that each artist & performer puts into their own shows. We hope that some of the participants and fans will be inspired to take their next steps at trying their hands at their own creativity.”

[Article photo by Douglas Wojciechowski]


Wednesday, April 15
Berklee College of Music / Middle East Downstairs

Richie Hawtin
Matthew Dear
Ean Golden

Guest Speaker: Michael Bierylo, Chair, Electronic Production and Design – Berklee College of Music

Thursday, April 16
Penn State University / Levels

Richie Hawtin
Matthew Dear
Ean Golden

Friday, April 17
NYU / Webster Hall

Richie Hawtin
Francois Kevorkian
Ean Golden
Dantiez Saunderson

Saturday, April 18
Concordia / New City Gas

Richie Hawtin
Marc Houle (Live)
Ean Golden
Mateo Murphy

Guest Speaker: Blue Hawaii

Sunday, April 19
University of Toronto / Coda

Richie Hawtin
Marc Houle (Live)
Justin James
Ean Golden

Wednesday, April 22
University of Washington / Neptune Theatre

Richie Hawtin
Chris Liebing
Ean Golden

Friday, April 24
San Francisco State University – Music/Recording Industry Program/ DNA

Richie Hawtin
Chris Liebing
Ean Golden

Saturday, April 25
UCLA / Hollywood Palladium

Richie Hawtin
Chris Liebing
Victor Calderone
Ean Golden
Lee K

Guest speaker: Grimes

Hear Tiga, Dubfire, Luciano and More Give Tips For Producers

Delivered... Jack Tregoning | Scene | Tue 17 Mar 2015 4:18 pm

Skipping the regular formula of festival recaps, Igloofest in Montreal, Canada has followed its 2015 edition with a video aimed at burgeoning electronic music producers.

In this wrap-up from the team at LANDR, key acts from the lineup – including Panorama Bar regular Cassy, Montreal’s own Tiga, Get Physical duo M.A.N.D.Y., Cadenza boss Luciano and minimal techno maestro Dubfire – offer their tips to producers, from the importance of mastering to finding your own signature in the studio. Watch it below.

As you’ll see from what the DJs are wearing in this video, Igloofest is Montreal’s winter electronic music festival, stretching across four very chilly weekends in January and February. As well as the aforementioned artists, 2015’s lineup also included Loco Dice, Flosstradamus, John Digweed, Oliver Heldens, Joel Mull, The Gaslamp Killer and many more. It all goes down at the Old Port of Montreal, where the best way to stay warm is to dance.

Calvin Harris Gives Away an ‘Ultra 2015 Acapella Pack’ For DJs

Delivered... Jack Tregoning | Scene | Tue 17 Mar 2015 3:31 pm

While just about every major dance music name is headed to Florida next week for Miami Music Week, Calvin Harris is a notable non-attendee. (At least officially.) While he won’t be joining Armin, Hardwell, Skrillex, Tiësto and co. on the Ultra main stage this year, Calvin has compensated by offering other DJs a free bundle of his a capellas.

The producer’s ‘Ultra 2015 Acapella Pack’ features vocal-only versions of five chart-topping, mainstage-ready anthems from his catalog: “Blame,” “Sweet Nothing,” “Summer,” “Feel So Close” and “Outside.” So if your set needs a sprinkle of John Newman, Florence Welch, Ellie Goulding or Calvin Harris himself, you’re in luck. Download the pack below.

In the months ahead, Harris will make regular trips to Las Vegas, including an April return to the Hakkasan Group’s new Omnia Nightclub. (“Club looks like it’s been beamed in from an alien planet,” he tweeted, with the photo to prove it.) He’s also booked for a string of summer festivals in the UK and Europe, plus a headline slot at EDC New York in May. Business as usual, then.

[Article photo by Rukes at Ultra Miami 2013]

Hip Hop Duo Run The Jewels Attacked Onstage at SXSW

Delivered... Jack Tregoning | Scene | Tue 17 Mar 2015 2:38 pm

The annual SXSW conference in Austin, Texas took an unexpected turn for hip hop duo Run The Jewels yesterday (Monday, March 16), as Killer Mike and El-P’s performance at the Spotify House was interrupted by a violent stage invader.

Blindsiding Killer Mike after making his way on-stage, the assailant was then chased into the crowd by Run The Jewels’ security team. The incident was captured on camera by fans. As El-P later tweeted, “Those weren’t audience members fucking dude up – that was our people. We are about peace but don’t make the mistake of thinking we are alone.”

Other acts booked to play the Spotify House at SXSW this year include ODESZA, Ryan Hemsworth, Gorgon City, CAZZETTE and Hudson Mohawke. Interspersed between the live sets are selectors like DJ Premier, Just Blaze and De La Soul’s DJ Maseo. The final day – March 20 – is capped off by Brooklyn MC Joey Bada$$. Let’s hope the crowd stays well behaved. Check out the videos of the Run The Jewels incident below.

Don't fuck with @RUNTHEJEWELS #ForRealTho #TheSpotifyHouse #SXSW #WeLive #SpotifyHouse

A video posted by djfreeverse (@djfreeverse) on

Beatport Live Berlin: Cuartero

Delivered... Beatport News Staff | Scene | Tue 17 Mar 2015 9:00 am

Join Beatport Live Friday (Mar. 20) as we welcome Cuartero to our Berlin HQ for an exclusive live set.

