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The latest attempt to make digital music tangible: NFC-powered Muse Blocks

Delivered... Peter Kirn | Scene | Mon 10 Feb 2020 10:08 pm

We are living in an immaterial world. Muse Blocks, tiles with embedded NFC chips, are one idea, and now team up with a popular electronic music label.

Berlin-based Senic, a hardware startup focused on smart home solutions, devised the tangible product Muse Blocks. And they’ve recruited underground tech house label Katermukke, Dirty Doering’s label, which has its own grungy Berlin afterhours vibes – fitting to its home base of the Kater Blau nightclub.

Launch video (German with English subtitles):

Basically, you can think of these tiles as connected art objects. Tap them to your phone (provided you have an NFC-capable smartphone), and up pops a streamed album or playlist. You can program the tiles yourself, meaning that you can have a physical object to go with your mixes – so it’s the 21st-century streaming equivalent of a mixtape, in theory.


The pricing mirrors what we used to pay for CDs – 15EUR is the “special introductory price.” If you want them to look smart in your living room, you can buy a set that includes a bar to mount to a wall, and 7 Muse Blocks to put up on it, for a 69EUR bundle price. That of course makes them expensive for the promo use case.

Since the music is streamed, these are purely decorative, but then I suppose we buy all sorts of objects that are indeed purely decorative. It changes the streaming experience, at least, in that the ephemeral experience of streamed music gets its own object permanence and spatial location. By default, there’s support for Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud, and Tidal, but they also suggest Netflix, YouTube, and more interesting stuff like Apple Homekit and IFTTT.

Uh, so then you can do this. Yes, I see that she’s also tapping her phone almost from the first interaction. Shhh. The design objects still look very cool.

I don’t know if this solves any problems here, but it does at least reframe the ongoing lack of tangibility in streamed music. And so that was obviously the appeal to Katermukke.

Now, if you’re wondering if you could DIY something like this – like maybe you want to release your next streamed album or mix inside a furry toy rabbit or a potted cactus – you can, of course. There are kits available from Identiv, tons of NFC and RFID stuff from Adafruit, and more. The mind boggles, actually, given the amount of stuff in our world constantly transmitting data.

Even on Senic’s devices, you can use a free app to write your own data. It’s certainly more fun, if a lot more expensive, than a cut up paper giveaway, so – yeah, you could absolutely use this for a Bandcamp code if you wanted.

Here’s an example of the write process:

The problem with all of this remains that there’s no actual data on the object, so it is effectively, well, useless. I still wonder what delivery medium makes sense for digital downloads. Most easily-bought USB keys and SD cards are pretty unattractive, and arguably they don’t offer anything that a download link can’t do. CDs are at this point about as dead as a format as cassette tapes and vinyl, but lack the collectability of either of those.

And so… oh, actually, I have nothing to say beyond that. If I come up with a conclusion, maybe I can embed it on an NFC object, and then… uh, never mind.

Let me just go dig up what NFC powers my Huawei phone has. See you.

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Jetset Futuristic Dance Sounds for Summer with Moderna

Delivered... Peter Kirn | Artists,Scene | Mon 25 May 2015 12:41 pm

moderna_main copy

It’s a long weekend in America, many bits of Europe, and other parts of the world, and that inflection point has arrived where the Northern Hemisphere looks forward to summer. So, let’s celebrate, turning attentions from dark, moody techno and experimental ambience to some splashes of color – techno plus all its further branches and blossoms.

And that means turning again to our friend Moderna, aka Missy Livingston, of Ghostly International.

Missy has escaped the repetitive urban rut for jetset sprints across Asia and into the sunny thin air of high deserts in California. That rejuvenation is obvious in the fresh energy in this mix. It’s a reminder that high quality doesn’t have to mean something obtuse (and don’t me wrong, “obtuse” is my favorite lunchtime snack). But this is just deliciously futuristic-sounding dance music, stuff you can serve up to anyone that is nonetheless made of the finest-quality ingredients – best-of-breed productions with everything finely tuned and humming along. Upbeat, poppy, but still consistently sultry. And it reflects Missy’s outward-looking perspective, here for New York’s strong Autobrennt but with a diverse and global assemblage of stuff mixed completely seamlessly.