Cuartero is a talented young producer renowned for his “groove-and-bass” style, blended with seductive vocal cuts. Since 2009, this skillful Spaniard has released tracks on respected labels like Desolat, Moon Harbour and Knee Deep in Sound, among others. Along the way, a bunch of world-class DJs including Paco Osuna, Nicole Moudaber and Steve Lawler have championed his tech-savvy tunes. Don’t miss it!

Catch Cuartero live from Berlin starting at 8PM CET/2PM EST/11AM PST.

Glastonbury’s Saturday Headliner is Kicking Up a Lot of Debate

Delivered... Jack Tregoning | Scene | Mon 16 Mar 2015 11:17 pm

As arguably the world’s most recognizable festival, Glastonbury is held to a very high standard when it comes to booking headliners. With its 2015 return locked in for 24-28 June, only a few marquee names have been locked in so far.

First there was the announcement of rock stalwarts the Foo Fighters, who will headline the Pyramid Stage on Friday night for their first appearance at the festival since 1998. Then there was the addition of iconic songwriter Lionel Richie, another act the Glastonbury massive can comfortably get behind.

Today’s headliner announcement, though, has proven a whole lot more controversial. Co-organizer of Glastonbury, Emily Eavis, took to Twitter to reveal “the one and only Kanye West” as Saturday night’s main drawcard. It’s set to be his debut at the festival. True to his reputation as perhaps the most divisive figure in modern music, the reaction from fans has been decidedly mixed. (Some people seem to have forgotten they can always just spend that night at one of Glastonbury’s many other stages.)

Glastonbury watchers will note the parallels to the festival’s booking of Jay-Z as 2008’s headliner, a move that was debated right up until his set began. Oasis’ Noel Gallagher infamously led the dissent by claiming the rapper was “wrong” for the festival, which traditionally championed rock acts. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” he said at the time. “If you start to break it then people aren’t going to go. I’m sorry, but Jay-Z? No chance.”

Kanye aside, the full Glastonbury 2015 lineup is coming in Spring, and it’s sure to feature an exhaustive cast of dance talent. Last year’s electronic contingent included James Blake, Massive Attack, Jamie xx, Skrillex, Disclosure, Four Tet and many more. Stay tuned to hear who else is joining the 2015 lineup.


Octave One Announce First New Album in Years

Delivered... Theo Bark | Scene | Mon 16 Mar 2015 9:54 pm

Legendary duo Octave One have announced that they will be releasing their first album in years.

The forthcoming LP from Detroit brothers Lawrence and Lenny Burden, Burn It Down, will feature UK singer Ann Saunderson on two songs, along with Afrika Pratt-Ansa and Random Noise Generation, their longtime group project with the duo’s younger brothers (and sometime Octave One members).

“As individuals and as musicians we have grown with time and through our travels,” Octave One explain. “Our music reflects that. Our work this time around has taken a lot longer to produce, but we feel it represents, more than anything else we have done to this point, our complete idea as an album project.”

Octave One debuted in 1989 on Derrick May’s Transmat label with their single “I believe,” then founded their label, 430 West Records with brother Lynell in 1990 and released The Octivation EP.

Burn It Down will be released on May 26 via 430 West Records.

Octave One Announce First New Album in Years

Delivered... Theo Bark | Scene | Mon 16 Mar 2015 9:54 pm

Legendary duo Octave One have announced that they will be releasing their first album in years.

The forthcoming LP from Detroit brothers Lawrence and Lenny Burden, Burn It Down, will feature UK singer Ann Saunderson on two songs, along with Afrika Pratt-Ansa and Random Noise Generation, their longtime group project with the duo’s younger brothers (and sometime Octave One members).

“As individuals and as musicians we have grown with time and through our travels,” Octave One explain. “Our music reflects that. Our work this time around has taken a lot longer to produce, but we feel it represents, more than anything else we have done to this point, our complete idea as an album project.”

Octave One debuted in 1989 on Derrick May’s Transmat label with their single “I believe,” then founded their label, 430 West Records with brother Lynell in 1990 and released The Octivation EP.

Burn It Down will be released on May 26 via 430 West Records.

Hear The Prodigy in Attack Mode on New Track “Wall of Death”

Delivered... Jack Tregoning | Scene | Mon 16 Mar 2015 9:17 pm

Right now, The Prodigy‘s live setlist is stacked with cuts from their upcoming album The Day Is My Enemy, and one of the most explosive is “Wall Of Death.” After road-testing the track on Australia’s Future Music Festival tour, The Prodigy have now shared a “lo-fi” video that puts the “venom and vocab” at front and center. You can watch it below.

“Wall Of Death” certainly has the aggression we’ve been promised on The Day Is My Enemy. As Liam Howlett recently put it, “This record is definitely violent. I only use music for one reason, I want it to attack me. I don’t know what a mellow Prodigy would sound like. The band only operate in one mode. And on this album it’s in full-on mode.” 

With the album release date fast approaching, The Prodigy has also just dropped a remix package for the “Wild Frontier” single. The collection, out through Take Me To The Hospital, features remixes from Wilkinson, KillSonik and Jesse & The Wolf. 

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