It’s also worth noting that the mix can change tempo and style while remaining consistent – worth noting as too many mixes clock through like a conveyor belt, never straying from an auto-tempo set somewhere at the start.


Talking about talking (C.P.I. Remix ) – INIT
Augmented – Matrixxman
Ed The Optician (Original Mix) – Douglas Greed, Einzelkind
Cold Night (Original Mix) – DC Salas
Distance To The Waves – Pale Blue
Why Don’t Ya? (Ripperton Remix, Dixon Edit) – Baikal
Idle Eyes (Roman Fluegel Remix) – C.A.R.
Mouth (Shan & Gerd Janson 808 Culture Dub) – Ghost Culture
Magia – Dany F
Your Love – Richy Ahmed
Code Ext – John Tejada
She Smiles – Sid Le Rock
Absinthe (Jokers of the Scene Remix) – Offset
The Fourth Dimension (Mike Witcombe Remix) – Rouge & Ryba
Who Is Manfred? (Original Mix) – Daniel Bortz, Sascha Sibler
Forget Me Not (Chloe Remix) – Le Carousel

This isn’t all you’re getting from Moderna’s work these days. She has her own multimedia project The Deep, and is DJing with DJ Jeniluv as ModernLuv in Los Angeles and beyond, bringing Jeniluv’s harder techno side together with her own personality in some of the better parties you’ll find in California at the moment.


Thanks to Missy for sending this in. She reminds us that you can come see her live in North America, in the USA and Mexico:

Los Angeles, CA

Imperial Club
Mexico City, DF

Diente de León Club
Cholula Puebla, MX

Aurora Roma Bar
La Roma, MX

After Hours TBA
Mexico City, DF

Kin Kin
Guadalajara, MX

Recess Festival
Spokane, WA

La Liberia
Tecate, MX

Also a good read, and a flashback to winter, here’s what Missy was up to as half of Modernluv in her European adventures, which brought her to my neck of the woods:

So that’s how Moderna is starting her summer. Let us know how you’re starting yours.




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Sophisticated Rhythms: 2 Mixes, 2 Approaches, For Your Listening Pleasure

Delivered... Peter Kirn | Artists,Labels,Scene | Sat 7 Mar 2015 2:09 pm


Mixes have become another essential reflex of this age of overabundance, a way of navigating in material form the rhythms that come our way.

I turn this weekend to mixes by two close friends. Matt Earp, aka Kid Kameleon (top), has been a CDM contributor in the past; his background spans music and technology and a wide breadth and depth of knowledge in those areas. Noah Pred is simply one of the finest DJs and producers I know, the ever-tasteful mind behind the massively underrated but prescient label Thoughtless Music.

Each mix is singular in purpose, full of the sort of musical energy that can elevate your listening brain. But they’re very different in approach.

Over some Korean dumplings, recently, Matt and I got to talking about tempo. Matt’s mixes are painstakingly and obsessively assembled in Ableton Live. And I mean obsessing – this one is eight months in the making, though he does promise more for 2015. This is a composed score more than the found moment Nina Kraviz described in the interview we saw earlier this week. He also freely mixes tempo and style, weaving things together but keeping a flow that ebbs and rises off the grid.

But Matt is also vigorously eclectic, in a way that he can merge into a clearer larger picture. And I think Matt has something to say about the resonances between bass and beats from styles on far corners of the world. As he puts it, “This one we’ve dubbed a “FutureWave Sound” – not quite beats and not quite bass – but a rolling ride that takes in both – alongside digital cumbia, slowgrind love songs, hip-hop and more.”

“Get lost” in it, he advises, which is easy – big songs and big spaces.

27 tracks of FutureWave beats for a psychedelic summer drive – starting somewhere in the forests of Northern Cali, weaving and bumping through the turbulent beats and traffic snarls of LA, and ending up in the deserts of Texas – probably close to Bat Country. If your city is cold and rainy like Berlin is right now, at least in your minds eye you can be a superstar out on the open road. This mix is for the travelers and tricksters – always keep your #BoomDefence close!

@deft- Thought You’d Fancy It [@wotnotmusic]
@shigeto – Huron River Drive (@evenings Remix) [@ghostly]
@proflogik – Man of Logik (@deflon Remix) [Self Release]
@lost_twin – Snake Snake [@squaringthecircle]
@alphabetsheaven – Adorn [Self Release]
@sunnygraves – Bayou [@disboot]
Kool G Rap feat. Nas – Fast Life (@the-bear-and-the-sea remix) [@nueva-forma]
@omunit & @sam_binga – Small Victories [@exitrecords]
@flightfacilities – Stand Still (@com-truise Remix) [@futureclassic]
@tobiaspedersen (Beastie Respond) – Lonely Ride [@surfase-records]
@danny-scrilla – The Rift [Self Release]
@cracklewizard – Camph [@hidden-hawaii]
Bahamadia – Uknowhowwedu (@adam-kay-music Remix) [Self Release]
@ikickedacloudonce – Deep Inside [Self Release]
@jongpadawan – Closer (@shatter-hands Remix) [@greased-up-records]
@elestialdaisy (Afta-1) – Trust [Self Release]
Moment – Beautiful [@mad-hop]
@shatter-hands – Knifin’ Around [CDR Dimensions]
@summer-of-haze – Sea Sea Sea [@hyperboloid]
@chanchaviacircuito – Sabiamantis ft. @barriolindo & @sidirum [@wonderwheel-recordings]
@umojaworldwide – La Piragua (@alecassis Remix) [@inimovement]
@nicolacruz – Jocotoco Antpitta [@rhythm-roots]
El Nuevo Sonido De La Kumbia – El Llanto Del Acordeon (@bigote_caballito Remix) [Self Release]
@copyfokking – Knippelsuppe (@frikstailers Remix) [ZZK]
@cumbiacosmonauts – Cumbia Sampuesana (@yelramselectah Remix) [Self Release]
@fulgeance – Step Thru [@rxtx]
@julien-mier – Out of the Cloud [@cascaderecords Records]

I know why Matt has road trips and America on the mind – after being here in Berlin, he’s headed to South by Southwest. Do say hi if you’re in tech or music and going.


Noah’s Thurmcast episode is essentially the opposite pole. This is a straight groove, an arrow drawn directly through danceable tracks. In the wrong hands, such a thing might be disposable. But Noah is mixologist as much as DJ – the right dosages.

And Noah’s own productions, DJing, mixing, and labels tend to be the ones I point to when people have grown to (perhaps fairly) loathe a genre. It’s especially true with those words that, when appended in front of a beloved genre, have a tendency to signal something you won’t like. Tech House. Dub House. Deep House. This is commercial, it’s club-ready, to be sure – and you know my tastes will sometimes go very experimental – but it’s always on target.

Whether these are the waters you inhabit or not – just as with Matt’s mix – they illustrate how you can approach a mix. There are no fancy tricks or acrobatics here; Noah is selecting tracks, mixing them together, mostly via compatible bpms and genres, and letting the tracks do the work. But that can be a good thing. With so much competition, I think some mixes try to do too much – take too much on and then show off their DJ software configuration skills. Noah reminds us we don’t have to do that. Relax. Sit back and listen. And then your listeners might do the same.

Thrumcast 019 – Noah Pred by Thrum Room on Mixcloud

Thrumcast 019 by Noah Pred is probably our most energetic house/tech/dub offering to date, delivered to us in what can only be described as a class of it’s own, much like every release on his label, Thoughtless Music.

Producing and performing live for over ten years, Noah emerged from the Canadian underground as a sought-after techno DJ with a sophisticated sound and unique style.

Making the leap to Europe after five years exploring the extensive musical underground of Canada’s multicultural metropolis, he comes deeply impacted by the unique influence of Toronto. Launching his Thoughtless imprint there over seven years ago, the label is now on its hundredth release.

Along with a rather enviable list of record labels he has released on, Noah’s latest full-length, Third Culture, continues to earn critical praise, further establishing his reputation as an artist with as much vision as skill.

Download : http://goo.gl/7J2QQN

I’m rambling; the other point is that Noah has put a nice context around his own work, and in particular the brilliant Concubine collaboration with Rick Bull. Noah, originating from North America, has returned there for a time early this year, but continues to work with ex-pat Berlin stalwart Rick. I hope to talk to them soon, so have a listen and let us know what you might like us to talk about.

That’s not even’s only significant collab – the prolific artist also joins Tom Clark on Get Physical. I’m mystified why some of these producers aren’t common names – they’re crafting the sounds that make up all the DJing business you’re hearing. Ahem. So, let’s say their names and spread the word.

And for some crazy reason, while you can (possibly should, if it’s your thing) buy the Second Horizon EP, Noah is giving away the Concubine full-length. Have at it:


And I hope you have a great weekend – and whatever you choose, that you get some time to turn everything else off and properly listen.

After 100 Releases, A Label You May Not Know, But Should [Thoughtless Interview]

Get Your Fix of Quality Electronic Music, with a Summer Mix for a Hot Drive by Kid Kameleon

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Maya Jane Coles, Apollonia, and Richie Hawtin charm ENTER.Ibiza next Friday, September 18, live from Ibiza

Delivered... Beatport News Editors | Scene | Fri 12 Sep 2014 2:00 pm
Ready for some magical, memorable deep house? Celebrating ENTER.Ibiza week 12 next Thursday, September 11th at Space, the reigning techno lord will be performing alongside Adam Beyer and Paco Osuna in the main room. Over in the Sake Bar, it’s very special guest Maya Jane Coles, as well as Hito and resident Bella Sarris. Additional ENTER.Ibiza artists on the night will be Apollonia, Markus Guentner, and Matthew Hawtin.

Groove Armada curate their top eight club cuts

Delivered... Jason Black | Scene | Thu 11 Sep 2014 9:00 pm
Groove Armada's Andy Cato and Tom Findlay have hand-crafted the kind of long-standing electronic-music career that most dream of—and many might (metaphorically) kill for. Since the London-based dance duo first surfaced on the scene with 1998’s well-received debut album Northern Star on Tummy Touch, they’ve churned out quality house music year-after-year spanning across seven albums.

Groove Armada curate their top eight club cuts right now

Delivered... Jason Black | Scene | Thu 11 Sep 2014 7:00 pm
Groove Armada's Andy Cato and Tom Findlay have hand-crafted the kind of long-standing electronic-music career that most dream of—and many might (metaphorically) kill for. Since the London-based dance duo first surfaced on the scene with 1998’s well-received debut album Northern Star on Tummy Touch, they’ve churned out quality house music year-after-year spanning across seven albums.

FKA Twigs is favored early to win UK’s Mercury Prize, SBTRKT and Andy C drop new music

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Welcome to our awesome Thursday edition of the Morning Roundup. Today, we’ve got FKA Twigs sitting safely in pole position to win the UK's influential Mercury Prize, Jimmy Edgar on his own dance label Ultramajic, plus SBTRKT and Andy C are dropping new music in the weeks and months ahead, and so much more. Right this way for our complete wrap-up.

Win two tickets to the Decibel 2014 showcase of your choice

Delivered... Beatport News Editors | Scene | Thu 11 Sep 2014 11:00 am
Everyone loves free tickets. We love free tickets. And we've got our hot little hands on two tickets for the Decibel festival showcase of your choice. Taking place in the Pacific Northwest during the week of September 24th to 28th, Seattle's own 11th annual Decibel Festival will feature nightly showcases from dance music luminaries like Hot Creations, Hotflush, Richie Hawtin and friends, and Resident Advisor, among many others.

Listen to BLOND:ISH live at ENTER.Ibiza week 10 now

Delivered... Jason Black | Scene | Wed 10 Sep 2014 10:00 pm
It's that time again to get hyped for Richie Hawtin’s latest installment of his ENTER.Ibiza residency at Space tomorrow night. On tap with another slick mix, is Montreal-bred, Berlin-based dance duo BLOND:ISH (aka Anstascia D'elene and Vivie Ann Bakos). For their memorable two-hour set on the Terrace, the Kompakt stable artists straight-up owned week 10 with an emotive, hypnotic, boundary-pushing selection of tech-house-meets-techno. Sound like your speed? It's quite a deep, melodic ride and you can catch it now.

Jimmy Edgar preps ‘Saline’ EP, works with DJ Rashad

Delivered... Beatport News Editors | Scene | Wed 10 Sep 2014 5:00 pm
Jimmy Edgar will reveal a new EP next month entitled Saline on his can't-miss Ultramajic label. Apparently, the Detroit artist had been working with Chicago's own DJ Rashad before his death because the footwork pioneer’s voice is sampled on a new cut called "Walk Show," while Edgar delivers his own vocals to "Who’s Watchin."

This week on Play: Win a Future Music subscription and a Mainground release in Belocca’s “Depends On You” remix contest

Delivered... Jason Black | Scene | Tue 9 Sep 2014 5:30 pm
Play fanatics! Welcome to another exclusive edition of our weekly remix contest. This time out, we’ve got Hungarian-born Belocca (aka Béla Gábor) who represents the essence of house music: deep, funky, and groove-oriented. Growing up near the capital city of Budapest, he discovered electronic music at the tender age of 16 alongside close pal David “Workidz” Nagy. Later, after a short stint in a Cologne, Germany studio, the duo founded Sauna Records, with their track “Plastic Fantastic” topping many dance charts at the time. In 2012, he founded his own signature label Mainground Music and the track “Depends On You” topped the Beatport tech-house chart for three months straight. Over the course of his career, Belocca has released original material and remixes on notable dance labels like Toolroom, Yoshitoshi, Stealth, Spinnin’, Peppermint Jam, Nervous, and Black Hole, among many others. Ready to make your mark by winning our latest Play competition? Flex your studio skills by reworking Belocca’s tech-house petal-pusher “Depends On You.”

The rise of G-House: A hip-hop-influenced sound brimming with swagger and soul

Delivered... Airee Kim | Scene | Fri 5 Sep 2014 9:00 pm
A few years ago, a new sub-genre bubbled up from the innovative depths of house music. Dubbed by many in the scene as G-House, or “gangsta house,” it’s an umbrella term characterized by the layering of rap/hip-hop hooks or vocal samples over a bassline and groove. We sent Beatport News correspondent Airee Kim to investigate this burgeoning East End-meets-West Coast dance trend. Here's what she uncovered.

Nina Kraviz, Guy Gerber, and Richie Hawtin rock ENTER.Ibiza next Thursday, September 11, live from Ibiza

Delivered... Beatport News Editors | Scene | Fri 5 Sep 2014 8:00 am
The idyllic Ibizan summer just keeps rolling on. Celebrating ENTER.Ibiza week 11, on Thursday, September 11th at Space, the reigning techno lord will be performing alongside Recondite and Dubfire in the main room. While over on the Terrace, it's Russian spinstress Nina Kraviz, Julian Perez, and Mr. 11 11 himself, Guy Gerber. Additional ENTER.Ibiza special guests on the night will be Minus artists Jon Gaiser B2B Matador, Fabio Florido, Hito, and Ness (Live), as well as Canadian DJ-in-residence Matthew Hawtin.

Berlin Festival: Tiefschwarz, The Jaydes, Smash TV, and more chat about what it means to be a Berliner

Delivered... Mike Chapman | Scene | Thu 4 Sep 2014 8:00 am
It's no surprise that the German capital offers a wealth of incredible record labels, DJs, and artists. We feel a bit spoiled here at Beatport Berlin with the amount of great tunes we hear each and every night and can’t help but boast when we get the chance to work together with some of our favorite labels to simply get down and party. Following up our First We Take Berlin event tonight, we’ll be back for round two on Friday evening. This time out, we're hosting a stage at the gargantuan Berlin Festival event, showcasing some quality underground house and techno with Tiefschwarz’s Souvenir imprint and Bloody Mary’s Dame-Music label, established in 2006 and 2010 respectively. Both stables have a stellar roster of artists, have been releasing serious heaters for years, and represent a strong cross-section of Berlin’s thriving dance music scene.

Diplo denies Burning Man boo-ing incident and Deadmau5 dukes it out with Disney over Mau5head trademark

Delivered... Beatport News Editors | Scene | Wed 3 Sep 2014 3:00 pm
Welcome to our Wednesday edition of the Morning Roundup. Today, we’ve got Diplo squashing rumors that he was booed off at Burning Man 2014, Deadmau5 battling Disney over his Mau5head trademark, and tons more. Right this way for our complete wrap-up.
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